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Lansly » Lair » Morainn
Level 10
Nocturne Male
Dec 31, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryShale Clown
SecondaryThicket Morph
TertiaryAuburn Basic
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins
The never ending quests that
turned into wishes over time...

Oh no, this is a long wish list... x

I do not have the luxury to binge shop for every new item on a whim. Any kind of help is appreciated!

This wish list will constantly be updated as I discover new things on FR.

Expensive familiars I dream to own one day...


Boolean | Bone Fiend | Cog Frog | Skycat

...yeah......i will keep dreaming..


Always open to receive donations/gifts for

⇢ Treasure and gems ( always in need of those )
⇢ Food ( meat, insects, seafood, plants )
⇢ Any familiars I do not have yet ( still collecting them )

⇢ Scroll of Renaming x ∞
⇢ Scroll of Eternal Youth x ∞
⇢ Tri-Color Scatterscroll x ∞
⇢ Vial of Hypnotic Sight x ∞
⇢ Vial of Glowing Sight x ∞

⇢ Any unwanted dragon genes
⇢ Any unhatched dragon eggs
⇢ Any festival/marketplace/swipp apparel

⇢ Any openable treasure chests
⇢ Any dragon art and cute adoptables ♥


Currently saving treasure for missing old festival familiars & eyes
Spirit of Earth
Spirit of Fire
Spirit of Ice
Spirit of Light
Spirit of Lightning
Spirit of Nature
Spirit of Plague
Spirit of Shadow
Spirit of the Arcane
Spirit of Water

Spirit of Wind
Blazing Goblin
Bubbling Goblin
Crumbling Goblin
Enchanting Goblin
Enduring Goblin
Frozen Goblin
Gusting Goblin
Obscuring Goblin
Shining Goblin
Sparkling Goblin
Sprouting Goblin
Beautiful Gander
Googly Confusion
Bishoujo Observation
Intense Attention
Sly Glance
Weary Focus
Spiral Daze
Disgruntled View
Starry Regard
Wiggly Sight
Saucer Stare

Complete list of missing familiars found over here.



Black Wooly Coat
Blue Wooly Coat
Brown Wooly Coat
White Wooly Coat
Orange Wooly Coat
Pink Wooly Coat
Plum Wooly Coat
Scarlet Wooly Coat
Chartreuse Wooly Coat

All the Silks
-list them here-
Night Sky Silks - Gem Marketplace
Night Sky Arm Silks
Night Sky Leg Silks
Night Sky Silk Sash
Night Sky Tail Bangle
Night Sky Fillet
Night Sky Wing Silks
Night Sky Silk Scarf
Night Sky Silk Veil
Prismatic Silks - Gem Marketplace
Prismatic Arm Silks
Prismatic Leg Silks
Prismatic Silk Sash
Prismatic Tail Bangle
Prismatic Fillet
Prismatic Wing Silks
Prismatic Silk Scarf
Prismatic Silk Veil
Crimson Silks - Swipp Swap Stand
Crimson Arm Silks
Crimson Leg Silks
Crimson Silk Sash
Crimson Tail Bangle
Crimson Fillet
Crimson Wing Silks
Crimson Silk Scarf
Crimson Silk Veil
Soft Pink Silks - Crystal Pools
Soft Pink Arm Silks
Soft Pink Leg Silks
Soft Pink Silk Sash
Soft Pink Tail Bangle
Soft Pink Fillet
Soft Pink Wing Silks
Soft Pink Silk Scarf
Soft Pink Silk Veil

Golden/Sky Blue/Celadon/Gossamer - Treasure Marketplace/Pinkerton/Chests
Golden Arm Silks
Golden Leg Silks
Golden Silk Sash
Golden Tail Bangle
Golden Fillet
Golden Wing Silks
Golden Silk Scarf
Golden Silk Veil
Sky Blue Arm Silks
Sky Blue Leg Silks
Sky Blue Silk Sash
Sky Blue Tail Bangle
Sky Blue Fillet
Sky Blue Wing Silks
Sky Blue Silk Scarf
Sky Blue Silk Veil
Celadon Arm Silks
Celadon Leg Silks
Celadon Silk Sash
Celadon Tail Bangle
Celadon Fillet
Celadon Wing Silks
Celadon Silk Scarf
Celadon Silk Veil
Gossamer Arm Silks
Gossamer Leg Silks
Gossamer Silk Sash
Gossamer Tail Bangle
Gossamer Fillet
Gossamer Wing Silks
Gossamer Silk Scarf
Gossamer Silk Veil

Not sure what else yet. Still reading Eclipse's Apparel Catalog.. .. .


Skins / Accents


⇢ Accent: Snowbunny Invasion
⇢ Accent: Frigid Fluffle
⇢ Accent: Fluffle - White Coatl M
⇢ Accent: Fluffle - White Coatl F

⇢ All Riot of Rot skins and accents

⇢ Skin: Down For Maintenance
Skin: Gnomon Shadow
Accent: Gloomy Gardener

⇢ Skin: Permafrozen
⇢ Skin: Aberration
⇢ Accent: Electric Sparkle

Skin: Shattered Serpent
Skin: Copper Melt
Skin: Haemohelminth

Skin: Mutant
Skin: Nochnyr
⇢ Skin: Spooky Scary Tundra

Skin: Sand Spirit
Skin: Stormcloud Construct
Skin: Ancient Leviathan
⇢ Accent: Shoujo Warrior

Skin: Featherback Savant
⇢ Skin: Cursed Watcher
Accent: Darkworld Keepers
⇢ Accent: Shadow Within





will edit this later.. too overwhelmed with soo manyy new items.. @ n @;;


I hoard --


Common sparrow | Java sparrow | Zephyr sparrow | Black capped chickadee


On the lookout for

1 Nocturne, first gen, unbred, born 25 Dec, 2015 Bought for 40gems


Last but not least are a couple of dream dragons.

Dream 01

Female Imperial
Primary Obsidian Metallic
Secondary Obsidian Alloy
Tertiary Sanguine Opal
Eye Type Plague


Dream 02

Male Imperial
Primary Obsidian Metallic
Secondary Obsidian Alloy
Tertiary Ruby Opal
Eye Type Plague

Dream 03

Give dragon #7298780 a magical makeover
Items needed:
1 Wildclaw scroll
1 Primary Gene Poison
1 Secondary Gene Toxin
1 Tertiary Gene Capsule



Dream 04 & 05

TWO unbred (maybe gen.1) permababbies

Breeds TBA
Primary TBA
Secondary TBA
Tertiary Ghost
Eye Type TBA

I do not have enough treasure for these yet ;-; sobsob
It will take some time to be familiar with everything on here again...


Thank you for visiting. (: See you around. (:

Bought 04 April 2019; Need renaming scroll. Don't like assigned name Morainn from previous owner.

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