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Princessfirefly » Lair » Ludicrous
Level 1
Tundra Male
Dec 24, 2015 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Starmap
SecondaryWhite Facet
TertiaryMaize Smoke
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

God of Space

He stumbled into faith and thought 'God, this all there is?'

He was brought into the world by accident
The Spirits were fooling around again
They had so much power
Yet, only used it to amuse themselves
It was a surprise to them when they created Life for the first time
And it was a surprise yet again when they created Life for the second time
They gave him a name
And shooed him away
He met Virtuous and she became his first friend
Later he met Sadzi and Badru who were created not long after him
Ludicrous felt so blessed, so lucky, so loved
He was happy that he had so many friends
He loved to play with them
They were so careless and free
He would dream of being a King
He said
'If I were King no one would be unhappy'
'If I were King everyone would be my friend'
'If I were King everyone would be treated fairly'
'If I were King we'd be one big happy family'
And he did become King
But everything went wrong
Now no one ever smiles
Now no one seems to like him
Now no one is equal
Now the gods are splintered
And Ludicrous doesn't understand why

The pictures in his mind arose and began to breathe

so foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing; ridiculous.

God of Space
The Second
All other names unknown
One rumored name is 'King of Puns'
To be verified

Crown: Golden crown, Symbol: Atom, Sacred Color: Gold
Weapon: Staff, Element: Space, Number: 2
Age: (mortal years) 7,000,276,985 (god years) 466685

He took a step but then felt tired

Ludicrous is the second god to be created and the second most powerful. He is married to Virtuous and has three children, Sagacious, Guerra, and Naperone. He has a step son, Muerto who he considers as much his son as Guerra and Naperone.

All he wants is for his family to be happy. But they aren't. And he doesn't know how to make things better.

He loves Virtuous very much. She has been his best friend for as long as he can remember, and he has been by her side since quite literally, the beginning of Time. And nothing. Absolutely nothing will make him leave her. He will stick to her until the end. He figures this is why many of the gods don't like him. They don't like Virtuous, so therefore they don't like him.

But they have no idea. They've never known Virtuous like he has. They never seen her cry herself to sleep because what she thought was right, was really a mistake. They've never heard her scream in the middle of the night because her nightmares were tormenting her again. They've never seen her return from the demons' realm covered in blood. They have no idea what she's been through. They have no idea how the demons have tormented her. They have no idea how much she regrets. They have no idea how sad she is. They don't know the real Vir.

He wishes his daughter wasn't so selfish. He wishes his sons weren't so violent. He wishes Muerto would forgive him and Virtuous. He loves all four of them, and he just wants them to be happy. He's sorry he wasn't a good enough father for them, but he's trying. He's trying so hard to make amends. But he doesn't even understand what he did wrong.

Maybe he was too passive. He never scolded them. He didn't want to be mean. maybe he should have disciplined them. Maybe he should have talked to them more. Maybe he should have gotten to know them more. He never really understood what to say to children.

He knows exactly what he did wrong when it comes to Muerto. He didn't do anything when raising Muerto, and that's his problem. He let Virtuous say such horrible things to him. He let Virtuous treat Muerto like some monster. because she was scared. She was scared and it was not her choice to create Muerto. She was scared and all she saw in him was a monster. Ludicrous should have interfered. He should have told his wife not to let fear overcome her. He should have reminded her that Muerto was a child and it wasn't his choice to be created either.

He should have protected Muerto from his brothers. he shouldn't have allowed them to hurt him. that's what a good dad would have done, right? Ludicrous isn't sure.

But he does know that he regrets his mistakes and he wants to fix them. Some how.

Ludicrous has a brilliant mind. His mind is full of ideas and theories. Of facts and history. His mind is full of different worlds and he often gets lost in them. He misses so much around him because he is too busy wandering these worlds in his mind. He is too busy coming up with new theories and stories. It's not unusual to find Ludicrous spaced out and staring at a wall.

He has trouble keeping track of his thoughts and can be forgetful. He tends to become distracted quickly and becomes off task. He has a low attention span and gets bored easily.

He loves to explore, which is why he's so proud of his Space. Virtuous created the Earth, Sadzi the Sun, and Badru the Moon. Each of these gods carefully tend to their creations. Not Ludicrous. He believes in letting his creations naturally evolve. Long ago he created a bit of matter and a few other ingredients and he let them grow and expand on their own. His creations has grown into the vast expanse of Space known today.It is full of planets and galaxies and stars that the gods have never touched. They are the Godless Lands. Ludicrous often wonders what is out there. He wonders if life had ever formed on it's own, without gods in any of these lands. Or maybe new gods have formed in these lands. Ludicrous plans to find out some day.

He has in his opinion some incredibly fascinating theories about alternate universes. These are the theories he comes up with in the middle of the night and tells Virtuous on the days she's not crying herself to sleep. He believes that there are alternate Earths. In some of these Earths he and Vir are not the gods that rule the planet. Instead other gods do. He believes on some of these Earths, the Greek gods rule, or maybe the Egyptian, or the Norse, or maybe there are no gods in these alternate worlds. In some of them he and Vir and all but fictional characters made by some mortal. He finds it fascinating to think about. Virtuous hasn't learned to appreciate his theory yet.

Ludicrous loves puns. He invented them actually. He never misses the opportunity for a pun and sometimes he tells them at inappropriate times. He calls himself the pun king, and anyone who tells a good pun gets his stamp of approval. Tell him a pun and he'll love you for life.

He loves to be silly and carefree. He doesn't really like being a king and he wishes he could go back to being a kid. Then he didn't have to worry about the happiness of his loved ones. Because back then they were already happy.

He still doesn't know what went wrong.

But when he tried to walk again, he wasn't a child


Blue Lips- Regina Spektor
Stressed Out- Twenty One Pilots



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