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Pistachiows » Lair » Shale
Level 25
Wildclaw Female
Jun 26, 2014 (5 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryChocolate Tiger
SecondarySoil Eye Spots
TertiaryBrown Underbelly
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Hunter - Gatherer - Scavenger - Protector
Fully stoned mire flyer - Scratch, Rally, Haste, Shred, Elim, Ambush x2, Berserker x3


"This is my family now."


______ Despite their similar personalities, or perhaps because of it, Shale and Niles can often be found butting heads over the most trivial of things. Shale thinks that Niles is grumpy, strict and has a grudge against her. How true the last part is, nobody knows.



______ At first, Shale was highly suspicious of Wane and his intentions (being an undead lich from Cairnestone Rest after all), but gradually grew to accept him and even confide in him once she decided he meant no harm.


______ Shale respects the old imperial and often spars with him. They have a mutual trust and a deep friendship, strengthened by battle. They think highly of each other- it's not uncommon to hear one praising the other's skills and character to other dragons.



______ Shale: Soft, finely stratified sedimentary rock that formed from consolidated mud or clay and can be split easily into fragile plates.

Scent: Pine, with dusty undertones similar to the scent of the items she collects.

Personality: Serious, headstrong, loyal, vengeful, skilled, experienced, can be absentminded.

Familiar: A bold Moordwelling Trunker that excels at running after prey, fighting, and sniffing out interesting items. It generally stays right at Shale's heels, ready to jump at any command.


______ Shale was not a typical light dragon. She did not care for the deep knowledge that the rest of her clan seeked. She found no solace among scrolls and artifacts. Shale instead took to hunting, and to collecting. She would bring home gemstones and feathers. She would find shed skin and pretty leaves. All useless trinkets, but Shale collected them anyways. She thought they were nice. Each had its own story, even if the rest of the clan didn’t see it. Yet, she didn’t blame them. They enjoyed their tomes, and Shale didn’t. It was alright, she had her place as a hunter, and that was enough.

Then one day she came home after a hunt to find her home trashed. Her skins and furs torn to shreds. Her leaves ripped and crumpled. Her stones with little deep claw marks. Very little. Shale knew who did this. There were only two faes in the clan. So, Shale confronted them. They attacked her, their monotone voice speaking of how she was a disgrace to the clan. How she was the only one who would not learn. How she was a lost cause. It was too much too fast. Shale lashed out at the smaller dragon, and there was a horrible snapping sound. Then blood. The white of bone. A small dragon falling, unable to fly.

And Shale ran. She turned and fled. She had hurt one of her own. A fellow member of her clan. She stopped only to wash the blood off her claws, and took off again. She did not bother with flying, running instead. She only stopped upon reaching the Viridian Labrynth. She was exhausted. All that was with her was the little of her collection she had managed to plaice together before the confrontation.
So, Shale caught herself some food and rested. Perhaps, she thought, she was lead here. After all, her kind was said to have first existed in the lands of the Gladekeeper.

So, Shale sought out a clan.

She didn’t stay long.
They were unnerved by her. These dragons valued life. Seeds and flowers, but Shale’s collection was only made of death and things that were never alive. They kindly suggested that she head to the Scarred Wasteland. They said plague dragons love death. Shale disagreed. She did not like death. She liked the beauty of what remained. Nonetheless, she set off westward.
She never made it to the Plaguebringer’s lands. Rather, while in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the Shattered Plain of the Earthshaker, she ran into a clan. They were interested in her rocks, which was new. They liked her little collection, asking her about different things.
It was nice. Shale decided she liked it.

She quickly discovered these dragons couldn’t hunt. So, she started teaching them. She made friends. She was important. She had a place. She had a home.

Interaction by: AloneTogether

“Absolutely not.”

Shale huffed at Niles’s short answer to her suggestion, rushing in front of him once more as he tried to brush past her.

“I’m serious, Niles. I think it’s a good idea. Don’t be such a stick in the mud just because you don’t like fun.” She glared at him, shaking the scroll with messily scrawled writing on it in his face, even though she knew full well he couldn’t see it.

“I told you no, Shale. That’s final.” Niles responded, ignoring her once more as he walked around, voice a low rumble. She couldn’t help but groan at his dismissal, annoyance sparking within her. Just because he was second-in-command didn’t excuse him acting so high and mighty. It was just a rank.

“Everyone’s been too stressed lately. As much as I love working, and I’m sure everyone else does too-” Niles snorted at this, and she hurried to continue speaking as she picked up her pace to walk beside him,”-a break is necessary! Come on, Niles. You know you want to unwind as well.”

“Not a chance!” The ridgeback barked sharply, tail swishing with agitation. “We have been busy for a reason, Shale. We are not throwing a clan celebration, certainly not for something as silly as a season’s change!”

She could practically feel him rolling his eyes beneath the cover that obscured them.

“Earthshaker's beard, why do you have to be so dismissive to me all the time!” Shale exclaimed then, unable to hold it in any longer, surprising the ridgeback beside her with the curse. Her turned towards her, opening his mouth to criticize her use of language, but she didn’t even give him the chance. “Everytime I try to talk to you it’s like talking to a stone wall! Do you not care about how anyone in this clan feels? I swear, it’s as if you care for nothing but work! Responsibility comes from caring for others, not working them until their own claws bleed!”

Niles was quiet for a few moments, listening to Shale’s heavy breaths as the anger slowly seeped from her body, leaving her with nothing but exhaustion from the outburst as what she had just done dawned on her. “Niles, I-”

“Get to work, Shale.” Was all he said, stalking away, leaving her behind in a cloud of dust.





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