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BloodSentry » Lair » Rovender
Level 1
Imperial Male
Sep 06, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMidnight Ripple
SecondaryRose Seraph
TertiaryWhite Underbelly
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 46 / 50
Apparel & Skins
The Fashioner
One part of the clan's wishlist (apparel)
Flamboyant, Energetic, Sassy

"Oh what am I too do!?" You hear a loud wailing as you approach a rather...decorative cave. Long stripes of colorful fabric hang from the enterance of the cave as precious gemstones of different colors embed the rim of the cave, tastefully complimenting the fabric. A flustered Coatl emerges from the colorful cave and she spots you loitering around. "You there! Did Keeper send you to help us?" Before you can tell her you're just a visitor, she drags you inside the cave.

Your eyes adjust to the brightness and you soon see a black and white Imperial bound towards you--well the Coatl, not you specifically. "Prophet, who's this?" The Imperial cocks his head to the side as his red eyes look you over; you get the feeling he's trying to gage how fashionable you are. The Coatl, Prophet, grins as she practically shoves you in front of him. "Well Rovey, I found someone who can help you with your...dilemma." His eyes lit up as he heard this. "Oh my gosh, that's great!" Roveneder (aka Rovey) wraps his wing around you as he steers you towards a hilariously long list of...something. "I made a list of apparel that my clanmates desperatly need; can you help me out?"

Weighted Feathers
Guard Thy Heart
Joyous Winter Sun

Sun Amidst the Night
To the Ends of Sornieth
Celestial Royalty

I Thwart Fate
Don't See...
Angel of Music

Unbridled Justice

Follow My Lead
Repay Thy Debt

Sing to the Night
Follow My Light
Protect the Light

Gentle Guide
Eternal Guide


- Chaotic Neutral

"Qsq" wrote:
Rovender spent the first six months of his life wandering region to region dressing dragons in all sorts of styles. In some cases his fame as a fashionista preceded him as it did when meeting Halos who was quick to permanently adopt him into the clan. He’s been designing and redesigning wardrobes for them ever since. Mostly to keep up with current trends but also so he can chat with Pinkerton often. (Headcanon a Dragon Above You)


Art by Tyeth!



snowyfawn wrote:
Rovender, what is the most interesting story you have to tell from your days dressing your clanmates?

16593652p.png "I'm so glad you asked, darling, because let me tell you about it." Rovender inhales deeply and you know you'll be here for a long time.

"It all started with the these notes I kept on getting every day; they always had the name of a single apparel on them and I had no idea where they were coming from. At first I thought it was Prophet playing some sort of joke on me, but she become extremely confused when I showed her the notes. We tried catching whoever was placing them, but we could never catch a glimpse of them. Eventually we enlisted the help of Valentine and Keeper and together, we hatched a rather daring plan to catch this note-placer in the act!"

"We decided to place multiple traps all over my place (courtesy of Keeper) in hopes that one of them will be set off and one of them did! Of course the traps were triggered when none of us were around so when we went back, we found a very tangled and angry deputy. Turns out Red was the one who kept on placing those notes because he was in desperate need of new clothes, but I'm such a scary person to talk to. I probably should've been offended by that, but I can't be mad a handsome man like Red, I mean, have you seen those muscles? Ahem...I'm getting off track. So yeah, we found out who it was and everyone lived happily ever after. The end!"

Wow! Comes with lore :DDD. Don't know who did it, but thank you!

Rovender is more on the... flamboyant side compared to his other male clanmates. As the clan's fashioner, he makes sure that his fellow dragons look their best at all times; often seen excitedly running off to the marketplace and auction house looking for attire that he feels suit his particular patron (the patron, of which, is usually at the mercy of Rovender, as he never actually asks a dragon before he runs off and fetches an entirely new wardrobe for them). He is very commonly seen bargaining with Swipp for only the finest clothing materials he can claim, which he may more commonly aquire selectively whilst flirting with talking to Pinkerton about his sister's collection and the wares he can pick off. Albeit his seemingly menacing Plague-Flight background, he's one of the most energetic, sassy dragons you will ever meet, but if one should see him dashing about his favorite shops, they would do best avoid him unless they wished to be crushed by stacks of clothing and fancied a prolonged discussion about their 'obvious distaste' in fashion.
Likes: Pinkerton, reading, and the colors of the sky at twilight

Dislikes: Tattered clothing, mismatched patterns, and raspy singing voices

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