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Pistachiows » Lair » Oreade
Level 1
Wildclaw Female
Nov 25, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryUmber Metallic
SecondaryUmber Alloy
TertiarySable Opal
Eye TypeEarth Unusual
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Mercenary - Fighter - Guard - Trainer
Hatched first day of RBC 2018


"I'll beat you into the ground!"


Oreade looks up to Shale and they get on extremely well. They hunt and spar, and spend time together constantly.


______ Ore: A naturally occurring solid material from which a metal or valuable mineral can be extracted profitably.

Scent: Sharp, smells strongly like cinnamon and lightly of dust and blood.

Personality: Stubborn, arrogant, excitable, violent, friendly.

Familiar: A vicious Roving Lionsnake that attacks and hunts whenever it can. It seems to only like its master and will hiss at anyone else that dares go near.


______ Oreade has always been an excitable, violent dragon. She perfectly encapsulates what a wildclaw should be- always ready to fight, strong and fast. Sure, she was never part of a real wildclaw pack, but she'd definitely fit in.

She liked to offer her services as a mercenary to any dragon willing to pay, and that had dangerous enough work for her. Often turned away for being so young, she strived to prove herself. Any dragon who did hire her didn't regret it. Driving out angry beastclans, guarding caravans from thieves and bandits, being hired muscle for expeditions to dangerous areas- she'd do it all. Oreade shrugged off any injury to throw herself into the next adventure, not bothering to rest or heal. She could deal with it! At least, she could deal with it until an angry snapper managed to shatter the bones in her leg with a vicious bite. They're called snappers for a reason, which was something she overlooked. They don't look that intimidating. They're not fast. And that was what led her to letting her guard down and underestimating her opponent, and led to her crippling her leg.

She refused to get it checked at first. After all, that would make the whole experience seem more real. She'd be accepting the fact that she'd been beaten. It would heal by itself, even though it was mangled and she could hardly walk and everyone told her she needed to see a healer. It was just one injury, caused by another dragon. She was the best fighter, one wound from one dragon wouldn't slow her down. The group that hired her left her at an isolated town, with hopes that she'd be okay. They weren't taking her along, they felt guilty enough for her leg- what if she got hurt even more? So, Oreade strode, well, limped towards the nearest Inn. The only Inn. Wow, the town really was deserted. She limped in, a trail of blood following her like a shadow, and ordered the cheapest drink she could see on the menu. Another wildclaw was sat nearby. This one was also a tough female, brown in colour, and much older than Oreade. The stranger took one glance at her, then stalked towards her with a snarl on her lips. Oreade froze. The wildclaw looked stronger, faster and more experienced than her- something she wasn't used to. When the stranger flopped into the seat next to her and raised a claw to the bartender, signalling for a drink, the anxiety turned to confusion.

"So, are you getting that leg checked out?" The stranger addressed her while still gazing at the bartender.
"What, this wound?" Oreade glanced down at her leg. Time to show off how tough she was! She scoffed. "No need. It'll be fine in no time."
The stranger didn't look impressed. She finally turned her head to face the wounded wildclaw. "I hadn't pegged you as an idiot." As Oreade opened her muzzle to argue, the stranger cut in smoothly. "You act like you're a fighter, but you won't take care of yourself? If you don't look at that now, you won't be doing any fighting anymore. Don't be arrogant. That's how you fail." The stranger cleared her throat. "There's a decent healer in this town. You could check him out. Ask around for Soleil." The bartender padded over, placing a bottle in front of the the stranger and a cup in front of Oreade. The stranger picked up the bottle and started walking away. "My name's Shale. See you around." She took a few more steps, before stopping again. "You at least gave as good as you got?" Shale asked, with a mischievous grin. Oreade matched her toothy smile.

"Of course."



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