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Journey » Den » Lore
Level 1
Mirror Female
Apr 25, 2019 (7 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMagenta Basic
SecondaryCoral Basic
TertiarySable Basic
Eye TypeWater Unusual
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Dawnskimmer Refuge

Famous for the Spiraling Nursery, Dawnskimmer Refuge is a well known safe haven for clanless dragons and orphaned hatchlings. Headed by Pyre, appropriately titled the Eggkeeper, the clan maintains a policy of being welcoming to all newcomers.

Nestled between the ocean and the rolling hills of the Sunbeam Ruins, the easiest way to reach the refuge is travel by sea or air. Those who come by land often stumble past the hidden canyon entry, wandering the thick pine forest for days until eventually giving up.

New arrivals are greeted with a thriving marketplace and a menagerie of dragons. The city contains many of the clan's more colorful locals, and the bluffs and cove house Light and Water dragons respectively. There's a place for everyone, as long as you're willing to put up with an eccentric neighbor or two.


The refuge is split into three parts; the bluffs, the city and the cove. The bluffs and city cover either side of the cove; a sharp descent from the cliffs leads into the city itself. Half the city is underwater and on the rare occasion chunks of the cliff face tumble into the waters below. The entirety of Dawnskimmer faces the sunrise and every morning the clan is greeted with an awe inspiring dawn.


The Marble Tower

Jutting out from the submerged half the Crumbling City is the leaning Marble Tower. It's about two hundred feet tall from ocean floor to sky, half that underwater, and the remainder buried under the silt and sand. The top of the tower is open with large, arched windows. Sprites roost up here, flitting about the apex like a flock of birds. Presumed to a once proud lighthouse, the spire has since been remodeled to suit its new occupants needs.

The Eggkeeper's Lair

Built out of the cracked, submerged half of the Marble Tower and reinforced with marble slabs is the Eggkeeper's Lair. It's a sizable cavern with more than enough room for its resident guardian. The outside is decorated with a multitude of trinkets from both Light and Water that sparkle during the day. There is a landing zone above the entrance just above the surface of the water. Guests of Pyre wait atop it for him to emerge.

The Spiraling Nursery

No one is allowed within the nursery except for the Pyre and his loyal familiars. The entire stairwell has been converted into eleven sections, each one for a different element. Goblins tend to their respective aspect, occasionally ascending the tower to request supplies from the sprites above. The familiars determine when an egg or batch of eggs are ready to hatch and carry them down into the Eggkeeper's Lair for hatching.


The Sunbleached Bluffs

Rising over three hundred feet high are the Sunbleached Bluffs. The cliff face is striking, white chalk contrasting black stone. Several tunnels have been carved into the sides of the cliffs where paladins guard the entrances to prevent outsiders from entering. Carefully placed mirrors within the interior reflect light into the darkened chambers beyond.

The Temple of Light

Atop the Sunbleached Bluffs is the Temple of Light. Constructed of marble, stone and concrete, the temple is an open air structure with plenty of pillars and archways leading to the center podium. The east side of the temple features a towering wall with a single, circular stained glass window. The window is perfectly placed to frame the rising sun, causing the glass to scatter warm rainbows across the temple.

The Gilded Library

The Gilded Library is named for the golden mirrors that draw in light from the outside. The Library is carved into the bluffs, as the cool and even temperatures inside the cavern helps preserve the library's contents. Scholars, archivists and historians work to catalog the numerous artifacts in their possession.


The Crumbling City

The Crumbling City are ruins dating back to the Second Age. Slowly consumed by the rising waters, half the city is partially or entirely submerged in water. The ruins themselves consist of a variety of different buildings, all falling apart, and cobblestone pathways.

The Commons

Dragons not of Light or Water, or that have no place in the ocean or bluffs, find themselves in the Commons. Smaller breeds make their homes in the ruins dotting the city, reinforcing the crumbling walls and throwing tarps over what cannot be repaired. Larger breeds carve communal lairs out of the cliffsides, careful to avoid digging too close to the library or the temple.

The Ivory Market

Colorful tents and storefronts circle a large plaza with a single, central pillar. The entirety of the plaza is covered in bright flags strung from the pillar. Signs help guide newcomers to the many subsections of the market; like Artisan's Alley or the farmer's market.

Neon District

Just off the beaten path is the Neon District, a tight alleyway partially hidden from the main thoroughfare. Bright flashing signs created by magic along with its colorful residents lend the district its name. Advertising goods and services considered unusual or strange to dragon society, it's a safe bet that if one cannot find what they're looking for in the Ivory Market, this is the place to go.

The Undercity

Beneath the city, in the ancient sewer systems and cisterns of the world above, lies the criminal underbelly of Dawnskimmer Refuge. It's a maze of tunnels choked by seawater. If one is not careful, the rising tide can catch a dragon off guard and drown them.


Sunrise Cove

Sunrise Cove is shallow, keeping the waters a few degrees warmer than the cold ocean. The reefs shield the city and the bluffs from the waves and the kelp forests beyond provide ample food for the clan. The residents within the cove sleep in nests made from winding several pieces of kelp together, creating shelters from the strong currents and occasional storms.

The Shrine of Sea

Placed between the boundaries of the reefs and the kelp forest, sits the Shrine of the Sea. The shrine is small, dug into the reef itself and built from coral and kelp. A pool of brine within the center of the shrine is used for portents along with several other items used for scrying. The pool is rumored to lead to the tidepools but the high salt content has prevented anyone from trying.

Maren Reefs

Maren ambassadors from the local tribes live within the reefs to help improve relationships between both themselves and the Dawnskimmer Clan. Occasionally fights break out between the two factions and the tension can get overwhelming. It's an uneasy peace kept intact by a trade agreement set up by Pyre; dragon eggs for dragon goods. Dragons who live by the water usually speak maren and have at least one friend among them.

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