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OpulentTempest » Lair » Kyle
Level 19
Skydancer Male
Oct 23, 2013 (6 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMaize Petals
SecondaryBrown Facet
TertiaryGrey Gembond
Eye TypeFire Uncommon
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Cunning | Loyal | Honorable

Exalted Warrior

Exalted Returned

Being sent to serve the gods as an exalted dragon is a high honor among most clans, but all dragons know that, once made, the decision to serve one’s gods is permanent and irrevocable.

That is, with a few exceptions.
As the years went by, more and more of the Godborn left their clans to serve the gods. Famine, a small territory, instable politics or simply a whim of the gods led thousands to abandon the only home they ever knew to fight for the deities that had birthed them.
However, those left behind were left bereft, unsettled and without a ruler.

The chaos that ensued led the gods, after much deliberation, to allow for the return of the exalted ones. Only the Godborn would be allowed to return to their homes, and only once would such mercy be granted.


Despite the decades spent serving the Icewarden, Kyle has little memory of that time. He knows not where he spent all the years since his departure, and only occasional flashes come to him.
Flashes of unending ice, glowing eyes and a memory of cold so sheer that he could feel it seeping into his very bones.

Not only did the king forget his service, but upon being returned to his clan the male had forgotten about his very self and the ones around him. Having left when the clan was still a budding group of stragglers, Kyle was unable to recognize his surroundings – the impressive mountain, the winding corridors of ice and the many dragons draped in jewels and silks were all alien to him.
Most of all, he couldn’t recognize among those anxious faces the mate he had yearned for ever since he had left her.


Suddenly finding himself near the entrance to the frozen mountain, Kyle had no idea who any of the dragons crowding him were. Despite their enthusiasm on welcoming him, no faces were recognizable from the crowd.

More alien yet was the female who led them. While it was true that she was bigger than her kind, the skydancer bore little resemblance to his guardian mate when they first met.

A guardian female, Cassandra claimed that she would never leave her people to find a charge of her own. Kyle, then a mirror with no genes and no clan of his own, knew that her charge was, in fact, the clan she protected so zealously.
Cassandra would have given her life to see her clan prosper and thrive – so when the time came and the gods demanded a sacrifice he gave up his.

Upon his return the former king remembered little of his mate and couldn’t find her in the fierce skydancer that led his clan. But on closer inspection, beneath the shine and veneer of her new appearance Cassandra remained the same female he had known, and slowly Kyle’s memories returned to him.
There was, however, a small hiccup to his return: Cassandra’s royal consort and current mate, Agamemnon.


The clan was in an uproar at the king’s return. While few remembered the days when both Kyle and Cassandra were in power, many of the clan’s dragons, who came to the clan after the king’s exaltation, were loyal to Agamemnon.

At first nothing more than a figure to appease the council and with no sway or social standing, the royal consort has risen through the ranks to be a respected leader and warrior.
Often being called to rule when the queen was away, the male was regarded highly by the clan, and the clan was torn in a battle of loyalties between the legitimate king and the one they followed by choice.

Even more torn was Cassandra herself. While the queen had adamantly refused to have another mate after Kyle left, the years mourning his loss didn’t erase the fact that the clan needed its leaders, and so to keep the power dynamics stable and the council appeased Cassandra conceded to take a consort.
No one but Kyle would be king of the clan they had started together, and the title would go to no other after his passing.
Wary, the female resigned herself to playing pretend for the good of her clan, and accepted Agamemnon as he was chosen by the gods as her new mate.

Years passed, and the young skydancer proved himself loyal as well as reliable. With time the queen grew to depend on him as much as she allowed herself to, and her companion was content to support her and rule from the sidelines, never stepping in as king, but holding power of his own nonetheless. When Kyle suddenly came back it left hanging the question of who would be the rightful king, and whether Agamemnon would be even allowed to stay in the clan, once his usefulness had come and gone.
With a broken heart Cassandra accepted the fact that, regardless of the gods’ decision, she would lose one mate at the cost of another.

Determined to stake his claim and take back his mate and clan, Kyle was unprepared by the support his adversary received. Agamemnon seemed truly appreciated by the council as well as the other clan members. Worse, he seemed to have won over the queen as well as his peers in the decades that the king was gone.

The clan was Cassandra’s life, and she would do anything to see it thrive.
Kyle had no such qualms – he cared little for the strangers around him, but he loathed the idea of hurting the only mate he ever had. What he proposed was unusual – and shocking to the council – but to keep his mate, Kyle was willing to share her with the other male.

The arrangement worked, and the clan saw a new era of prosperity like never before under the rule of the trio.
While matters of succession are still confusing at best, the three have fallen into a system that works well for all. Kyle and Cassandra are the official rulers of the clan, and the ones to represent it on all diplomatic dealings. Without a real claim to the throne, Agamemnon manages matters in their absence and deals with internal affairs since, while not recognized as a member of royalty, the member has earned the respect of his peers – and the title of Commander when dealing with official matters, as the royal court is as confusing nowadays as any succession lines.


To celebrate his return the king was gifted with many scrolls of immense magical power. While the clan he had left behind struggled to gather enough food to survive, the new home he had come back to was powerful and lavished its inhabitants with wealth and treasure.

With the scrolls the mirror transformed himself into a skydancer to match his counterparts, his feathers now as dazzling and impressive as any member of his court.
Donning the garb of a warrior instead of the gold reserved for his station, Kyle chose instead to remain a fighter – instead of the queen’s band of female warriors, Cassandra is now escorted by Agamemnon and Kyle whenever incursions to quell the beastclan are necessary. Rumor has it that there has never been a hunting party more in synch, or more lethal, in all of the icy mountains that make up the Fortress of Ends.



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