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Silwyna » Lair » Mael
Level 20
Pearlcatcher Male
Oct 22, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryOilslick Ripple
SecondaryOilslick Noxtide
TertiaryBrown Ghost
Eye TypeIce Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
sword_1_by_rexcaliburr-dbedyub.png Mael
Horror incarnate.

The little hatchling was sleeping, a small bundle coiled up beside the fire. He had left everything behind him to follow in his bloodline’s footsteps, as Mael himself had done so long ago. The two of them had even been born into the same Clan, and would now serve together under Lugaidh’s command to protect another Clan, the Clan he now called his family. The Viridian Labyrinth was his home now, the cold and harsh Iceland only a memory from the past. Mael was a stranger there, it hurt but it was the truth. He was used to a much warmer climate now and the cold winds stung like knives. He found himself shivering and longing for the lush and warm forests. And yet he had volunteered to escort young Lamorak from the harsh Southern Icefield back to the Sanctuary. It was a chance to visit his mother and father, and to see the strange things the elemental surges had done to Sornieth. Rumors spoke of dragons that had vanished near the Fortress of Ends. Strange beasts had awoken from their slumber, and the last hunting expedition had brought back a strange hatchling that was a Tundra and yet it wasn’t. The little thing remembered nothing, and what was even more peculiar, wouldn’t grow. This trip was a unique chance to investigate those strange things a little further, but to his disappointment, he and his traveling companion the mage Fujin hadn’t had any luck discovering something new. The Southern Icefield was a vast and sparsely populated area. The rumors were the same everywhere, but they themselves had yet to come across anything stranger than two deer that had drowned in a lake with their antlers locked together in a deadly fight. Fujin said it was a bad Omen, but then mages always saw things in a negative way. Mael only pitied those unlucky creatures. Although he was slightly disappointed, he was also happy that they would be leaving tomorrow and head for the Ashfall Waste. A group of rogue smiths and craftsman was said to have occupied an Island that had arisen from the Sea. They would trade some rare seeds and herbs for new weapons and ore. The Ashfall Waste was bound to be warm, or at least he hoped it would be.

Mael coughed and spat on the filthy ground. Everything was covered in soot and ash, even they were. Fujin’s white scales and fur had gone from white to a dirty grey. Mael feared he’d never get the stains out of his clothes ever again. How could someone live like that? He watched Fujin’s back while he was bargaining with some salesman for ores and weapons. Mael didn’t trust the rogue dragons that had annexed the volcanic island. They were a rough lot. But also the best blacksmiths of Sornieth. Or so they said. Mael didn’t really care, the only thing he knew to be true was that the Sanctuary lacked metals and ores and they needed to acquire some. Especially now when times were getting more dangerous with every passing week. The young Night Warrior Lamorak was fascinated by the busy marketplace, and all the dragons selling and buying metal goods. “Keep your paws off that dagger!” shouted one of the merchants. Lamorak winced and looked to Mael for help. “He didn’t even touch it, Sir.” Mael said, slightly annoyed. It was always the same with Ridgebacks and merchants. Every merchant assumed their wares were in danger of being “borrowed”. But Lamorak wasn’t that kind of dragon. His parents had reared him well. “Is there a problem?” Fujin had appeared out of nowhere, his red eyes gleaming dangerously. Power seemed to be emanating from him like heat from a fire. He was towering over the coatl merchant who seemed to shrink. “N…no…Sir. Just a misunderstanding. Nothing to worry about.” Fujin didn’t bother to respond but just beckoned them to follow. “We are done here, then, I hope?” Mael asked. Fujin nodded. “Yes, we are. I got the ores we need for our forge, and also some weapons. This island doesn’t feel right. I don’t want to linger here any longer than necessary.” Mael agreed. Though his magical talents were only latent, even he could feel that something on this new volcanic island was off. Fujin carefully wrapped the metal ores and weapons into oilskin, then he snatched Lamorak and put him on his back. The little hatchling was still too small to fly longer distances. With one last look to the busy marketplace, Mael leapt into the air. Fujin had already taken off and was flying over the sea towards the shore. Suddenly, he turned into the air, and plummeted towards the water. Lamorak on his back screamed as the huge Imperial hit the water surface. Mael laughed. Fujin hated dirt and sooth on his pretty white skin. Still laughing, he followed his example, diving deep into the cool water that would wash the dust and ash away.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Mael asked reluctantly. “We could still turn around and leave. This is dangerous, and we have Lamorak with us. What if something happens to him?” The huge Imperial stared at the ruins that had once been homes, the skeletons that had once inhabited them and were now scattered on the ground like leaves blown away by an autumn storm. As he slowly turned around, there was a hard, cold look in his gleaming red eyes. “We have to know, Mael. This beast has been roaming the Sunbeam Ruins for quite a long time now. We can’t always rely on reports from other dragons. We have to see for ourselves where it haunts this place, how far it is away from the Labyrinth and what its general status is. Is it decaying? Growing? Getting stronger? We have to know. Lamorak will be fine. He is far away, hiding. This monstrosity cannot reach him before we do. Hush now, we are close to the point where it was last seen.” Mael watched his companion as he climbed up the steep slope that led to the village where the Emperor had last been seen. He still thought this was a rather foolish endeavor but he followed eventually. He was a Night Warrior. For him, duty came first. He could hear some strange noises not far ahead and a sickening smell filled the air. He could not quite pinpoint it, but he had an unsettling feeling that he knew what it was. A few meters in front of him, Fujin suddenly crouched low, his tail twitching and his long mane bristling. Mael swallowed hard, suddenly shuddering with fear. He clenched his teeth and gripped his sword for reassurance. A Night Warrior is never overcome by fear. Breathing in deeply, he slowly moved forward. His heart raced as he finally crouched down beside Fujin. He saw his own fear and horror reflected in the Imperials eyes that were staring at the village below. Beneath them, the Emperor stood on his mismatched legs, each of its three heads hissing and snarling at the other while it gulped down something that looked like it had once been a Guardian. The monster was huge, much bigger than any of the Imperials could have been when they were still alive. And although it seemed to be tottering rather awkwardly, you could still feel its brute power and strength. This was indeed horror incarnate.

