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AmethystOwl » Lair » Grimm
Level 1
Tundra Male
Apr 30, 2019 (6 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMidnight Iridescent
SecondaryMidnight Shimmer
TertiaryAmethyst Stained
Eye TypeShadow Unusual
Energy: 11 / 50
Apparel & Skins
The Wishkeeper

"It could be yours, it could be mine, at any given time."

What do you think of dreams? Are they worth remembering? Worth pursuing? Worth achieving? This world is kept turning by hopes and wishes, if you ask me. No matter how big or small they are. I like to keep record of everybody's in a sort of... list. A wishlist. My brother, Graves, (perhaps you've met him?), is too world-weary to believe in the value of a wish, the power of a desire to obtain what feels unobtainable. A single wish powered by an infinite supply of determination can drag the stars down from the night. He records history; things that are certain. He says he has no time for fantasies and fleeting fancies.

That's all right. I know he secretly wishes for things, too.
What's yours?

Quote: It Could Be Yours (Rock Angelz album)





Blackberry | Blackberry | Amethyst
Crystal | Shimmer | Opal
Plague Rare

Amethyst Owls
Breeding pair

Amethyst | Nightshade | Pearl
Crystal | Peregrine | Ghost
Shadow | Dark Sclera*

(*parent only, purely for own satisfaction)

Amethyst | Orchid | Pearl
Crystal | Peregrine | Ghost
Shadow | Dark Sclera*

(*parent only, purely for own satisfaction)

Phthalo | Cream | Phthalo
Wasp | Constellation | Opal
Water Dark Sclera

Fulfilled Wishes








Sakura Lei
Fulfilled by AmethystOwl (13th of May, 2019.)

will be happy.

Black Top Hat
Fulfilled by AmethystOwl (14th of May, 2019.)

My brother's always wanted a hat like this.

Dusky Rose Thorn Tail Tangle
Fulfilled by AmethystOwl (16th of May, 2019.)

I found this in the woods. I hope he'll like it.

Black Cat
Fulfilled by AmethystOwl (16th of May, 2019.)

He's so cute! Can we keep him?

Sakura Flower Crown
Fulfilled by AmethystOwl (16th of May, 2019.)

The petals feel so soft...

Ebony Filigree Boots
Fulfilled by AmethystOwl (18th of May, 2019.)

I found these at the back of a dusty old room. I don't know what these symbols on it mean, but my brother does.

Black Aviator Coat
Fulfilled by AmethystOwl (18th of May, 2019.)

It's a birthday present. We've never celebrated our birthday before. I know Graves won't accept it if I tell him how expensive it was, so I'll say Pinkerton gave it to me... He'll believe that. He's never been to the plundered pile.
Oh! I know what we should do to celebrate our birthday!

Pretty Lavender Arm Bow
Fulfilled by AmethystOwl (5th of June, 2019.)

Gabby says he found it lying around in Golem's Workshop. I don't think he's being truthful, but I'm afraid to ask.

Dusky Rose Thorn Wing Tangle
Fulfilled by AmethystOwl (5th of June, 2019.)

My brother says I need to stop bringing him apparel, or he might soon be mistaken for a Christmas tree. I don't think the thought's crossed his mind that he doesn't have to wear any of it - or has it?

Demure Faderose Locket
Fulfilled by AmethystOwl (5th of June, 2019.)

Gabby turned up wearing it. He assured me he didn't obtain it through illgitamate illegitamate illegitimate means.

Skin: The Night's Lament
Fulfilled by Greenskeeper's Gathering Raffle (8th of June, 2019.)

We had such a magical time at this year's Nature festival. There were all these fun activities and games to play - but, best of all, we won a raffle and got to pick a prize! Phantasmagoria loved this one.

Vial of Scattersight
Fulfilled by Balerion (8th of June, 2019.)

Something wonderful happened! A kind passing dragon saw our clan and bestowed us with gifts!

Tertiary Gene: Ghost
Fulfilled by AmethystOwl (9th of June, 2019.)

We've had a lot of expenses lately. I've never seen so many gems leaving the vault. Hopefully we can sneak this one past Amethyst...

Spellwrought Halo
Fulfilled by AmethystOwl (19th of June, 2019.)

Hawthorne glows in the dark now! There... there wasn't any need for it - and Amethyst is chewing my tail off about the hundred and fifty thousand pieces of treasure it cost us. I see his point. You can't possibly lose a dragon as big as Hawthorne, even on the darkest night. But he doesn't understand. It's fun!

Desert Dynasty Tail Rings
Fulfilled by AmethystOwl (27th of June, 2019.)

I've decided it's best for everyone that we don't question where or how Gabby finds these things. No one's come around looking for his head yet. That's all that matters, right?

Breed Change: Coatl
Fulfilled by ado (23rd of September, 2019.)

Something important was given to us by a neighbouring clan. I don't know myself why it's so special, but my brother nearly fainted when he saw it. Haunt isn't allowed to look at it.

Fluted Pukasloth
Fulfilled by ado (23rd of September, 2019.)

Gabby... um... Gabby came home with a new familiar today. He claims someone gave it to him. There's been no news of a theft in the gem marketplace - maybe it really was a gift from someone kind? Look at it! It's so cute! Who could return something so adorable?

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