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BreezingWinds » Lair » Maretta
Level 25
Ridgeback Female
Sep 22, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Crystal
SecondaryObsidian Facet
TertiaryGoldenrod Opal
Eye TypeLightning Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Without eliminate. Trained from 4/7/18-4/12/18.

If you need this description to be modified for you so you can read it better, let me know and I'll send the adapted version in a message. Scroll down -->

I am a very complicated person. My life is excruciatingly difficult at the moment. If you can’t understand that, then you can’t understand what I’ve gone through. Not all of it is listed below.

This dragon was transfered from ShinyHunter's lair to BreezingWind's lair from a realm-wide auction house on 9/26/17. Maretta is mates with Carter. Last updated: 2/19/20.

General info: I'm autistic and I have intelligence at the same time. I live in the U.S. so I speak American English. I can't play most (PC) games because of my motion sickness. I am currently on medical withdrawal from college.

Here's a list of things that extremely bother me:
-sudden unexpected loud noises
-some swear words (minor)

This is not a complete list of my medical conditions, only some important ones:

-Autism Spectrum Disorder. This means I may act differently than other people my age. I may also word something unintentionally so it seems like I mean something else. Since I have autism, this also means I have hyperfixations, meaning if I like something enough then I'll be obsessed with it.

-Anxiety (including anxiety/panic attacks). I also have food-related anxiety, which means some foods (especially fruits & vegetables) make me nauseous if I smell them or look at them. I think this is also because I had many terrible experiences in school cafeterias, so I have a lot of bad memories regarding food.

-Allergies (the delayed kind to food, pollen, mold and there's too many to name here so I'm not going to put them).

-Costochondritis. I had an attack of this on December 17th that affected me very much. It should go away within the month, so by the end of this year I should not be having any more chest pain. If you purposefully overwhelm me with anxiety (you'll know if you purposefully send me a mean message), this can cause my chest to hurt more and I may have difficulty breathing. I don't want to sound mean, it's just that I'm going through many of things right now.

-Syncope (fainting).

-I had a surgery in early December of last year because I was having gallbladder problems for months. I'm so glad that worked out well so at least that's over with. Also I have some kind of a stomach virus now so I'm not feeling well from that but it's different and probably won't give me pain for months.

Feel free to talk to me about anything on here since I don't mind messaging other people on this site. I am very open about my mental/physical health issues because they affect a large part of my life, so if that bothers you let me know.

Other things about me:

General things:

> If you think I am lying about any of my medical conditions, I will block you. I have a very large medical history and I've experienced severe pain that has affected me very much. If you need proof, I can tell you about how the conditions I have ended up affecting my life. If that's not good enough for you, then I don't want to know you.

> Why are you on Flight Rising? It’s free and it has dragons. If it wasn’t free, then I wouldn’t be on it. Also, I don’t have much of a life when I'm awake because I don’t feel well most of the time.

> I am more active on here past noon.

> I am a night person. I am very moody in the morning and I don't like
talking to people until at least half an hour or more passes after I wake up. I am more talkative later in the day, especially when it's dark outside.

> Teal, purple, white/silver, and a mix between yellow/brown are my favorite colors.

> My favorite tv show is Friends and I have seen it at least six times.

> My favorite season is Winter because I have many allergies so I feel better during it. I also really like the cold air and everything that comes with the season.

> I can get very obsessive about things I like and I won't be able to stop thinking about them.

> I'm really picky with video game recommendations due to my motion sickness.

> I really like to read and am a bibliophile.

> I am a very anxious person. I have a lot of anxiety and if I get really nervous about something then I might faint.

> If you want me to never mention something again, stop talking, or change the subject, tell me. I am autistic and social cues are harder for me to recognize sometimes.

> I really like animals. I have read books and watched many tv shows and movies about them.

> Sometimes I will message people instead of responding in a forum post because I am still shy and I was extremely shy when I was younger.

Some more things that bother me:

> Even though I may not seem like it on here, I can get very anxious. I have a lot of anxiety and sometimes I am also very emotional. You have probably never met me in real life; if you did, you'd understand me and how I feel more. What I say through messages may not be understood as much as something I'd tell you face to face.

> If something bothers me enough, it will cause me to faint. I have no control over this as I am in poor health right now.

> I am easily annoyed when people ask me things that they could Google instead. I am resting right now and I don't need to be researching a list.

> Don't tell me I should do more of something and it'll make me feel better. Don't try to convert me to another healing method and say that it can 'cure' me of my pain. I only take medical advice from professionals I have appointments with in real life.

> Don't spam me with recommendations or mean messages. If you do, I'll block you.

Book related things:

> I read a ton. If I can concentrate.

> I am open-minded about books. I won't be mean to you if you like a book I don't like, but sometimes I can be blunt since some of my family is that way. Let me know if this bothers you.

> I really like books that have good plots, good characters, good writing, and common sense. Common sense is very important to me in books because if a book is offensive towards me then I will feel repulsed by it and I will not like it.

> My obsession over dragons started from reading Eragon when I was 10.

> I was spoiled for an important part of T.F.I.O.S. (The Fault in Our Stars) so I have been unable to like that book.

> Ever since that happened to me, I read only fantasy books for many years. Now I have read and liked a other few contemporaries and am slowly adjusting from that fear. However, I still prefer to read fantasy books because they are more of an escape and that’s what I need.

> Some of my favorite authors are Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Robin Hobb (currently reading), Diana Gabaldon, Erin Morgenstern, Pierce Brown, Rick Riordan, Leigh Bardugo, and Holly Black. I'll understand if any of them are not your favorites or if you strongly dislike them, because their writing styles aren't for everyone.

> If I don't understand a book, I will stop reading or skim the rest of it. This is since I have some reading comprehension issues so some books, like Shakespeare's, are really hard for me to understand.

> Why haven't you read the book I recommended to you yet? My to be read pile is very large and mostly contains library books that have to go back before they are due. I'll get to your rec eventually.

> Why don't you like a popular book? My opinions are my own. If I don't like a writing style, I will immediately put it down unless I have a copy and then I will try to see how much of the book I can read before I get too much anxiety. What is in a book directly effects my feelings and if I feel repulsed then I will not like the book.

Maretta's lore:
She was traveling away from her home in the lightning flight when she had her wings injured several months later by a freak accident. She does not prefer to fly anymore, as the chains have never been able to be removed. Everything is painful for her and the clan made several things to help her. She has adapted well and is mates with Carter, a dragon originally from the shadow flight who was born just three days after her. She is one of the most determined and trustworthy dragons in the entire clan and is known for helping others through whatever torments they may face. If you'd like to see Maretta mentioned again in lore, look at Asclepius's bio here.

Bonus part:
Maretta > Faber > Giovanni (Skydancer) > Balti (Ridgeback) > Pelko (Skydancer) > Maratus > Ironside > Shalim (Coatl) > Chase > oh > Intel > Nightsky > Chalkboard > Aether (Imperial) > Summanus > Anubis (Wildclaw) > Narcissus (Guardian) > Amarin > Isanivar (Imperial), #43 (June 5, 2013), first generation Imperial dragon. This dragon's lineage goes way back on more than one line, so she's also related to first-gen Wildclaws, Mirrors, Faes, and more from 2013.

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