Suddenly, one of the heads stopped feeding and sniffed the air. It knows we are here… Mael thought in horror. But Fujin had also realized the danger they were in. Before the beast turned all of its three ugly heads in their direction, Fujin had already grabbed him and wheeled him around. His words were drowned by a deafening roar full of hate and rage but Mael didn’t have to be told to flee. This was an enemy they could not defeat. He stumbled down the slope, frantically beating his wings to get into the air where the Emperor could not follow. Mael could hear the beast screaming behind him, and he barely managed to avoid a beam of hot fire that shot past him. Above him, Fujin plummeted down, distracting the beast from him. The Imperial flew close to one of the heads, circling around it, avoiding the jets of flame almost effortlessly. When the other two heads turned their attention to the mage, Mael had managed to put some distance between him and the Emperor. Fujin soared up high into the sky, making the beast scream and release wind, fire and light skywards after the disappearing foe. When Fujin finally joined him, they could still hear the beast rampaging not far behind them. Mael noticed immediately that Fujin was hurt. A deep gush on his side was bleeding profoundly, and he felt a twinge of shame. He wanted to say something, apologize, thank him for his aid but Fujin simply smiled and shook his head. He closed his red eyes, and hummed a strange melody. Slowly the deep cut on the Imperial’s side stopped bleeding. When Mael looked again, the wound was gone. “Nothing to worry about.” Fujin said. “But we have to get out of here now.” Mael nodded.

Lamorak was still where they had left him, although the Emperor’s screams had frightened him, he had done what he had been told. Stay hidden and wait for them. Eager to get some distance between them and the raging beast, Mael swiftly snatched the hatchling from the ground and put him on Fujin’s back. No time to explain, he whispered to the terrified hatchling and tried to smile reassuringly. But Fujin already leapt into the air. After glancing back one last time at the sky behind him that was now filled with red flames, Mael followed his companions. It was time to return home and leave this horror behind. They had been away long enough.



Night Warrior (Generation 8)


Name // Mael
-- Origin of name // An old Celtic name meaning “Chief” or “Prince”.

Role // Warrior & Scout

Personality/Background // Mael comes from a long line of warriors. Although he was born in the cold and harsh Southern Icefield, he has rather taken a liking to the warm and lush forests of his new home. He has taken on the role of Scout rather reluctantly as it frequently leads him away from his duties in the Sanctuary. Nonetheless, he has accepted the task that has been assigned to him. Duty means very much to him, and he would never refuse to obey his commander.
His training as a warrior and scout left little time for other recreational activities. But he does enjoy the occasional glass of whiskey in the tavern with his fellow Night Warriors. Furthermore, he does have one not so secret passion: gemstones and jewelry. He even learned how to cut gemstones and create jewelry. Rubies in particular are his favorite stones. He says they give him strength in battle. Nobody who has seen him fight would ever question his believe.

Familiar // Ravener
-- Role of familiar // Ravener was originally assigned to him by the Beastmaster Neacal because nobody else would get along with the eccentric Raptorik warrior, but they have grown to like and respect each other. His familiar is Mael’s closest friend and confidant. Most Night Warriors might prefer a familiar that doesn’t talk back, just follows instructions and curls up in a corner at night. Yet for Mael, the Raptorik is the best companion he has ever had. And it doesn’t hurt that he enjoys the occasional glass of alcoholic beverage, too.



Generation 8

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