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3idolon » Lair » Amayda
Level 10
Mirror Female
Dec 09, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySteel Poison
SecondaryBanana Shimmer
TertiaryBanana Runes
Eye TypeIce Swirl
Energy: 47 / 50
Apparel & Skins
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Art by Hnai

commission details wrote:
Although she's from the icefields most people who meet her assume she's from wind, due to her erratic and hyper nature. She's interested in everything, and wants to know more about everything, but in general can't maintain the necessary concentration for any sort of follow through. She can spend the entire day furiously busy and at the end of it not have completed a single task.

Her father was a spiral and exhibited the same sorts of behavior but to an even greater degree. He couldn't settle in one place and took his family the length and breadth of Sornieth, always chasing the next business venture or adventure or new dream. While crossing the sea of 1000 currents the ship they were traveling on wrecked and Amayda washed up on the shores of the Contagion. She went through some rough things and was eventually picked up by Outfit Vector's hatchling scouter, who brought her back with him. As with the majority of mirrors who end up there she was enlisted in the battle training program but just didn't have the discipline for it. She bounced around from task to task to task, not showing any aptitude for the work she was given. Finally the chamberlain (who's job it was to find her something to do) couldn't pawn her off on anyone anymore and became saddled with her. The chamberlain found out she couldn't read (didn't have the ability to learn), so started using her to send private correspondence. This, she proved surprisingly good at. While normally unable to maintain a coherent plan or goal, something about seeking out a person proved to be a fixation point that kept her on task. The chamberlain started sending her further and further afield, until eventually she became OV's primary courier for sensitive documents and correspondence.

Also overtime, the chamberlain got to know her better and started figuring out how she worked. Sometimes Amayda gets racing thoughts that she can't settle, and will develop physical ticks while she's trapped in her mind, and she finds it incredibly distressing if she can't find her way out of it. But doodling seemed to help, at least to channel the nervous energy into non-destructive activities. As she grew older, through self-exploration and help from the chamberlain, Amayda found the act of creation (especially physically with her hands) helped calm her thoughts and her physical impulses. She's now proficient in many different media, from sculpture to pottery to drawing and painting. Mostly she just keeps what she makes, but some of the nicer stuff she gives to the caravans to sell.

Unsurprisingly, she has an eye for color. She has a wild imagination and lives outside the box. She's friendly, but a little wary, knowing that her tendency to be unpredictable and illogical upsets people sometimes. Her favorite thing is to get in animated conversations with people who don't mind racing from topic to topic to topic.

Art by AlpineHell


DarkPuffin wrote:
Amayda Never planned on going to the scarred wasteland, let along living there. She had always been told plague dragons were bad news. It was by accedent that she had ended up there. Amayda had been visiting a friend that lived in the sea of a thousand currents. They had become friends when Amayda was little and had wandered too far from the shifting expanse. During her visit, her friend had made her a very nice glass wing ornament, making her stay longer than planned. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue. This was not normally. A storm had been brewing, but Amayda hadn’t known that. She went to go home, but got caught in the wind. It threw her around, and she couldn’t get out. She blacked out after getting flung into a rock.
When she woke up, it was to red eyes. Amayda panicked, at first, but eventually she understood that this dragon had helped her, fixed her up. The problem was, Amayda had grown afraid, of the water that had nearly killed her. Thus, she stayed put. She grew to appreciate these dragons, this clan, and she was glad to call the scarred wasteland Home.


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