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MythicalViper » Lair » Ayrveti
Level 25
Spiral Female
Jan 23, 2019 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryIvory Tiger
SecondaryAuburn Stripes
TertiaryAuburn Runes
Eye TypeFire Rare
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins

The Plant Destroyer, Scourge of Flora, Fire Raider

She's like the small, perpetually angry cowboy stuck as a noodle with nothing to herd.
aaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa

Personality and Clan Life by ZincAlloy

Within Clan Aequitas roams a diabolical terror, a creature that feels no remorse for the destruction she causes. Even the usually indomitable Myrtle fears her, or at the very least fears the path of ruin left in her wake. Plants wither at the slightest mention of her name. That name… is Ayrveti.

Ayrveti hatched on a fine spring day, while her cousin Herayla was on egg-watching duty. She immediately recognized him as family, though the distinction between cousin and big brother was lost on her. Instinctively, she went to wrap around one of Herayla’s arms, but an unlucky gust of wind blew a leaf into her eye, ruining the very first minute of her life. Herayla did his best to comfort his crying cousin, but her constant flailing made it impossible to get the intruding leaf out of her face. By the time he did, the damage had been done. An eternal enmity had been sworn between Ayrveti and all plant life, and the young Spiral would never be able to rest until every last sprout had been burnt to a crisp.

Of course, Ayrveti doesn’t remember any of that because she was too young. But her loathing has remained true, and no plant is safe in her presence. Any flower carefully placed in a vase will quickly find itself smashed on the floor, and a potted one will be swiftly uprooted by her tiny claws. However, this carnage can not sate Ayrveti’s unbridled bloodsaplust. She knows where her enemy makes its home camp: Myrtle’s garden. And while she doesn’t have near enough magic to torch the whole thing in a blazing inferno, Ayrveti’s favourite pastime is sneaking out to the garden and individually incinerating the most nefarious plants with her fire breath.

Luckily for her, Myrtle draws the line at decapitating hatchlings. There’s some semblance of kindness left in the guardian. Not enough to remove Ayrveti from the garden in a gentle manner, though. Instead, Myrtle prefers to pick the Spiral up by the end of the tail and carry the frantically squirming hatchling away from her crops. Ayrveti will angrily spit tiny firebolts everywhere while she does so, which are so insignificant to Myrtle that she doesn’t even notice. Once she's clear of the garden, Myrtle dismissively hurls Ayrveti out of her sight, not really caring where she ends up after that.

When Myrtle, or anyone else, has had enough of Ayrveti, she goes running back to the Karma Café, since Heralya works there as a barista. She likes it there, since it’s where her big brother does his part in combating the green menace. Heralya makes tea, which is the ritual punishment of naughty plants by boiling them in scalding hot water. To add insult to injury, other dragons will then drink the awful leaf water! Ayrveti can’t imagine that tastes very good, so she quite appreciates the sacrifice those dragons make while fighting the good fight. She also likes helping Heralya with his work by gathering up the charred remains of defeated plants and mixing them with hot water in the largest cup she can find. Heralya always compliments her on her masterful brewing skills before finding somewhere he can dump the liquid abomination without her noticing.

NE9iZze.png Of course, Heralya is usually rather busy serving tea, and the Karma Café isn’t the greatest place for a hatchling to wandering about. So, Nanshe is saddled with watching over Ayrveti, since that’s sort of his job. Said job mostly involves franticly searching for her when she invariably disappears to go hunt plants. At least he can get her to stay put once he does find her, but that might just be because she’ll have already tired herself out during her rampage. To Nanshe’s relief, a tired Ayrveti is an Ayrveti who can be entertained by one of his over-the-top and highly exaggerated tales of his own heroics. She’s quite entertained by his stories of dragonly deeds, though for some reason she prefers the not-at-all-made-up ones of him defeating terrifying monsters. It almost makes up for the deep pain Nanshe feels every time Ayrveti incinerates one of the flower crowns he carefully weaves for her. Almost. (Ayrveti is overjoyed that he cares enough for her to offer up finely prepared sacrifices.)

Another dangerous place for hatchlings that Ayrveti likes to spend her time at is wherever the Scales, Clan Aequitas’s military force, are currently training. They carry lots of sharp weapons, perfect for mowing down all forms of plant life, and Ayrveti imagines they know many different spells that can deforest an entire mountain in seconds. When she grows up, Ayrveti wants to join them, and fight on the front lines against encroaching flowers. She practices for that day by waving a pointed stick around and copying everything the Scales do, which so far has been a great way to get Ma'at to yell at her until she runs away.

But when she joins the Scales, Ayrveti won’t be an ordinary warrior. No, Ayrveti will be a leader, with an entire host of herbivorous animals at her call, ready to chow down on all vegetation when she gives the command. Ayrveti will ride atop the greatest of these creatures, a beast so large that it will be able to swallow entire trees whole. Then the hated plants will tremble before the sight of the one who will end them: Ayrveti, Destroyer of Flora.

Currently, those plans have hit a minor setback. Kavleyn caught her wearing a cowboy hat and trying to herd mice into the clan’s vegetable storage. He carried her away while Ayrveti yelled at the mice to avenge her by winning their heated battle. As the clan’s Pearlcatchers still got their salads the next day, the mice must have lost, but it's okay. Ayrveti will get revenge one day. Their sacrifice will not have been in vain.

When not destroying those abhorrent flowers, Ayrveti likes to ride in style. Atop the head of another member of Clan Aequitas, to be precise. Getting on top of the most stylish heads can be a challenge, so Ayrveti flies up to a well-hidden nook or cranny and prepares an ambush. When a promising target passes by, she leaps down and wraps around one of their horns before demanding they give her a ride. Since this means they’re already giving her a ride, it would be hypocritical of them to refuse. (Ayrveti doesn’t realize that most dragons would probably give her a ride if she just asked.)



§ Graphics by LuminousNoble, Recolored by Fantastea, Icons by Serpenta, Hazeledpoppy

§ Lore by ZincAlloy

A r t w o r k







§ Art by KittenVirus


§ Art by Fantastea


§ Art by JustaRev

§ Art by cielka


§ Design by MythicalViper, Lined and colored by Fantastea

Fullbody & Bust | Sketch

§ Art by nilah


§ Art by AkaneChaan

§ Art by TempestofStorm

§ Art by EvaristeSoleil

§ Art by HiatusHater

§ Art by linhardt
(Alt. Version)
Gift from Ladylilitu

Your usual menacing cowboydragon with a flower sticking out of her mouth as she rampages over your face.

Doom and gloom. DOOM AND GLOOM.

(I totally didn't get fed up with trying to breed ANOTHER ivory/auburn/auburn dragon with rare fire eyes that I just picked up the first dragon that had the same colours and eyes)

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