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Ximena » Lair » Horus
Level 1
Fae Male
Jul 12, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Vipera
SecondaryGold Facet
TertiaryGold Glimmer
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins






"Three letters back."

From the moment he hatched, Horus could hear them. Voices. Whispers. Sometimes they speak as a gentle buzz that float through his thoughts. Other times, they're so loud that they ricochet around his mind and ring in his ears. Perhaps it's just his conscious. . . That’s, at least, what Horus likes to believe.

Horus was born under the light of three suns. It was several days after the Brightshine Jubilee and the Lightweaver had blessed the realm with several endless days of sunshine that lingered on even after the festivities had ended. So bright was the sky, that it seemed as if multiple suns illuminated the land. It was said that dragons born during this time were imbued with the Lightweaver’s blessing. Perhaps that's why Horus was chosen to begin with.

The mark simply appeared one day, carved into the glowing shell of Horus’ egg as if it had been engraved with a sharpened claw. Solenoid and Corona exchanged worried looks as they stared at their nest, one of the three eggs adorned with a golden eye that seemed to pulse with the heartbeat of the unborn hatchling. “Cipher, what is the meaning of this?” they questioned, directing their thoughts towards the myriad of whispers that murmured in the back of their minds. “It is none of your concern”.

Horus was the last of his siblings to hatch. The egg didn’t crack as much as it shattered, the shell falling away as if it were made of glass. The hatchling inside was small. Smaller than any of the Imperial siblings that had hatched before him. Horus also refused to open his eyes and something akin to liquid gold leaked from beneath the sealed eyelids.

While Horus’ brother and sister grew and matured at a rapid rate, he remained stunted. His form looked almost Fae-like, although none could determine why he had not matured into an Imperial like his siblings. No one could explain why the hatchling hadn’t opened his eyes either. “What does the world look like?” Horus would often ask his sister who would carry him around on her back and describe what she saw. Of course, Sekhmet was not the only one who answered him. In the back of his mind, the endless voices would whisper and images flashed through Horus’ thoughts of sights he had never seen.

ZKHUH LV LW?!” Horus jolted awake one night and winced as a voice boomed through his mind. "KRZ GDUH VRPHRQH VWHDO IURP PH?” It rattled his thoughts and left behind a ringing tone that increased in pitch until Horus felt that his head might split apart. He couldn’t hear his own voice as he began screaming, “Stop! Please stop!”. "WKHB ZLOO SDB.” The pressure in his head was unbearable. "RSHQ BRXU HBHV”.

The last words grated across the Fae’s mind before the world went silent and Horus’ eyes flicked open. He saw someone standing before him, they were asking him something, but he couldn’t hear. When they looked into his eyes, they seemed to freeze. Horus was vaguely aware of the sound of cracking glass as he regained his hearing. Then, there were only screams as the dragon before him seemed to shatter, her form cracking apart and disappearing into thin air. After that, Horus closed his eyes, but he never heard his sister’s voice again.

Solenoid and Corona never found out what happened to Sekhmet, but Horus became reclusive and withdrawn after she disappeared. In the dark tunnels beneath the Cathedral of Eyes, the young Fae preferred to sit alone, huddled in a corner where he would murmur to himself in hushed whispers. The incessant stream of voices still plagued Horus, and even when he tried his best to ignore them, the Fae always found himself listening to what they said in the end. Sometimes, other dragons would pass by and hear him laughing manically as if he had already slipped into insanity.

Then, one day, the Fae simply disappeared from the Cathedral and no one knew where he had gone.

Several months later, a gold and black dragon stumbled into the Hidden Haven, his eyes covered by a veil that was wrapped tightly around his head. He was thin, almost emaciated, and he spoke in a hushed voice laced with fear. “What brings you to the Haven?” Onoind questioned. “They told me. . . wanted me to come. Here? Where is here? I just. . . want. . . silence. Tell them to stop talking, it’s too loud”.

The Fae was unusual, but he wasn’t the first dragon to stumble upon the Haven who seemed to need help. “What’s your name?” Onoind asked and the younger dragon seemed to smile slightly, “they call me Horus.”

Horus was startled easily by loud noises, and he often found his way down into the Haven’s library where it was quiet. “You’ll keep an eye on him, right Deregh?” Onoind asked one day when the librarian found Horus cowering in a corner of the library. The Fae rolled his eyes before scribbling something down. “I’m not a babysitter”. Still, Deregh begrudgingly agreed to watch over the younger Fae, if anything just to make sure he didn't steal any of the books.

Horus now spends most of his time wandering through the Haven's expansive library. Sometimes, when no one is looking, he pulls back the veil that covers his eyes and begins reading one of the many books. It’s always silent when Horus reads; even the voices in his mind seem to quiet as if they too are interested in the books that Horus pulls from the shelves. The Fae's eyes shine in the darkness, but they're covered in cracks as if they are made from glass that shattered many years ago.

Written by Awaicu
Layout by Kintsy

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