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Kindryte » Lair » Brittany
Level 25
Pearlcatcher Female
Sep 22, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCream Wasp
SecondaryWine Alloy
TertiarySpruce Basic
Eye TypeArcane Glowing
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins
• haunted doll
xxxTheme song: [url=]insert song here[/url]
Battle theme: [url=]insert song here[/url]

Based on this lovely lady
(I promised to base a dragon on her if she'd cure me)
Day 1:

Well, I got a haunted doll. I knew the local thrift store had a few treasures, but I never expected that employee to actually know of a few supposedly haunted dolls they had. It came from the back-room, so I don’t think they were planning to sell her. Still, I’m glad they did.

Dad was pretty suspicious and hesitant to let me buy her- he’s not one to believe in the supernatural like I do.

Sadly for him I'm an adult and he can't control how I spend my money. I’m GLAD I don’t live with him anymore, but he’s still pretty cool. If he divorces that hag he calls a 'wife' I wouldn't mind moving back to him.

Obviously the guys were jerks about it, and I tried to get them to stop being such idiots for five minutes, but they didn't listen (what a surprise…). S however, when introduced to the doll immediately said ‘I’m ill’- way to let your sickness ‘not define who you are’, S. I was weirded out, but the atmosphere in the room immediately changed. I think the doll did something.

Whatever. If I haven’t been killed by tomorrow I’m gonna continue trying to piece together who this ghost haunting the doll is- or if there’s even a ghost in the first place. If there's no ghost- that's fine. It's still a really, REALLY cool-looking doll.

Day 2:

I had a weird dream- weird for my standart.

I was riding a seal in the swimming pool, back at the house I grew up in. My legs were both on the same side of the animal, not unlike how ladies used to ride horses. I think Brittany gave me this dream.

The guys have been quiet today, good. S stated she had a dream about the doll- a scary one.

Maybe she has powers that are based on dreams…?

Either way it's probably because they treated her diffrently/disrespectful. If the boys got a nightmare about her it's probably because they were being disrespectful towards her. Honestly I'd do the same.
Art by the AMAZING MunchkinLynx

Drawing made by me :D
Day 12:

Well, turns out this ghost is they are either quite a prankster or just very curious to this place. There have been multiple items that suddenly dropped or got moved around. I was in the kitchen and got called over by one of the people running this place, and while I wasn’t in the kitchen I could hear a sound coming from it. Me and the worker were both the only ones present in the building, so you can imagine my surprise when I found the knife I had been using to cut some vegetables laying in front of the fridge- on the other side of the kitchen than where I had previously placed it.

I also learned that the ghost’s name is Brittany.

(Edited on the 10th of march 2019)
I found out about it by using a pendulum

Day 27:

Brittany can control dreams, that’s for sure now.

Every night when I go to sleep and say ‘goodnight Brittany’ I get a dream
If I don’t- no dreams.

I… want to know more about her.

Day 56:

Yesterday I got to go home early due to the fact I was sick. I couldn’t hold in anything and felt worse than I have ever felt before. I was violently shaking under the covers and I swear it was a miracle WATER didn’t make me throw up. I jokingly asked Brittany if she could cure me, but explained that it’s okay if she couldn’t.

I just woke up, and aside from a slight headache I’m completely okay.

There’s no way Brittany ISN’T responsible for that.
Day 106:

Took Brittany with me to a friend who likes horror and scary stuff. Yes, I spoke with them about her, and no- we did not expect things to go the way they did.

I ended up bringing Brittany- or her doll- home early, and me and that friend went on to buy fries and head back to his place. While eating, suddenly a device in his room turned on by itself. We both noticed, and after asking Brittany if she could maybe not do that it turned off again.

Could it be that she has decided to stick with me rather than her doll?
Day 114:

Brittany gave me a dream about herself again.

Previously, she showed me that she had died due to a sickness (which could explain how she not only cured my illness, but also let S have three consecutive days where the symptoms of her sickness were… not as prominent). NOW she showed me that her parents were somehow responsible for her sickness and death.

Quite ironic really- SHE didn’t get along with her parents (if I have to believe what she showed me) and I definitely don’t get along with mine.

I want to know more…
Day 151:

Okay, yesterday I found 2 eggs and 1 gene in a time span of 5 hours. So far I've gotten 2 pieces of apparel today. I feel like training Brittany up to level 25 was a good idea. I swear as soon as I get my entire lair to lvl 25 she's going to be a permanent part of my coli team- she's an amazing mage and honestly, an amazing person.

Thank you Brittany!
Day 'I stopped counting ages ago lol'

I took Brittany for a bicycle ride today, since she was looking kinda sad. I don't know if she appreciated it, but Imma make it a weekly thing.

