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Taarnfalk » Den » Harvard
Level 1
Wildclaw Male
Sep 15, 2013 (6 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Lionfish
SecondaryCarmine Noxtide
TertiaryCharcoal Firefly
Eye TypeWind Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

| Old dragon - 6 digit|♡ Never for Trade or Sale ♡

~ D R A G O N ~ B I O G R A P H Y ~
Harvard, despite not being born into a particularly education-driven clan, nor a knowledge-pursuing Arcane one, always loved learning things from a young age. His need for facts was like another dragon's need for water or food. He honestly had no idea how he would live without his search for understanding.

His favorite subject was his clan's past and Sornieth's origins. He would devour book after book from their clan's library on those topics, quickly surpassing the brainiacs and scholars in his clan. He became the go-to dragon on anything related remotely to facts.

Of course, his small Wind clan couldn't keep the knowledge-hungry dragon sated forever. His parents and siblings all knew that, one day, he would leave to pursue his calling. So when he told them that he was leaving, no one was surprised. His mother told him to do great things, his father said that he would miss him, and his siblings made him promise to write to them.

Before he left, the clan leader caught him by the shoulder. The dragon was an elderly Spiral, close to his deathbed. He gave Harvard a sword, one that he said he had never used, despite owning it most of his lifetime. He said, "I pray that you never have to wield it so it can remain for what I have intended it to be, a memento. But if you are threatened, promise me you will use it against your adversaries."

A promise and a light squeeze later, Harvard was spreading his wings to catch the cool, morning air. Behind him, his small clan was gathered, waving goodbye to the fading dragon. All of them were so proud of him, even the youngest hatchlings. Harvard took their love and pride to heart, and promised to study twice as hard as he ever did before.

And he kept all of his promises. He wrote to his clan on a weekly basis and was saddened to know that their leader had died within a few weeks of his leaving. However, times were looking up for the clan, with a new, young leader reorganizing many things, as well as expanding their library.

He studied harder than ever before, expanding his knowledge to present day events, astronomy,and mathematics. Soon he had at least a basic understanding of almost any topic in Sornieth.

His final promise to the ancient clan leader was held up, much to Harvard's dismay. He quickly became known throughout the lands as a wise dragon, but other rival academics didn't appreciate that he was stealing the limelight. They sent dragons to end his studies, sometimes they even came themselves. Luckily, the sword held true in his battles and he lived to read another day.

As time passed, he became less tied to his clan. They drifted apart, as his siblings left the clan as well. Those he had known there had either left or passed on. He turned from unsure when answering to a stranger to poised and assured, although many mistook his confidence with snobbishness. Some say that in the time he drifted away from other dragons, the Arcanist came to him in a dream, warning him of his impending loneliness, which supposedly explains the sudden change he took.

One day, he came back to the world of the living, putting his studies on hold for a few days to start interacting with other dragons once more. He joined in on parties, gatherings, and even just walks in the city.

That's when he met her. When he saw her, she was curled up on a bench in a park maintained by Nature dragons, her snout in a book. Her eyes intently and quickly roamed the pages, and she flipped through the book with ease. After she finished, she glanced up and noticed him staring at her, and gave him a small, awkward smile before standing up to leave.

Before he knew what he was doing, Harvard was standing by her, babbling seemingly nonsensical words. His brain refused to cooperate with him, although he did manage to stumble through a conversation with the quiet dragon.

It was meant to be. They became mates within the month, and all of their friends and acquaintances celebrated the match of the two dragons.

With his newfound love, Harvard felt the need to settle down for the first time in his life. They quickly decided on a Plague clan lead by the wise and poweful Jill. They thought that it would be perfect for the two of them.

They both joined the ranks of the professors and teachers within the clan. He quickly learned the history of his clan, and was tasked with the job of spreading their story, one he undertook with great passion.

One might be shocked to know that neither Harvard nor Yale were born with their current names; their students came up with them, and they stuck so well that everyone soon forgot both of their names, including themselves. He became well-known in the clan for both his knowledge, excitement for learning, and tendency to challenge himself beyond measurable belief.

And now, Harvard lives the life that he never suspected he would have; teaching dragons of his new clan's history, living with a loving mate, and living every moment to the fullest.

;-Bio text by AwkwardAngel

Art :

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