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WildFlora » Lair » Bitten
Level 1
Wildclaw Male
Jun 25, 2013 (6 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySanddollar Vipera
SecondaryRoyal Seraph
TertiaryLavender Glimmer
Eye TypeShadow Common
Energy: 43 / 50
Apparel & Skins
aqua - sand - teal
raspberry - steel - periwinkle
metals - purple - pumpkin
sandollar - royal - lavender


He looked upon his Queen with eyes of love and curiosity. She was gorgeous and powerful, but she longed for power that was not earned, but given. He loved her dearly, but he didn’t crave the power and fear that she gave others. Instead, Bitten was much more quiet than he once was. Thinking back, he smiled at the past he had that led him here.

Bitten came from the Shadowbinder himself--a proud statement. He was born with the power of shadows and darkness in him, but that never turned him from helping others or giving what he could. He loved his lineage, and when he was called to help aid the Shadowbinder, Bitten went without hesitation. He quickly made his way back to where he once came from, with vigor and happiness. The Shadowbinder welcomed him, only to put him with others that he had called and told them they were to aid him in the fight against the other Flights. Bitten, a little confused, still went with his creator, for he wanted nothing more than to please the one that gave him life.

For many years Bitten stayed with the Shadowbinder, helping, fighting, and giving what he could to the cause. He stayed loyal to the very end. He grew in power and knowledge as well, changing many times in his growth. He was always willing to learn something new, and soon became the master of shadows and disguises. He would use these skills in the fight, becoming a Dragon that was known was “The Shadow Muse.” He was one of the only Dragons that would truly be unseen until the final moments.

In his many years of servitude, the fight had finally calmed down, and soon many Dragons were leaving to return to their Clans below. He thought about home at that moment. They would leave with honor and nobility. He left the Shadowbinder and headed back to the Shadow Flight. He lived for many days on his own, looking for the perfect home to settle in. And that is when he found her. Persephone; a Dragon whose name he had heard many times on his travels. The Queen of the Damned, the Evil Queen, and other names. He looked upon her as she spoke with other Dragons of her flight, he himself hidden in the shadows. She was gorgeous and held herself with dignity and pride that he felt no other Dragon do. She had a wicked look in her eyes though, a look that was seductive and enticing as it was fearsome and dreadful. She was surely a Dragon that meant business when she spoke to you.

Something in him told him that she was a Dragon worth loving. Somewhere beneath her, there had to be a place for love. And he wanted to be in that place. It was true that all Shadow Dragons held a love for power, but she screamed this love. She needed this power. He needed her. So, for the next week, he hid outside of her Clan, trying to think of the best way to approach such a Dragon. Finally, she walked out alone. Emerging from the shadows, he made his way up to her, and bowed. “I am a Noble of the Shadowbinder. I have come to speak with the Leader of this Clan.” He said.

He could hear a growl start to form in her throat, but it stopped as quickly as it came. He looked up at her to see her smiling. “You’re in luck then. For I am the Leader of this Clan. Queen Persephone.” She stated, the look of power glinting in her eyes once more.

“Oh, a Queen.” He bowed once more than stood. “It’s an honor to meet you.”

“Come with me. We can speak in private.”

She led him through the Clan, waving off any growling Dragons that confronted them. Each Dragon watched as she led this strange Dragon into her den and away from peeking eyes and ears.

“What brings you here?” She asked, as she turned to back to fix something up.

“The Shadowbinder.”

She paused for only a moment, “I am a distant relation. Is that what this is about?” She turned back to him, a golden goblet in her hands. At the sight of the goblet, Bitten swallowed hard. What did she intend? Did she make a mistake? “Uh...no. I came here to let this Clan know that the fight is almost over and that the Shadow Flight is still safe from harm.” He felt the need to leave, and the need to stay happen all at once. She smirked at this information.

“That’s an odd thing to have to come all this way to say. There is something else, isn’t there.” She prodded. Of course she wouldn’t believe him. That was the stupidest lie! In the end, he told her that the first time he laid eyes upon her, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. The conversation lasted a while, and although she seemed indifferent, he never once was told to stop. He hoped that he was getting somewhere. When he finished, the only word that she was was, “Drink.”

He looked at the goblet that was sitting before him filled with a sweet smelling liquid. He looked up at her, now very hesitant. She insisted again. And again. Finally, he took the goblet and drank the sweet liquid. The liquid was warm and cool at the same time as he drank it. He felt his mind grow dizzy, but he never felt anything other than a great warmth and happiness. He looked at her could see a smile on her face. He gave one back and suddenly felt at home, a statement that she had said before. Home. It was history from there.

Bringing his mind back, he looked at the Queen--his Queen, and realized that that drink could have the end of him, but instead it was the beginning. It was the beginning of a lifetime for him.

- written by: ShadyoFayx

- Card by Baysil



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