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Taarnfalk » Lair » MrHyde
Level 1
Coatl Male
Sep 07, 2013 (6 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Lionfish
SecondaryObsidian Noxtide
TertiaryBlack Opal
Eye TypeShadow Common
Energy: 48 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Mr. Hyde

| Old dragon - 6 digit|♡ Never for Trade or Sale ♡

~ D R A G O N ~ B I O G R A P H Y ~
Mr. Hyde used to not exist.

The same goes for his mate, Dr. Jekyll. The two of them simply did not exist for some time. There was just a dragon, whose name has been lost to the whims of time.
This dragon was an oddity. Although she was born in the Scarred Wasteland, she was entranced by the dragons of the Tangled Wood, and often spent more time with them than her own. Their trickery and playful personalities beckoned to her.

At home, her parents warred for her attention with the unseen dragons. They yelled at her when she disappeared for days, yelled so they could hide their breaking hearts. They were losing their daughter and they hadn't a clue of what to do about it.

The dragon herself was torn. With each berating comment of her parents, she slunk further and further from her homeland and her family. She spent less time with her numerous siblings, choosing instead to disappear into the night with her Shadow friends. And, although on the outside she showed no weakness, her soul was crumbling. She loved her family, she truly did, she simply did not belong in the Plague lands. She wanted to live with the dragons in the Tangled Wood, but she didn't want to completely abandon her home. So she constructed an idea--she would split herself in two. One half would be the one that wanted to leave everything behind, the other would be the one that wished to please her parents. She set up the equipment and gathered the knowledge of this technology to herself, breathing not a word of her pending experiment to anyone.

The procedure went well... too well. She had sliced so perfectly between the two countering parts of her life that she created two completely new dragons, not alternate versions of herself. Neither had any memory of the dragon that they had been previously nor did they resemble her at all. The only thing that seemed to have gone as planned was that one was tied to the Scarred Wastelands while the other stuck with the Tangled Wood.

The two dragons blinked at each other when they emerged into the world, staring around at the whirring machines and boiling cauldrons. They said nothing, just simply looked around at everything in confusion. The first one to stand was the Wildclaw, and she disappeared with a flick of her wings, leaving behind the dark outline of a Coatl.

Mr. Hyde was the half that loved the Shadow flight. The first thing he did when he left his birthplace, situated right between the Shadow and Plague lands, was delve deep into the Tangled Wood. He realized right away that he simply belonged in this flight. With his dark purple eyes to his love of tricks and pranks, it was also obvious to those around him.

He donned the name Mr. Hyde when he proved his aptness at hide-and-seek, thanks to his darker scales. He has delighted many a child with his clever hiding spots and ridiculous lengths to stay hidden. But... something felt missing. Every day, it nagged at him. It felt like he wasn't whole somehow. The tug was akin to the one he had felt that fateful day when he was created. As if something greater was guiding him.

So, rather than ignoring or fighting it, he simply followed his gut. His feet moved on their own and his wings glided in directions of their choosing. He knew, deep down, where they were taking him, but he did not interfere.

And, as he predicted, the pull ceased when he crossed into the Scarred Wasteland. With nothing to guide him, Mr. Hyde lingered in the area, confused. There was nothing special here. He blinked, half surprised and half disappointed. He was just about to turn around when he heard a rustle in the grass behind him. He turned, inspecting the twitching undergrowth. Curiously, he drew closer, sniffing for a telltale scent. Just as he caught onto a wild, beautiful scent, the snout of a Wildclaw poked out from the dead stems.

He flinched for only a second, before nearly being toppled by such a sense of... rightness. When he locked gazes with the newcomer, he could tell, through her sparkling, ruby eyes, that her reaction mirrored his own. No words needed to be spoken. They just sat there for a few hours, staring at each other. For the first time, both of them felt completely whole.

The Wildclaw was the first to spur movement. She shook out her wings, silently beckoning for Mr. Hyde to follow. He slipped after her, his wings making nary a rustle in the brush.
She led him to her clan on board "The Namárië". She explained along the way that she had come to them recently, searching for shelter. Why she was looking for it, she didn't reveal. Mr. Hyde didn't push--whatever needed to be said had been already, and perhaps revealed in the future.

They settled down together onboard "The Namárië". Mr. Hyde remained enamored by Dr. Jekyll and her level-headed, scientific mind. They were perfect for each other. Mr. Hyde's stronger personality qualities suddenly seemed balanced when he was by Jekyll's side. It was like magic. .But no matter. Love is love, and Hyde has found it in the other half of heart, with a Wildclaw and her ruby eyes.

;-Bio text by AwkwardAngel
Art :
Drawing done by SonnyKat
Drawing done by MythNomer

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