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FrekyFreakshow » Den » Goliath
Level 1
Fae Male
Dec 07, 2018 (11 months)
Stats Growth
PrimarySand Skink
SecondarySand Spinner
TertiarySpruce Glimmer
Eye TypeEarth Rare
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

the other caveguard bb (this one is actually part of the subspecies ! bc ! earth)

Science, technology, and innovation are at the heart of Lightning Flight, but not all clans are eager to share their newest discoveries with the world just yet. Some clans prefer to keep their projects a secret; others have dangerous experiments that need to be kept away from inexperienced claws. Regardless of the reasons for their preferences, dependable security is essential to the clans who make their homes in the Shifting Expanse.

Cryptic Caveguards are sentinels who work in pairs to guard the entrances of the Shifting Expanse's many subterranean lairs, factories, and laboratories. They position themselves on either side of the main entrance, taking advantage of the terrain and their own natural camouflage to remain hidden from passerby. When an unfamiliar visitor attempts to approach the entrance, the pair of Cryptic Caveguards will challenge them, using their bright markings to startle and confuse the would-be intruders and thus gain the upper hand in any confrontation that follows.

Proud and devoted to their duties, Cryptic Caveguards are nonetheless as prone to boredom as any other dragon. For this reason they are often overzealous when confronting passerby; many a hapless messenger or delivery-dragon has been set upon by young Caveguard pairs in training, who have so much pent-up energy that they sometimes challenge strangers without pausing to learn about why they are visiting.

Many Caveguards enjoy tinkering with small contraptions and devices while on duty, if their working conditions permit it. It is not uncommon for one member of a pair to take a mental break and work on a personal project for several minutes while their partner maintains vigilance. In addition to providing a welcome respite from the tedium of guard duty, the results of their tinkering are frequently incorporated into the lair's defenses. Motion detectors, laser tripwires, small explosives, and other amusing forms of intruder detection are frequently employed by Caveguards working in high-security lairs, and one-upping each other's defensive creations often becomes something of a spectator sport.

The training of young Caveguards is generally undertaken by their parents, and is considered a subject of the utmost importance. Training starts at an early age, and often takes the form of games that encourage stealth, patience, and cleverness. As young Caveguards age, their training gradually becomes more rigorous. There is no standard course of study, but most young dragons are taught basic combat skills, tracking, and workplace safety in addition to the stealth and concealment skills for which the subspecies is known.

Finding a partner is considered the most important part of a Cryptic Caveguard's training. Because they work in pairs to fulfil their duties, Caveguards are taught the importance of teamwork early on. Partnered Caveguards generally remain together throughout their career, although this is not always the case. The exact nature of the relationship between Caveguard pairs varies between dragons; some pairs are mates, some are siblings, and others are close friends.

Most Cryptic Caveguard dragons are native to the Lightning flight, both because of the advantages that their magic offers in the construction of their booby traps and because of superstitious beliefs that Lightning dragons are less likely to reveal Lightning's secrets to outsiders. Earth dragons are also welcomed among the Caveguards, due to the natural advantages that their magic lends them in concealment and disguise among the rocky lairs of the Shifting Expanse.

Looper's rather reluctant partner is as still as the spiral is constantly moving. His affinity for Earth magic allows him to stay hidden within the rocky canyon, wings folded onto himself until a dragon approaches, in which case they snap open, Goliath flashing his brightly glimmering scales in a display that takes unaware dragons by surprise.

Goliath is very dedicated to his role of guard, and finds his windy partner not serious enough and unworthy of trust.

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