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Disturbed » Den » Lucian
Level 1
Imperial Male
Oct 07, 2019 (4 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMaize Piebald
SecondaryMaize Paint
TertiaryGoldenrod Glimmer
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins


​​​⠀⠀⠀Lucian could hear a small voice in the back of his mind. This voice was soft, yet demanded his full attention. It beckoned him to join the others. When he was young this voice comforted him and gave him the courage to stand out among his peers in the fight for supremacy in the eyes of the goddess of light. Like his siblings, he was destined a sacrifice to serve a higher purpose. The voice would lull him to sleep every night as a mother might do, yet he had no true mother to speak of. When asked about this, Lucian's father would tell him stories of the Lightweaver. This never felt as right to him as it did with his father but he was not allowed to question the will of his people.

⠀⠀Growing up, Lucian was put through a tough training regiment to prepare for his sacred day. The fighting was hard on the young boy but through perseverance he was able to stand out among the others. Despite his accomplishments his father never spoke highly of him, never granted him adoration, nor acceptance. Lucian deeply believed that he would one day be worthy of his father's love and possess the power of the gods. Day by day he trained his body and his mind. After the years passed he grew into his broad shoulders and wielded a sword that rivaled his fathers, one forged from the very Beacon of the Radiant Eye. The sword remained heavy in his hands but his spirits lifted.

⠀⠀⠀Lucian considered himself lucky as he noted his father watching him longer during his training. It wasn't before long that his father had offered him a spot beside him for a hunt in the distant lands. The experience would please the Lightweaver, so said Admael. Lucian could only smile as at that moment the only thing he cared for was to see his father smile and usher him into the man that would serve as a guardian for the light itself. Many creatures fell to his fathers blade and Lucian watched on with awe and admiration. Once the day began to fade the two set off for home, only Lucian was unable to hold back his eagerness to prove his worth. He snuck away in the late night to test himself on the creatures the light did not see.

⠀⠀⠀The creatures that dwelled at night didn't serve as much of a threat to Lucian, he was able to quickly dispatch the small hoards that chose to confront him. One, two, and many more fell. Lucian could feel the moonlight glimmer off his enchanted blade as it swung through the night and nothing would stop him. Suddenly in the midst of victory a being of untold evil crept behind him and pulled him off the path. Lucian shouted out for his father only to find help would not be coming for him. His mouth was held shut and everything became black. Fear was unusual for Lucian, he had only ever considered giving himself to the Lightweaver, never that his cause could be interrupted so suddenly. A deep laugh came from nowhere in the total blackness that surrounded him and he stood, suddenly freed from the monsters grasp. "Foolish of you to bring a sword like that so deep into my forest," the voice spoke in such a familiar way. Terrified, Lucian slashed his sword around him several times, feeling fingers grasp his legs, his arms, his back, his chest, even around his neck all at the same time. "Stop!" Lucian shouted at the monster. "Your fate is to die by a god's hand, come and accept it now," the voice spoke, as if coming from inside his own head.


⠀⠀⠀The blackness was swirling around him as Lucian was suddenly able to see two large eyes staring directly in front of him. Paralyzed with fear, he could only watch with mouth agape as the eyes drew closer. "Foolish boy, you seek the heart of a man yet you are no more a man than the rocks and the trees," the voice spoke loudly in his mind. "I am a servant of the Lightweaver, you may take my life but I shall serve her in the next," He spoke, with tears in his eyes as he knew what his fate would be. The eyes stopped only an inch from him yet he stood firm, shaking, yet ready to face this creature. The creature stood silently for a moment as the shadows began to dissipate and what stood before him was a creature dressed in black robes, a person with eyes that pierced through the shadow of their black hood. "Your exaltation is meaningless to the Lightweaver," The figure spoke , dejected and hollow. Lucian gathered himself, confused that his death had not yet come. "And what do you know of the Lightweaver?" Lucian asked, unsure of this creatures intent. The creature stared coldly at him, speaking unwaveringly. "I have seen it. The countless lives lost needlessly, the souls that discovered their place was not with their god. The anguish, I saw it in your mothers eyes before she became nothing." Lucian tried to speak but was unable to utter a word before the sound of crushing of leaves drew his attention, spinning only to see his father standing behind him. The wind blew quitely through the trees, undisturbed without a sign of darkness or an unsettling presence. Lucian took a moment to gather himself, checking around him. Admael seemed impatient to return to camp and Lucian would find himself unable to sleep for the rest of the night. The two set off for home early in the morning and though not much had occurred, Lucian was forever changed.

⠀⠀⠀The day of his exaltation had finally arrived. The highest honor for any child born of the light. Lucian watched as one by one the chosen stepped upon the podium and disappeared into its blinding light. The group that gathered to watch this spectacle cheered for each soul sent to the sky. Though the voice inside called him forward, he hesitated. The image of the dark figure lingering on his mind. The crowd watched him almost hungrily as his turn approached. It was well known he was the best among his age group and a prime candidate for the Lightweaver. His father gave him a pat on the shoulder as Lucian stepped forward. The stairs leading to the pedestal glowed and glittered in the sun yet all he felt was cold dread. The look in his eye must have given away his thoughts as he noted his fathers expression changed. "The will of the Lightweaver offers wisdom well beyond what you appear to be capable of understanding. Go now and accept her glory." Admael's cold eyes and harsh words cut deeply as Lucian relented and stepped onto the first of many stairs.

⠀⠀⠀Defying years of training and encouragement from everyone he had ever known, Lucian paused at his first step and shook his head. Something in his heart told him that this was wrong. It felt as if a second voice had sprung from the depths of his soul and cried out for him to turn away and run. He had a good idea of what his father would do to him if he opted out of this ceremony. Lucian took in a deep breath and sprung forward up the stairs with all the speed he could muster. Confused murmurs and chatter rung out below him and he turned in time to see the icy stare of his father. Without a word Lucian dove off the edge of the podium, down the cliff, to the icy waters below.



Introduction Chapter Complete

Clanking, moonlight glistening,

He stops,

Clanking, heart is racing,

Words and a figure, wavy as ones reflection in the water,

Oh the water,

Crashing loud and restless,

He stops,

Words long ago said, tradition, practice,

Is this it,

He stops


- - - - - - - - - - - - -

As he spreads his wings, feet gliding across the tree tops, mane and flowers billow in the wind,

His mind is filled with so many thoughts, some not his own, the words echo and cry,

He flies out to the raging sea, today the seas are calm and he too is calmed,

The thoughts and words have quieted, if only for a little while, now he enjoys the silence

Poetry by Jekylls


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by pious, kaiseki, and hanjeoo
by orielion

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