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Taarnfalk » Lair » Sheridan
Level 1
Coatl Male
Sep 25, 2013 (6 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryOrca Slime
SecondaryRoyal Blend
TertiaryWisteria Glimmer
Eye TypeFire Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

| Old dragon - 6 digit|♡ Never for Trade or Sale ♡

~ D R A G O N ~ B I O G R A P H Y ~
"Embrace the moment. In the end, that's all we have.
Trouble will come in its own time, it always does.
But that's tomorrow. Give me today, and I will be happy."

Being born to a father that was a prominent diplomat and a loving dragon is hard to live up to, but Sheridan did just that. When he was born in the far reaches of The Ashfall Waste, his father instilled a strong sense of duty in him. He brought Sheridan to the Pillar of the World, and his son felt a connection to the earthen lands. He decided to enlist in the Earthshaker's guard.

He trained for three years, homing his instincts and fighting prowess, along with his intellect. Those times were turbulent. He created a nemesis out of a level-headed dragon who held himself with a certain dignity that was hard to place: Sinclair. The two became rivals, and disliked each other. It was also the year that he became mates with a dragon named Lochley, but they soon decided that the relationship wasn't working.

When he graduated, he was assigned to patrol the border of Dragonholme, stopping shifty-looking groups of dragons and questioning them. He loved his job, but he adored his next. He was placed in a unit that fought outside of Dragonholme. They went out to actively destroy anti-Earthshaker groups. The captain, Sterns, was instantaneously killed by a blast of rogue fire in combat, and Sheridan found himself in command of the Lexington, his unit. One of his most prominent, successful battles was one against a huge team of Mirrors who were notorious for their hit-and-run tactics. He commanded his subordinates well, and the fight was won.

While he was serving as the Commanding Officer of a station in the middle of what seemed to be nowhere, he met a woman who would soon serve under him: Lieutenant Ivanova. She was a brave, somewhat loud woman, who could enthrall a whole room with her words. More accurately: scare the life out of them.

He was taken back to Dragonholme to deal with the food riots. Some of the more poor clans were demanding food from the Earthshaker's extensive supplies. Naturally, the deity denied them this, instead, sent in some troops to deal with it. Most of the conflicts were resolved peacefully, but a few had to be taken to the level of extreme force. He was then transferred once again to a command district, and put in charge. He saw his mate in person for a final time, before she was killed in a raid heading towards the Scarred Wastelands. After she died, his grief was intense and would haunt him for many years.

Finally, he was transferred to a corps called the Babylon 5. He promoted the fiery Lieutenant Ivanova he had met years before to the commander. His life was good, until his sister brought him a last message from his beloved mate, Anna. He was painfully reminded of the beautiful dragon who he had been so lucky to call his mate.

He created a pioneering way to locate enemy dragons, using a strange combination of both science and sense of smell. Many dragons in the Earthshaker's army adopted this practice, and thousands of enemies were brought to their knees because of this. Sheridan feels a strange sense of accomplishment and sorrow.

It was soon afterwards that he met his next wife, a powerful and commanding Wildclaw named Delenn. They loved each other very much, and were going to be married. It was around this time that Sheridan took control of another unit, called the White Star. Soon after, he withdrew from the Earthshaker's armies, though his unit, Babylon 5, stayed with him, because he had inspired a strong sense of duty in them.

A particularly nasty battle gave Sheridan a life-threatening wound. He was sure to perish, but the Earthshaker himself healed him with an ancient knowledge of science. After that, he decided that his group was going to settle somewhere, make themselves known. They soon became known as the Interspecies Alliance, as they made alliances with some of the more peaceful Beastclans.

He was captured by some of the more hostile Beastclans, unhappy that their brethren had been so easily convinced to join a dragon alliance. His unit, and a few Beastclan members helped free him. He was shaken by the experience, and resigned as an officer, giving the control of his troops to Lochley, and is made president of the growing clan. The Interspecies Alliance swelled to huge proportions, and soon he quit that job, too. He left Dragonholme altogether, deciding to live on board a brig called "The Namárië" , with Delenn.

Sheridan is a brave, selfless dragon. He does what he thinks is necessary, and would've sacrificed himself in a heartbeat for his unit. Now, all that devotion is directed towards his mate, Delenn. The two are very happy together, with him encouraging Delenn softly, and Delenn giving him advice on what to do in any given sticky situation.

When he had been serving under the Earthshaker, he gained a fighting prowess that is impossible to ignore. Not only is he immensely strong, he has the smarts to survive in war as well. That paired with his might, both physical and magical, has led him to many victories on the battlefield.

He has a strong will, which is both his weakness and his strength. This makes him incorruptible; he wouldn't change what he thinks is right for even the heftiest sack of coins. It also creates a weakness. He often won't listen to reason, deciding to pull through with his plan even when everyone is telling him not to.

A trait carried over from presiding over a unit for so long is his inspiring nature. He can stir even the most lazy of hearts into a pumped fervor. He was known for bringing his troops into battle, most of them screaming with determination. Now, he usually makes speeches to hatchlings beginning to learn how to fly.

Sheridan has an idealistic personality, always imagining a perfect, peaceful society. However, this idea can change in a moment, when his eyes are opened to another aspect of life that he had not yet noticed. This is the same when he plans something. He'll make up his mind on an aspect, but then change it all together, leaving many dragons confused.

His temper can be explosive at times. He is doing better controlling it now rather than when he was a commander, but it still pops up from time to time. Delenn is always by his side when this happens, whispering calming words in his ear. This calms him down quickly, and he adopts an overly-eccentric upbeat personality.

He spends his days happily with Delenn on board "The Namárië". They can spend hours talking about "the good old days." Sheridan is, for once, he is relaxed and at ease. He plans to spend many more years like this.

;-Bio text by AwkwardAngel

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