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Siritys » Lair » Aramoana
Level 25
Skydancer Male
Jun 27, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryWisteria Wasp
SecondaryWatermelon Bee
TertiaryObsidian Thylacine
Eye TypeWater Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
My heart was torn and beaten
My pride was eaten
My hope it followed
My soul was hollowed
I was ripped and split
My blood was spilt
And torn I stayed
Torn I will always be

by Gracekit

Aramoana's Story~


A bloodcurdling scream. Blood. I was woken from a dream with the cries of my friend, Gloria. Perhaps she had been more than a friend. But otherwise, I felt distress beyond measure.
I ran to her.
"Leave!"she shouted to me.
"I'm not leaving you!"
"Ary, please!"
She was the only one who ever called me Ary.
"I love you,"
My voice cracked. Two clawed hands dragged me away. Gloria faded away into the darkness. She would die tonight. Under the stars. She'd always loved the stars........I could picture her. Bloody gashes were all over her body. Whoever had murdered her-they didn't know what was coming.


I ran away that night. I could not bare looking at my dear love's grave. I was alone. I felt very scarred, deep inside......but I longed just to be a normal dragon again. I mean, I had always had a taste for humor.........so that is what I decided. To be a great comedian, and to travel Sornieth-I sighed-alone.

That night I heard the pitted patter of feet. A sly spiral slunk in the entrance to the cave.
"Who are you?"
"My name is Harti." She said in a rich British accent.
"Oh," Harti was kinda pretty, after all. She smiled. "Your are quite buff, aren't you?" She laughed, and her whole body shook as she did. The laugh was high pitched and teetering, and it made my stomach turn inside out.
"Er, sorta. I mean, ya."
She looked at me with piercing red eyes. "You are afraid, aren't you?" she asked. I knodded sheepishly. I had to admit, Harti was creepy. She slowly wrapped her tail around me. "Don't be afraid," She pulled me closer with surprising strength."I don't bite."
Something about her I couldn't put my talon on. But I wasn't lonely anymore, and I felt like I had a friend. Perhaps another more-than-a-friend friend. But I didn't know about her. She lurked around at night. Who does that? But as I continued to travel, I decided to play it cool with her, and soon I just let her wrap around me with ease.


"You just have to meet him!" Harti said, dragging me across the grassy plain.
"My papi! He is the leader of my clan, you know." Harti seemed to be persuading me to like her. And I did like her. A lot. She was my friend! I could trust her!.......But should I?

"Right this way!" Harti exclaimed.
Around the corner sat a rich looking pair of dragons. They greedily stroked their golden thrones. "Huh?" Harti's "papi" said, jostled, as I entered the room.
"Oh, darling, Harti! Your friend, who is he? Oh, I don't care! Tisk, tisk, come in!"
I stared at Harti. Her and her cheerful father seemed like complete opposite of each other!
"You seem very flirtful today for a murderer, young darling," These words were said with such haste, it took a while to seep in.
"Murderer? Who?"
"If I think about it, she kinda looked like you!"
"Ya, you. Who else? Harti, you saw her. You killed her, bless your soul."
"Who was it?" I asked.
Harti just smiled at me with malicious eyes.
"Tell me!"

I ran away that night. I was too distraught to kill Harti. I couldn't bring myself to it-and who would that make me? A murderer, too! I was crying all the way. I didn't know where I was going. I just went. While I was sleeping, a small fae dragon poked her long neck into my shelter. "Excuse me? I am Raincloud. And you are?"
I just stared.
"You just happen to be on my clan's hunting grounds. DarkHeart was soaking up the area with his cats......and found you here. Come on, shoot! What are you doing here?"
"I'm Aramoana. I am a traveling comedian, and-"
"That is all I need to hear. Come in, get dressed in proper cloths, and get situated. Welcome to the clan, Aramoana."

by Gracekit

Awakened Friends
by celestja

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