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ZenithNadir » Den » Rust
Level 1
Wildclaw Female
Dec 24, 2014 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMaroon Clown
SecondaryRust Shimmer
TertiaryWhite Underbelly
Eye TypeLightning Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins


Lair Guard | Suspicious | Guarded | Territorial | Aggressive

~~~~~~~~ LORE

Aggressiveness is a trait shared by many Wildclaws, yet when it comes to Rust, some think she goes a little too far. Very few spark her anger to the point where it will result in a fight, but most dragons in the clan--and a few outside--know that she isn't a dragon you can pick a fight with and expect to walk away scot-free. Her attitude is sour to others, her gaze sending shivers down the spines of those unfortunate enough to meet her, and her constant scowl sends small dragons running. This isn't to say that she is cruel and unrefined, quite the opposite; Rust just knows how to keep her reputation, and how to ensure she doesn't end up with another scar on her face. Very few dragons know where she came from, what she did before, or how she got her face permanently mauled. The information is not something Rust volunteers, and those that know about it tend to keep their mouths shut tight. Some pieces of a creature are meant to be left unsaid.

Her skills in battle have made others think of her as a master of battle, her speed has made her a valued hunter, and her ability to patrol without even leaving a trace of her being there makes her a good guard. None of this actually describes her though. Most only know her for her skills, and only pay attention to her when they have to. In spite of her valuable skills, there is much in her demeanor that makes her new clan uncomfortable. If one was to attack her, playfully or not, they would probably lose an eye--or worse. Rust is defensive, and will protect herself if she feels threatened in any way shape or form, which can lead to a lot of problems in the clan. The young ones can't play with her like the others, mostly because she growls and nips at them until they leave her alone, and no one can train with her to develop their own skills. Many say that that is just how she is, there is no rhyme or reason. Others say that she's just too cruel for her own good. Both are not true.

Rust's true personality is a quiet one. She doesn't like to talk, and likes to be on her own to recharge her batteries. Spending time by herself, in the silence of the wilderness, is by far her favorite thing. Everything else just comes from fear. Not from other dragons, but from a repeat of the past. Fear of another bad fight, fear that she won't be able to protect herself again and escape with her life. Perhaps if things were different she would be more open and less aggressive to the other clan members, but as they stand, everyone is in constant danger with her around. Just Rust's presence is enough to put them all at risk. By distancing herself, she finds it easier to ensure they are safer. Besides, she has her reasons for being aggressive and vicious towards everyone, and no one needs to worry themselves with why.


Her parents didn't stay around long, leaving as soon as she was hatched to answer the call of the Stormcatcher, after that Rust was on her own. She named herself after a while, a young little dragon needed a name, after all, and began to wander the old nesting grounds. She ate what she could and hunted when she felt like it, slowly gaining in her skills to survive. The world was a cold place for a young dragon, after all, but Rust considers herself lucky. Sure, she had no parents, no clan to call her own, but that was just a fact of life. To her, clans were overrated, until she met a certain Wildclaw. He was larger than her, since he was full grown and she was only a few weeks old at the time, but had still grown a lot bigger. He took her to his home, allowing her to stay with a new clan, a place where food and shelter were easy to come by.

Time with the clan was easy, until things began to get harder. After a few months, the Wildclaw that saved her began to get pushy with her hunting. More demanding, taking more and more of her share of food. It was a scam is what it was. Find some good hunters out there in the wild and make them hunt, only to slowly starve them out. By the time the other dragons realized what was happening, most of them were too weak to rebel, but Rust's self-sufficient childhood had made her stronger than most. She challenged the older Wildclaw, and paid the price. It was a horrible fight, with tearing and ripping at each other, before she got a gash over one of her eyes. The pain was blinding, but her anger pushed her forward. She fought, and fought, until she got away, running through the grounds of the Stormcatcher's land to try and find a place to hide. She could hear the roars of angry dragons behind her.

Finally, she stumbled across clan grounds of a different clan, and was found. The patrol that discovered her took her deeper into the protected shelters used in times of crisis, and Rust could hear the skidding of the dragons that had tried to take advantage of her situation, as they stared at her back. While Rust recovered, she became silent, watching the current clan that had offered her kindness. Would they be the same? They hadn't asked anything of her other than not to make a fuss when she was dragged back to bed to recover. Only when she was perfectly well, with the wound on her face scabbed over and scarring, was she asked to help. After several more weeks of this, Rust was put on patrol. 'Consider it a way of repaying us' is what they said. They shared equal portions of food with her, gave her shelter and medicine, and the clan seemed... nice. Yet deep in the shadows of the clan grounds, Rust can see those dragons that had tried to starve her, hoping to profit on her weakness and misery. She always called for the other patrols when she saw them, knowing they would flee before they were caught. As long as they still held a grudge, the current clan was in danger, and Rust took it upon herself to keep them safe.
- Bio by Dew




- adoptable by mindsend

- Livestraes

Lineart by ZenithNadir (me)
Colored by WynterTwylight

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