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Kveldulfr » Den » Ori
Level 20
Imperial Male
Aug 27, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMidnight Metallic
SecondaryObsidian Alloy
TertiaryPeacock Opal
Eye TypeLight Primal
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
{ Perma Dragon }
Sorry, but I am not for Sale or Trade.

sword_1_by_rexcaliburr-dbedyub.png Ori
;; curse of the unbinding

As a child, Ori spent much of time training, pretending that he was going to battle like his father and mother did. Every morning, he would pad quietly to the nearby open field. An old fighter, retired from fighting after old age set arthritis in, taught him the basics. When the old dragon was no longer able to keep up, Ori continued learning from other fighters and masters that lived with or traveled through the clan lands.

When he finally became of age to go out on his own, he bade his birth clan a fond farewell before taking to the skies. He didn't know where he'd go, but decided that he'd keep flying till he was unable to. As he landed and folded his tired wings away, he was greeted by two Faes who felt older than they looked. They were the leaders of a clan called Night Song, whose land included the field that he had landed in.

He learned that they were expanding their clan since they recently found ruins within the clan territory to avoid being left open for attack. The prospect of adventure excited him and he signed on under a probationary contract with them, where both sides would determine whether he would stay or move on after three moon cycles. Once all the formalities were put aside, he worked on finding his place among the clan.

Though his dream was to be a fighter, he signed up to be a part of the upcoming expedition to explore the ruins. The clan leader said that they were in need of both brains and muscle since the area that they were headed was in uncharted, forested valley. He was both nervous and excited for the day to come. Until then, he busied himself with helping where he could in the clan and trained the unskilled in basic fighting.

When a wandering imperial came through their clan lands, he had originally paid her no attention. However, she seemed to genuinely enjoy his company and he found himself in love with her. Her name was Ashe and, in a year, they were pronounced a bonded pair and had their first clutch not too long after. Though most lady-dragons make use of a medic to ensure healthy hatchlings, Ashe took up training to become her own medic and healer because of a disease in her blood that caused non-double obsidian children to die shortly after birth.

His sorrow knew no bound with each child that did not make it past hatching. He mourned each one as he buried them and wished for the next to be healthy.





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Gen 3 Night Warrior


(Original Lore from My Ocular Adoption entry: He'd start as a normal dragon that the clan fighters recruited. They decide to do an expedition at the request of one of the friendly beast tribes and end up at a very old temple in the middle of the jungle. After they avoid traps and pitfalls, they arrive at an altar. It's made of stone and looks really worn down. There's a large stain that almost looks days old. Anyway, somewhere in their exploration, he accidentally sets off an old spell that and is trapped. His clansmen are not able to break him out of the gaol and almost give up on him after several days when he emerges blind. They take him back home where the healers look him over and try different methods of healing to restore his vision, but nothing seems to help. Time passes and on a day of a solar eclipse, suddenly his vision explodes in return and is filled with light! He can see again and not just plainly anymore.)

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