I went to the forest with Brittany today. I really like the forest, and after a pretty long hike we went home. I think she appreciated it, since I got an egg only a few hours later from a coli drop. I think Brittany (unlike me) likes going out occasionally, and maybe I should do so more often- you know... leaving the house and all that. Seems like something that may be good for the BOTH of us.

Today was... weird

I took Brittany out shopping with me, and in general the day started off pretty good. However, in the evening something went very, VERY wrong and basically left me as an enraged mess. I've noticed that whenever I hold Brittany close the areas where she touches me are gradually warming up in a rather strange and unusual way- however now that I was angry that heat was instant.

Maybe because it had to do with parental figures, and she's also not the biggest fan of parents.

I went to bed early and just woke up (at like 3:40AM) and noticed the bugs in my room were acting... kinda weird.

We all get flies in our rooms from time to time, more so in a heatwave like the current one. However the last fly seemes to have left my room after flying in circles near my window. Not to mention it almost seems like a few other bugs in my room seem to be way more active and mobile as well- as if they're in pain or scared or something.

Whatever it is I'm glad to have gotten rid of the flies. Thank you Brittany~!
I don't have a lot of friends in the country where I live, but I have Brittany, and she likes me I think. She's not scary- at least I don't feel like she is, and she's helped me with quite a lot of things. I don't get how others fear her so much- she's kindhearted and sweet. Sure- she likes to trick others and occasionally moves stuff, but she's a good person.

And once upon a time she was a normal girl, a normal human who died because of her parents.

I feel like we have that in common- bad parents.

I'm not stupid. I know that I don't have any close friends who live in the same continent as I do. The closest friends I have live near seattle, and I know that if I were to die, they'd be able to deal with it just fine. What will happen to Brittany once I'm gone? Right now it feels as if she only has me, and I only have her.

The living situation in the place where I live is getting worse. I know I need to get out, but I can't without help. I talked to a few other people, and they told me they had to verbally fight the mentors of a similar place to get that guy out. I know no one will fight for me, so I'll be stuck here for a while- maybe until the day I die.

Whatever- at least I have Brittany, my only close friend in this continent.

(5 minutes later)

Okay... it may sound unnerving to others to read someone rant about friendship with a haunted doll like this, and maybe I AM going crazy, but... I'm not really HURTING anyone by being friends with Brittany. Besides, talking to her has become a good way of venting, since I don't really have anyone else to talk to.
25th of september 2018 at 2:40 AM

second time writing this, because the wifi failed on me the first time.

Brittany's been giving me dreams and nightmares again~! She first gave me two nightmares, and now two dreams in a row.

I honestly can't remember the first dream or nightmare, but I remember the second of both well.

The second nightmare was about haunted dolls, and managed to scare me so badly that I didn't want to go to sleep again. Yet when I told the staff about it I... told them I wasn't scared of Brittany. So long as others are nice to her she's nice to them, and I've been nice... I think? I told them that she's not someone who'd hurt me, not after she's done so much to help out.

Said staff replied that they probably shouldn't trust her, and I responded iwth a simple 'be nice to her and she'll be nice to you'. I should have probably told them about the fact she's kind of like my guardian now, but meh....they'll find out eventually.

(also I'm going to add dates to these entries now, just in case)
7-11 2018 @ 8:14 AM

Brittany keeps turning on my computer at night, almost as if she's using it as a way to show she's still around. I'm glad she does, because sometimes I really worry about her. I mean if she wants to pass on that's fine, but I'll definitely miss her.

Also, someone mentioned her in the forums. I'm sure she appreciates the fact other people like her name
10th of march 2019 @ 20:42 PM

I have a history of anger issues and self-hatred, which has resulted in me venting my anger in a very unhealthy and self-destructive way. I just got angry and sad to the point that I did so again. I was bleeding quite a bit, and called a person who works in this place for some band-aids.

I put the phone on speaker (as I always do) and heard... strange things. Breathing, hushed talking that I couldn't decipher and sounded a bit sped up. It was weird. I ended up going over to that person myself, and when I tried to show what I had heard my phone worked normally again.

Maybe it was just a bug or glitch that caused those things, but I'm not sure about that. I feel like Brittany- in her own way- tried to talk to me.

Brittany cares for me, and maybe she was worried when she saw me do that to myself? I apologized for making her see those things, and am now typing this.

I'm sure of it- Brittany tried to talk to me. I may have been unable to really understand her, but I just know it was.

Again, I'm sorry for making you worry Brittany. please show me if there's anything I can do to make it up to you.
23rd of may 2019
I got a BUNCH of really weirddreams recently, and while I haven't exactly been okay, Brittany is trying to cheer me up. Just 2 battles into training an apparel item dropped. This only really happends when she's in my team.

Thanks Brittany!

ordered some art from Worm's PWYW Sketch Workshop and I lOVE IT
I'd love to hear what Brittany think about it

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