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DarkNative » Lair » Furia
Level 20
Imperial Female
Dec 09, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMidnight Petals
SecondaryShadow Shimmer
TertiaryWhite Glimmer
Eye TypeWater Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins
The Night Guard



"Day dreamer, Night thinker."

______Loyal ;;
Once Furia has made a friend or alliance, she has made a bond for life, no questions asked and she often expects the same back. She has had the great fortune of never really meeting anyone who has blatantly double-crossed her, which has perhaps made her a little naïve - always assuming the good in those she chooses to put her trust in. She is also a big believer in keeping your word; if you say you are going to do something then do it.

______Tough Cookie ;;
Many of Furia's experiences have been mentally and physically draining; she seen and experienced some battles and has come out emotionally tougher for it. Her battle-hardened exterior is not unapproachable however and she often finds herself attracting curious hatchlings like moths a flame. Perhaps this is also because she is still only young herself and finds herself still daydreaming and dropping everything to play a simple game of tag or hide and seek with the hatchlings. Most of all, Furia is a romantic at heart - though not a hopeless one as she has her lovely mate Lokir to squish when she wants a cuddle.

______Adventurous ;;
Since a hatchling, Furia had always been the adventurous type. As she aged, it simply evolved from harmless daydreaming to getting herself caught in more than one death-defying situation. Although her feet have settled for now she still finds her mind wandering the same daydreams.



Nickname: Fury
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Hetrosexual

Residence: The Gladeveins,
The Viridian Labyrinth
Birthplace: The Spiral Keep

Likes: Travelling, Humour, Closeness
Dislikes: Beastclans, Uneeded Aggression
Hobbies: Daydreaming, Fishing, Spelunking
Mate: Lokir
Relatives: No close relatives
Friends: Shadow
Enemies: Tbc
Reputation: Respected

Align: Lawful Neutral
Virtue: Loyal
Vice: Short attention span




When Furia was young, she was unlike most ambitious, aspiring Night Warriors her age. Most wholeheartedly accepted their destiny from birth, beginning their training as soon as they were able. Much to her mother Kylara's dismay, Furia was more of a daydreamer; often wandering off on her own in the Tidelord's domain. On the rare occasions that she did listen through her lessons, Furia showed a natural ability, yet lacked the focus to progress her fighting prowess.

It was on one of her solitary excursions that she met a pair of young travelling mercenaries, Shadow and Lokir. Furia spent the night at their crude camp, listening to Shadow enthuse about tales of their ferocious endeavours; battling rogue dergs at the Pillar of the World and saving some lost hatchlings in the Wandering Contagion. Meanwhile Lokir sat at the side watching and occasionally eye-rolling whilst Shadow claimed they had even been personally thanked by the Gladekeeper on one occasion by single-handedly putting out a fire in the Behemoth that threatened the entire Viridian Labyrinth. Of course, Furia didn't believe all of their stories, but somehow she found herself taken in by the pair. When morning came and Shadow asked if she wanted to join them on their journey, Furia didn't even need to think before accepting - much to Lokir's grumpy dismay.

The trio travelled through the Tidelands, making their way to the border with The Tangled Wood. Apparently Shadow had an inclining that his ancestral home would turn up some more mercenary work. Barely over the border the band were ambushed by a rogue splinter group of Dunhoof Centaurs. Though heavily outnumbered Lokir and Shadow immediately stepped up to the challenge; battling ferociously. Watching them, it quickly became apparent to Furia that perhaps her travelling partners weren't the seasoned warriors they had claimed to be. Quickly, Furia sprang to their aid; her instinctual abilities coming to the forefront. Claws and teeth slashed until the remaining centaur had turned tail to the safety of the forest. Panting, Furia calmed herself; revelling from her first true battle. Her coat stained in blood (though none of it her own) she turned to her dishevelled companions. Shadow's jaw hung wide with shock before proclaiming, "That. Was. Awesome!!!". Lokir on the other hand stood silent, his blue gaze regarding her with a new light of admiration and respect.

