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3idolon » Lair » Viei
Level 25
Mirror Male
Dec 14, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryIvory Crystal
SecondaryLemon Facet
TertiaryGold Spines
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 47 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Beastmaster | Command | The Eleven


You'll surrender when I say you can surrender.


Corpse Maker
Viei is one of the most dangerous members of Outfit Vector. While easy-going and good-natured, his friendliness is a guise that hides the mind of a sociopath. Luckily his savagery is generally spent on the Beastclans. Shiv and his adopted mother Izhu own his unwavering loyalty. The rest of The Eleven are also safe from the worst of his attentions, with the glaring exception of Wyod.

Although Wyod is a full-fledged and senior member of Outfit Vector, Viei has always treated him as his personal plaything. Within the confines of the lair Viei's interactions with him are unremarkable, if somewhat deliberate, but alone and on the hunt for Beastclan Wyod experiences the full force of Viei's malicious pathology. It is unclear whether the rest of the clan is aware of this treatment, as Wyod--quiet at the best of times--has never spoken out about his circumstances.

Almost every Beastclan slave that has passed through Outfit Vector's markets was originally captured by Viei. Killing is his joy and his passion, but when Shiv ordered that he spare any who chose to submit, taming them became his hobby of choice. The only exception is his own familiar, the corpse cleaner Hyathazaa, who was attracted by the bodies that fell to Viei's mayhem. The cleaner was wary at first, as Viei could not be trusted not to dismember him for sport, but eventually Viei's casual cruelty turned to disinterest and finally to a mutable fondness. Now the Beastclan slaves are hard-pressed to say who they fear more, The Beastmaster or his bloodthirsty familiar.





Viei was born the smallest of three hatchlings in a shadowed crevice of Hewn City. He was called Sunbeam then, and despite emerging from his shell before any of his siblings, he was born blind. This was a terrible omen for those who worship the Lightweaver and his parents sought guidance from healers and mages in how to cure him. The Learned Ones all gave the same advice: wait, allow his eyes to open in their own time; the Lightweaver would not leave one of Her own to live in the dark. Their words ultimately proved true, and after three months Sunbeam's eyes opened at last. Unfortunately he was still very weak, and could barely clamber over the sides of his nest. His siblings disdained him and his father, Midas, who was once a plague dragon and still retained the biases of his homeland, dismissed him as a weakling.

On the day that Sunbeam and his hatchlings came of age, a message went out across the land. Lightweaver was calling Her followers to war. Sunbeam was eager to join her ranks and prove himself but his father forbade it, saying he would only embarrass the clan if he were to go to battle. Furious, Sunbeam watched his father and siblings depart and vowed that one day he would become stronger than them all.

He slipped away the following night, departing for the Abiding Boneyard, a place from his father's stories where only the strongest dragons could survive. But Plaguebringer's lands are hostile even to Her own people, and Sunbeam, whom all his life had known only sunlight and grass and sky, fell quickly in the pockmarked wasteland. He was found by a roving band of Serthis scouts, who bound him and injected him with venom to keep him delirious and weak. They dragged him through the wastes, heading toward some unknown destination for an unknown purpose. It was in the middle of this journey that Izhu and Shiv found them.

The two Mirrors caught the band waiting out the heat of the day beneath a large overhang and within moments they had dragged the Serthis out into the blistering sun and slaughtered them. When they found the young dragon, Shiv suggested they exalt him to Plaguebringer, as she had grown used to traveling as a pair. Izhu, however, refused. She protected the young light dragon, nursed him back to health, and gave him his new name: Viei.

Under Shiv's and Izhu's tutelage, Viei found the strength that he had always coveted. He grew large and powerful. His hide toughened to the point he could walk on open flames, and venom no longer troubled him. He sought out the beastclans to test his newfound strength and he destroyed them indiscriminately. Soon even those clans outside the Plaguelands feared him, and when a glint of light on the horizon announced his coming, some chose to surrender themselves instead of perish. These prisoners were put to work and eventually sold to finance Shiv's growing clan.

Outfit Vector was in business.

Art by xuiya


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