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Pistachiows » Lair » Niles
Level 25
Ridgeback Male
Aug 07, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCinnamon Metallic
SecondaryTerracotta Bee
TertiaryCinnamon Capsule
Eye TypeWater Common
Energy: 46 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Protector - Trainer - Advisor - Second-in-command
Fully stoned mire flyer - Scratch, Rally, Haste, Sap, Elim, Ambush x2, Berserker x3


"I'm strong now. I can't have any fear. I'm not a coward anymore."


______ Despite their similar personalities, or perhaps because of it, Shale and Niles can often be found butting heads over the most trivial of things. Niles thinks that Shale is irresponsible and uncooperative, and that she would do well to learn to pay the clan's second-in-command some more respect.


______ Niles doesn't trust Gibby further than his talons, but honestly, does anyone? Gibby has proven time and time again to be callous and untrustworthy, and Niles doesn't care for his strange research for which he seems to have no boundaries.


______ Niles was one of the first to find Wane, and was the one who brought him back to the clan. He is often exasperated by Wane's laziness and lack of work ethic, but they get on well. Niles considers him a friend and part of the clan.


______ Niles gets on with Nuvy due to his calm, practical demeanour and battle experience. Niles knows he can rely on him and does enjoy his company. They sometimes battle together or share stories of their youth.


______ Oreade is considered an acquaintance by Niles, due to her being new, but he's getting used to her. He can appreciate her skills and enthusiasm, but she seems to take after Shale in regards to ignoring his authority which causes tension between the two.


______ Niles: The people's victory.

Scent: Subtle, but once noticed impossible to forget. Slightly musky, similar to the soft smell of an animal.

Personality: Grumpy, serious, responsible, staunch, no-nonsense, stubborn, intolerant, honourable, protective.

Familiar: A well-behaved Highreach Bonepicker that is as serious as its owner. Often found doing jobs that Niles has ordered it to do or tailing behind him at a respectable distance, but if you are close with the pair you may see them having a fun play-wrestling session (though Niles will deny it).

Mate: None

______ Niles huffed as he stared over the dry, dusty desert, taking in the dusky sky and the pure silence. With such an atmosphere, it was easy to slip into memories best left forgotten, abandoned. But perhaps, for just one more time, it would be fine to remember. To reflect.

He was born to a small clan of battle-scarred ridgebacks, situated right on the volatile border between the Sea of a Thousand Currents and the Scarred Wasteland, reflected in the attitudes of his peers. Despite being born of the water element, they fought and raided and scavenged as if they had been born right by the Wyrmwound itself. The most important thing to them was loyalty, honor. Once you were a part of the clan, there was no leaving, no turning your back on your leaders and clanmates. And that was exactly the mistake Niles made.
He was born as Nilus, and soon climbed the ranks due to his unusually muscular and broad build. Before long, he stood by the side of the clan leader, a bloodthirsty and fearless dragon who ruled with an iron claw.
While Nilus was physically strong, he was young, still unsure and conflicted. Soon, that fear would cost him greatly.

The clan stood upon a cliff, thunder flashing and rain pelting their hides like tiny claws. Below them, the enemy. Nilus raised his head, looking down at the dragons be would soon be fighting against. They were a neighbouring clan that served the Tidecaller, civilized, huge in number but trained in combat, evidenced by the armoured guardians that stood proudly at the front of the ranks. They had finally risen up against the ridgeback clan, tired of the raids and skirmishes that plagued them. Nilus raised his head further and dug his claws into the rocks. He couldn't do this. There were too many of them. He'd be torn apart. When the order to attack was given, when his family flung themselves into battle, he stood frozen. Petrified. When his leader turned to face him and snarled in his face, he slammed into him and ran, away from the bloodshed, away from certain death. When his leader, his friend, grabbed his back foot and dug his claws into his heel, Nilus turned around to look at him, gazing upon his contorted, ugly, vengeful face, vicious fangs, deep scars. It would be the last thing he'd properly see. The split second was all the leader needed to plunge his claws upwards, raking up Nilus's face, into his eyes. After that, it was a blur for him, literally. While he wasn't completely blind, his eyesight had been irreparably damaged. Despite this he could escape the battle. He ran, away from the cliffs overlooking the sea, through the unfriendly wasteland, only stopping when he was deep in the unfamiliar territory of the earth flight. There, he found shelter with a tiny, strange clan that was hidden in the desert, far away from any other form civilization. Despite being able to see slightly, he wore a bandage covering his eyes to prevent irritation and to help strengthen the senses he could still rely on. The bandage wasn't the only new addition to his life. When he first joined the clan, he gave his name as Niles. A strong name, more suited to the rugged earth element, but still like his old name. He just couldn't completely let go of his only link to his past.

And that was it. Perhaps he should have completely changed his name, he mused. Now that he was more mature and over the shock, he saw that his old clan weren't real family. They were dogs, preying on the weak. Now, he could finally be proud of his clan and himself.

Interaction by: lavaland422

There he went again. That strange Nocturne. Niles could smell him even from inside the clan lair. He wasn’t sure why his clan had taken Gibby in, but it irritated him to no end. No one could trust him because no one knew just what he did. Niles wasn’t going to tolerate it anymore. He strode with purpose to the place most of his clanmates feared to tread. The mysteries ended now.

Niles ducked into Gibby’s small hermitage. The Nocturne was inside, as expected. “Afternoon,” Niles growled. Gibby jerked into an upright position, his wings reflexively extending to hide his desk from view.

“Afternoon, Niles,” Gibby muttered, relaxing after a frantic moment of looking around. “What brings you here on such a magnificent day?”

“You and I both know why I’m here,” Niles noted, narrowing his eyes. Gibby audibly gulped. “Just what have you been doing here, Gibby?” Niles asked, prowling closer. “The whole clan is just dying to know.”

“More than you think,” Gibby mumbled under his breath. His jaws snapped shut as soon as he finished speaking.

“What was that you said?” Niles snarled, pointing his nose horn directly at Gibby’s throat.

Gibby chuckled and pushed Niles’ face aside. “Now, now, dear Niles,” he said. “Let’s keep that impetuous temper of yours under control, hm?” Niles growled and pulled his head back, making a mental note to scrub his snout later. Not even the Earthshaker could’ve known what strange chemicals were on that Nocturne’s claws.

“My temper is not the problem here,” Niles pointed out, sniffing the air. Something smelled off here, but he couldn’t quite put his claw on what it was.

“If that is all, perhaps you should leave me to my studies,” Gibby continued, turning back to his desk. “I have far more pressing matters to attend to without your insidious meddling. Good day, Niles.”

Niles left without another word. If his intimidation tactics weren’t going to work, he would have to try something different. He grinned to himself as he walked back to his nest. A plan was brewing in his mind, one that would force Gibby to talk. One way or another, he would find out what the devious nocturne was up to.

Poem by: Eurydise

That stormy night,
When one could not decide,
What was blood and what was rain.
He was young,
That you must understand,
To grasp what went down.
Do you expect someone to charge head first into certain death?
Do you expect that of someone with a lesser age?
Could you blame him,
Blame him for the fear of death?
Claws brought down upon his gaze,
He still fled.
He covered his eyes with cloth,
And stripped himself of his name.
Although it seems he couldn’t shed it altogether.
He has found a true home now,
Away from the savages and beasts,
That once called him brother with false lips.
Now he truly has a family.






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