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Imperia » Lair » Zachariah
Level 25
Gaoler Male
Jul 05, 2019 (5 months)
Stats Growth
PrimarySilver Phantom (Gaoler)
SecondaryMidnight Breakup (Gaoler)
TertiaryWisteria Runes (Gaoler)
Eye TypeShadow Dark Sclera
Energy: 46 / 50
Apparel & Skins
» Z A C H A R I A H «
The Keeper

"You never really know who you can trust. Unless you're me; then you know."

» Biography

Distanced and mistrusting, Zachariah (or, as his few friends may call him, Zach) is something of a mindful watcher for the clan. He hails from the Seeker order of the gaolers, sent out into the world of Sornieth to find and wipe out any and all traces of the Shade, and was once a commander for his order on account of his innate ability to detect the presence of the Shade - no matter how small this trace may have been. He could decipher friend from foe easily, rooting out the Shade and betrayers to their cause just as readily. No matter who the betrayer was, Zachariah struck them down without mercy or hesitation. Friend could become foe within seconds and, although this ability was one he initially used sparingly, Zachariah became increasingly paranoid. The lines blurred, he didn’t trust even his fellow commanders, and he quickly became a lone wolf within the order.

Zach came to Shal'anir less by choice and more by necessity. Found by patrolling guards starved, beaten, and half-delirious, he was brought to the healers to try and help alleviate his pain, work out exactly who the dragon was, and how he'd found Shal'anir, which was usually so hidden by the queen's illusion magic. He was a mysterious dragon, looking almost as a primordial tundra. Zach had pale ice eyes when he'd first arrived to Shal'anir, but, the longer he stayed within the shaded behemoth's gaze, the darker his eyes became. At first, they were a soft lilac colour, but quickly shifted further to bright purple irises that were almost black around the edges. He's still an ice dragon by blood and by heart, however, with a stern outlook on life and a personality that's freezing to the touch and possessing a cruel, bitter edge.

The gaoler did not reveal much from where he came. All the dragons know is that Zachariah was a seeker who awakened as the rest of his kind did, and was immediately drawn towards Shal'anir. He said he could feel a dark taint, not unlike the Shade, beneath his very feet and that his one task was to completely destroy any and all remnants of it to neutralise the threat it posed. He had, however, been attacked during his approach to the tree - a poisoned blade sunk deep into his side and meant to kill. However, the poison was not as effective against such an ancient breed, and he'd survived - but just barely. It should have acted as a deterrent, but instead Zach had felt compelled to continue, as if the attack had proven a point. Shal'anir was falling under and her children could not save her alone.

Zachariah refused to comment on whether he believed the one who had attacked him was one of Shal'anir's own, simply falling silent on the matter. He did, however, take an immediate interest in one of Phalanx's brood; Vizier, the queen's personal alchemist. As he recovered, he began to watch that one with particular scrutiny, observing him often and paying particular attention to exactly what he was using and when. There was something about the queen’s alchemist that didn’t look quite right to Zach, and his instincts had never been wrong before. His outline was blurred, looking as if he were moving just a bit beyond what the old gaoler’s eyes could keep up with, and he had a strange intensity in his eyes whenever he looked at Zachariah - as if he knew something he shouldn’t. If the queen was alarmed of Zach's keen interest in one of her chosen, she held her tongue, and instead remains neutral on the matter.

Once fully recovered, Zachariah was given a place to stay within Shal'anir, for it seemed the shaded behemoth herself had taken quite a liking to this particular newcomer. The massive gaoler can often be seen around Vizier as the alchemist completes his research, staring unblinking at what he's doing but saying nothing. He's almost become the other's shadow, gaze unnerving and gruff, cold exterior leaving him unapproachable as he stands off to the side - close enough to watch but far away enough to give a false sense of security. There's no doubt that Zachariah has a job to do, a duty to uphold, and is one who was made specifically for that job. He will not fail, nor will he allow anyone to get in the way of his purpose; he shoots to kill.

One of the largest gaolers within Shal'anir, Zach has rough, but not unkempt, fur that gives him a rugged, harsh appearance. His expression is often as cold as he is, with a heavy-set face and dark scars littering his body. Beneath the layers of thick fur, it's undeniable that Zach is a fighter. Even with the poisoned blade that once pierced his hide having weakened him greatly, he can, and will, hold his own to a frightening degree. One thing of note are his eyes - despite his ice heritage, they're eerily purple. Shal'anir has claimed this one for herself now.
Zach is often seen around Vizier on account of keeping almost constant tabs on him. he doesn't speak to the alchemist, however, nor really to anyone. He just watches with an undecipherable, terrifying look in his eye. On the rare occasions he's seen away from the alchemist, he's not particularly friendly. Perhaps owing to his large size, Zach often looks down on other dragons as he passes them in the halls; silent, distant, and as a stranger. He either hasn't realised, or doesn't care, that he presents himself this way.
The ability he is known for is something Zach doesn't care to explain - not that he can. While some presume it's just a 'hunch' that the gaoler gets, Zach does, in fact, actually see corruption. It often manifests itself in a dark smoke or fog, slowly obscuring the dragon and infesting their surroundings. For dragons too far gone, Zach cannot even make out who the individual is, as the taint completely consumes them and leaves nothing more than a hollow, black mass in their place. This part he considers a blessing. No reason for hesitation when he cuts them down.

Second story «


» Art «



» Notes «


- Speaks with a subtle Texan accent. Why? Because I write the lore in this here town
- Plagued by nightmares of all he knows being consumed by the Shade; often fearing that his eyes changing colour is a sign he himself is becoming the enemy. Although he scoffs at the idea, it does make him wonder.
- One gaoler he passed did, in fact, did attack him while screaming that Zach was tainted by the Shade. Although Zach beat the other down and scared him off with his tail between his legs, the sheer terror in the other's eyes has not been forgotten by Zach.


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