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Tynnk » Lair » Meow
Level 25
Guardian Male
Sep 10, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryAvocado Basic
SecondaryBrown Basic
TertiaryFire Basic
Eye TypeNature Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Well, you just look at this lair, what you find is a big bunch of dragons, all unique and different, they might look nice and happy, if you think that’s the case, you’re wrong, some are nice and happy, but what they didn’t know is that they are all chosen to be here, by who? By me of course! Little did they know why they’re here, or who brought them here, but of course I know what’s happening, I chose and brought them here to play a little game to entertain me, a fun little game for me, in fact, no game is more fun than a killing game! I enjoy watching others suffer, both physically and emotionally, and this game will do both.

What happens is that there are a few killers here, who sneak out every night, they kill and torture the innocent (or are they?) and go back to their rooms in the morning, as if nothing had happened. Hmm, this seems very fun already! But no, this is not what I want, yes, seeing the innocent suffer without the ability to fight back is already very fun! But what’s even more fun is seeing the innocent fight back, try to kill the killers, and accidentally kill an innocent! That will torture their minds with guilt, so I grant everyone the ability to vote to kill one dragon each day.

Ahh, you ask me if mental is part of this? No, no she isn’t, she is just my puppet, she will carry out my plan without knowing anything. You think my plan is this killing game? No this is my game, not my plan, my plan is to, no, I should tell you, it is a plan for a reason, no one knows my plans except my friend the barkback boar. What did you say? He’s cheap? Well yes, but what will happen if I go and perform my plan with a Boolean whizzing next to me? That won’t be good.

So anyways, let’s talk about my game, I have a whole lair of dragons playing with me and they don’t even know that they’re playing! They don’t know that a few of them is already controlled by me and turned into killers! Anyone who makes me unhappy will result in being eliminated, no one, in this lair, can stand my attack. Whoever that made me unhappy will result with a private duel with me, I’m not normal, my knowledge of scratching is destroyed, and replaced with knowing to anticipate, I can gain breath faster than the scratching dragons if I’m hit, and I doubt if they can gain any breath without scratching me and giving me 15 breath. You guys won’t understand how I battle anyways so what I want you to get is that there is no use in doing anything which can potentially make me unhappy.

Just now I told you that my knowledge of scratching is destroyed and replaced by anticipate, right? Yes, and the stone isn’t a normal stone, it’s possessed and it granted me the ability to control people. You ask me about my life before that stone? Haha, I’m still a stupid dragon like mental, only thinking about bringing glory to the clan and blah blah blah, all those stupid stuff. Now, I’ve got my perfect plan, actually, it’s not just mine and the barkback boar, there’s also someone in this plan with me, but I’m not telling! Haha, so I should go back to my game, I’m bored, wait, no, it’s time to carry out my plan!

“Barkback boar!” I shouted, “I say, open the vault door! Is it opened yet?”

“Argh (no)” he grunts.

Yes that useless pig I’ll open the door myself. Let’s walk into the vault.

“Argh (wow, this place is gigantic)” he grunts again.

Yes I know! It’s 100 metres tall, 1000 metres long and 1000 metres wide. Now can you just stop grunting and move on. Now what you should do, is to steal out every piece of rope and anything that can turn into rope, like vines or fabric or whatever, you should be smart enough to do these stuff now just do it!

“Argh (yes sir)” he grunts again.

Did you not remember what I said? I say, NO GRUNTING! Now I’m leaving, do your stuff quickly and quietly!

Okay, I’m now going to do my stuff, but before that, barkback boar, give me some rope!

Now I should sneak into other lairs with my rope, hmmm, this lair only has one imperial, no, next one. This lair has 56 imperials! Ok, now let me show you how I control. So the imperials came out one by one, grabbed a piece of rope, tied themselves up, and headed towards my vault. See? I know you guys love my ability, haha. Now don’t disturb me, I’m going everywhere to find imperials, I’ll be back very soon.

Phew, I’m done! I’ve got 1000 stupid imperials sitting in my vault, if you were an imperial, you should know what I’m trying to do, and you should wonder why I know this secret, haven’t I told you? I’m doing this plan with someone! And I’m not going to tell who that is, but he isn’t an imperial! Hahahaha.

“Barkback boar! Come and tie them to the ceiling! And do it silently!”

“Done yet?”





The boar points at me and zips his lips.


“Argh (no you didn’t)”


“Argh (no you didn’t)”


“Argh (yes, I’m finished with my work)”

Good, stop wasting my precious time, now I need a powerful imperial, go find one for me! I need it to be level 25 and can perform an eliminate! I also want it with anticipate, not scratch, you find that dragon and I’ll kill it myself, I can’t control it, I can only do it to dragons under level 10!

“Argh (ok)”

“I said, SILENCE!”

“Have you found one yet?”

“Argh (yes)”

“Don’t just stand there! Bring me there!”

Good, now I found it, I shall ambush it, “Aaaargh! Eliminate!” And the dragon dies.

“Drag it back to my vault!”

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