From that day the motley crew travelled Sornieth, visiting almost every region; picking up mercenary work where they could and fighting Beastclans along the way. Furia 'trained' her comrades with what little she knew - but it was still better than the disorganised shambles they had been before. Shadow quickly became like a brother to her; always joking and making their journey seem way more legendary when told over the campfire. Lokir, well, Furia wasn't exactly what he was. He had started out silent and serious, but he had quickly softened and became something more... all Furia knew was that she felt safest when stood by his side.

A few more feathers were poked in their caps before fate decided to rear her ugly head. A small Light Clan off the coast of the Sundial Terrace had commissioned their services; a group of Maren just of the Northern Coast had been spotted poisoning their fishing spots. The trio had faced many of the hostile beastclans by now, though had no experience with the Maren. Yet, as usual they chose to face their foe blind and unprepared. They found the shoal just of the coast, a grim bunch of beasts; all branded with the look of a battle hardened warrior. Before Furia could stop him, Shadow flew in, gung-ho as per usual. The Maren saw his approached and an older male raised his spear, throwing it with astounding accuracy. The point pierced his left wing; spiralling him down into the icy depths. Furia had already left her perch; diving into the ocean to save her sinking friend. One thing she had learnt from growing up under the Tidelord was how to swim. Lokir flew overhead; sending sparks flying as he used all his might to keep the Maren away. It was no use, as Furia surfaced - a weakened Shadow in tow - she realised that they were surrounded.

What happened next she can never quite recall. Fire seemed to reign from above - fire, ice and lightning. A horn blew and the Maren turned tail; retreating back beneath the surface. A ship cut threw the waves, a weather-worn brig with tattered black sails and The Dirge Rat scrawled ineligibly on the barnacle-encrusted hull. Lokir fished both Shadow and Furia out of the water and placed them on deck, standing in front of them defensively. Furia looked curiously across the deck. Two Tundra's and a Wildclaw stood; the heavily armoured wildclaw looking absurdly out-of-place. It was then Shadow let out a strained groan. Green grunge oozed from his wound. One of the Tundra's snarled. "Poison." As the ship was turned and set a swift course, Furia had no idea where they were being taken. She calmed Lokir's doubts; though even she wasn't sure. Her friend lay dying and all she could do was put her faith in these mysterious pirates.

The green coast gave away the Viridian Labyrinth. Expertly piloted, the Captain steered his brig through on of the larger estuaries and into the Gladeveins. Once the sea had disappeared from view, the ship dropped anchor and the female wildclaw disappeared into the trees onshore briefly. She reamerged with two Skydancers and a Pearlcatcher who immediately ushered her and Lokir away from their comrade. Reluctant, to leave, they were jostled of the boat and through the trees into a clearing where the were met by a friendly looking Tundra; who quickly introduced herself as Terra, a matriarch of the Moonglade Tribe. Staying close to Lokir for comfort, Furia listened as Terra put the events into context. Their rescuers were Scrimshaw, Riddick and Tamerlane; a smuggler, his first mate and a mercenary, respectively. A crew that devoted most of their days to trying to rid the shores of Maren. The two Skydancers were Snow, a healing Mage and his mate, Wisteria, the tribes nurse and apothecary. The pearlcatcher Tetra, was a less-than-conventional witchdoctor; though no one could deny she had certain talents in making poisons - and there antidotes of course. Terra was quick to mention that they were welcome to stay as long as they liked.

A few weeks past before Shadow was back to his normal strength again. Furia became accustomed to the Tribe and for once felt that the urge to stay outweighed the one to travel to new horizons. The trio discussed it once Shadow was better and all three came to the same conclusion, for now at least, this felt like home. Still desiring adventure however and wanting to repay the tribe somehow, Furia plucked up the courage to approach Tamerlane, the steel-faced wildclaw warrior and ask for training. When Tamerlane retorted with a sparring challenge, Furia boldly accepted. The pair sparred, with Furia giving it her all. Naturally, she was no match for Tamerlane, but the wildclaw was impressed by her spirit and ability. She agreed to help train her, alongside the Clans most seasoned warrior; Scrimshaw. Pretty quickly, Furia's fighting prowess grew as Scrim and Tamerlane took her to fight the Maren and showed her all manner of techniques and skills. In the Clan she quickly assumed the role as one of the guards; and the tribe know that they can sleep safe when she is on watch as the Night Guard.


Generation 4 Night Warrior
Registered Offspring: 2

Owned by DarkNative

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