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ImpossibleJedi4 » Lair » Electric
Level 1
Imperial Female
Feb 06, 2016 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCaribbean Iridescent
SecondaryObsidian Current
TertiarySplash Underbelly
Eye TypeLightning Common
Energy: 48 / 50
Apparel & Skins
"What... Wait, no! BILL!" Forcing himself out of his trance, Dot ran forward, slamming his shoulder into his colleague and knocking him flying.

He felt a small sense of success before something dug into his right shoulder, right next to the edge of his shoulder blade near his spine.

He screamed. He could feel the living blade forcing its way through his muscle like a knife through warm butter, and he squirmed and thrashed like a snared deer hanging from a tree limb.

The tendril reached one of his lungs, tearing into it, causing his scream to choke off and his struggles to diminish. Seemingly satisfied with its work, the tendril threw the dying demon towards his companion, yanking a chunk of flesh from deep inside his chest as it slid back out the way it came. A deep, deep slit was oozing blood from Dot's back, like a wound from a very thin broadsword, staining his coat and shirt a sickly color; red overlapping blue.

From the crumpled position he had crashed in, Dot wheezed a gasp, then coughed harshly, spraying the grass with small red drops. Drawing another bubbling breath, his eyes flicked up to Bill's and he tried for a smile. It was bitter, though his gaze contained relief. But pain, lots of pain, and unhappiness. Not anger or sadness or any distinct emotion, but such deep unhappiness it almost overwhelmed even the pain. He tried to force himself to his feet, even with his injured lung, but he only made it to his hands and knees, strings of bubbly red dangling from his mouth, before weakly falling to the grass once more, crying out when his chest hit the hard ground and it jarred his torn internal components. Once again his eyes turned up to that of he golden friend, trying to take attention off of his weakness.

"S-see? Knew I c-could be... Useful...."

Like a fish out of water, he was gasping, trying to draw breath with his insides shredded. Every time he did, more red gushed from his mouth, even his nose. It was almost a surreal red, bubbly with oxygen that should have stayed inside Dot's body. A weak hand grasped at his chest, but there was no wound in his frontside. Only on his back and deep inside his chest where no one could see. But his tired eyes were still open.

"Mabel is.... G-going to be s-so disappointed... In... M-me for j-just... Dying," he choked. "B-but maybe Pi... Will be proud of me f-for.... Saving her s-son. 'C-cause.... you're w-worth saving."

"Bill... Gotta... Tell you s-something," he mumbled. "I'm... Not g'nna... M-ma-make...." He screwed his eyes shut and coughed, pain wracking his body as he spit out another mouthful of blood and saliva and even bits of flesh.

Just tell him. God you're dying, okay? You idiot this is your last chance.

"Bill... I used t-to be.... Human. Long, l-long time.... Ago. Had one of.... Y-your relatives... As my demon. Humans.... Can become d-demons.... If the bond's.... R-real strong.... And.... They're..... L-lucky....... Don... Don.. t-tell... Nyone..........." Oh god it was getting harder and harder to talk, suffocating liquid in his throat and chest and inside... But he had to finish.

"Been with.... R family.... L-long time.... M'demon v-vanished.... Found... Y-you after.... Dimension.... B-burned........ Tried.... To stay..... C-close.... Just......"

His voice was getting too garbled by blood to make out.

"Tell.... M-Mabel... Love 'er....... 'N you too........" And he faded into unconsciousness.

First thing he says when he wakes:

"Those t-tendril things.... Are.... They're 'ofly sharp," he wheezed out breathily.

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