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Draconequis » Lair » Lilith
Level 1
Skydancer Female
Apr 22, 2014 (5 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryWhite Basic
SecondaryWhite Basic
TertiaryMaize Basic
Eye TypeIce Common
Energy: 46 / 50
Apparel & Skins

chaotic evil



Theme song:
Come little children
b6df6cead2a9634bef302e1bef8a6d74.png LILITH
Mother of evil
Sin's Master


Lilith is a cold and cruel dragon who only thinks of herself. She is self-centered and believes she was born pure and perfect. For this reason she will not allow herself to become 'tainted' with genes or apparel of any kind. She is a dragon born without a soul and is unable to become soulbound. For this reason she is also unable to bond with one familiar. For now she is paired off with a Ball-jointed bogsneak. She controls the white creature rather easily with her magic.

She at one point had a dragon who was deeply in love with her and would do anything she pleased of him. His name was UrsusMartimus. She used him as much as she could before she disposed of him in a way that made her look innocent, sweet and emotionally invested.

On the day Lilith was born, the moon rose and blocked out the sun, creating a cold, cruel darkness. As she spilled onto the ground, the earth quaked and there was no light. The darkness did not fade for a week. This was the period known as the eternal darkness. Rumors begun to fly among the dragons who lived in Lilith's previous clan that she was the reason for the eternal darkness. The dragons banded together, hateful against her crimes and they rose against her, screaming for her to be killed right before them. Lilith rose to meet them, unafraid of their cries. Instead she fixated her cold, cruel gaze upon them and grinned. As she grinned, Lilith released a massive burst of pressure which caused each dragon below to fall into a state of silenced fear. Lilith then proceeded to slit the throat of the leader of the dragons which had lead them to her, all while smiling broadly.

Lilith's display of dominance over a seasoned warrior of the clan caused many dragons to fear her. Due to their fear, they started to serve her instead of the clan leader. This revelation lead to an upset and soon even the clan leader was serving Lilith like a queen. And Lilith ruled them with an iron fist, treating them as if they were insignificant ants to her. But this fear soon lead to hatred and the dragons who served Lilith grew unhappy with her personality and style of ruling. They spoke of her being too young to lead as a hatchling. And so the previous clan leader gathered his strongest warriors and they rose against Lilith, seeking to end her tyranny. Lilith punished them all severely, even going as far to tear off the wings of the previous clan leader, rendering him unable to fly for the rest of his life. The fear at this point solidified Lilith as clan leader. However, dragons were still unhappy, even more so when Lilith slew nearly half the clan in a bought of pure anger. Rather than risk upsetting Lilith by trying to Usurp her, the dragons slowly started to abandon the clan one by one, until Lilith was only left with a single tundra named UrsusMartimus who still treated her as a queen and worshiped the very ground she walked on.

At this point, Lilith realized their clan could not survive on this land. Even with her fear inducing power, two dragons were not enough to protect them all from all outside threats. So she ordered them to move on to another territory, where she assumed they would settle down and take over another clan with fear. However, Lilith's plan did not go as expected. She soon came upon Draconequis clan. Unlike the soft fearful dragons in her own clan, this was a clan of hardened warriors. They did not know of her unnatural birth, and when Lilith eventually explained her birth to the clan, they did not seem afraid or suspicious. Lilith then approached who she assumed was the leader of the clan, a rather burly male guardian with impressive armor and a powerful aura. Lilith then flashed her claw at his neck, demonstrating her power once more as she radiated pure sadistic fury. Lilith found her body unable to move as she struck, and she was lifted off into the air, her previously unmarked flank was slashed open with a powerful claw and dripping blood. Furious, Lilith turned to attack whoever had hit her and her shoulder was slit open before she could retaliate. She screamed angrily and the sky grew dark at her command, she lunged at her offender. A claw raked over her face and a massive tail pinned her to the ground. Lilith couldn't move. She glared at the offending dragon out of her one good eye and saw a rather underwhelming female guardian with sub par armor. Lilith could not believe her eyes. This Guardian was far from perfect, with disgusting colors, and disgusting genes marring her body. Yet despite this, the dragons around her bowed to this mysterious guardian, calling her their leader. For the first time in her life, Lilith felt fear.. and she did not like what she felt. She immediately froze, unable to move or speak. She was only saved when UrsusMartimus begged Tempest for forgiveness, and to be kept alive. He reasoned Lilith had been born into a clan where such behavior was allowed and it was all she knew and that Lilith could re-learn new behavior if given a chance.

After contemplating their existence in her clan, Tempest made a decision which would then affect the course of Lilith's life forever. Lilith would be allowed to remain alive, but she would have to join the Draconequis clan. Phlogiston would heal her enough for the blood not to leak out, but she would forever have the scars as a reminder of her foul deeds. She would have to serve as a warrior of the clan, under close watch of Tempest herself. Lilith would have to obey every command Tempest uttered or be destroyed where she stood.

Lilith soon fell into a pattern with the clan.. She avoided all of them, and all of them avoided her. She did the bare minimum, hating the fact they all didn't worship the ground she walked on. And hating Tempest the most for marring her perfect body with scars.

She summoned Sin with the idea that the creature would weaken Tempest to allow her a second strike on the leader, and a second chance at becoming leader of a new clan.

At the creation of Perfection, she has become a bit more bold with her workings. She seems un-naturally pleased about the tower Perfection is building just outside the clan caves. Snatches of rumors float around that her true body and form actually lies in the heavens, and the tower that Perfection is building is actually leading to Lilith's actual body. She denies the truth of these rumors, claiming to not understand why her daughter is building a giant tower.

As of riot of rot 2015, Perfection has reached the heavens with her tower. She has opened the heavens, and Liliths true form was bestowed upon her. She has cloaked herself in a powerful illusion which makes all those who see her believe she looks the same. However, what they don't know is that she has become a skeletal horror. Now all she has left to do is wait until she can take on her full strength. With every day that passes more flesh gathers on her skeleton.. until she will emerge from her chrysalis-like state in her true form, finally ready to bring ultimate darkness to the world.

Lilith currently has control of all evil in the lair, having complete control over Idhyaa and Ansem's every action. However she is manipulating them so much that they are unaware she is even affiliated with them.

On June eighth, 2016, Lilith finally regained her powers. She tore a hole in the fabric of space and time in order to bring a small army from her dimension to this one.. all who are loyal to her. She allowed this army to posses the multitude of elemental eggs which hatched on that very day.. with their help she plans to take over the entire clan.

The day that the elemental warriors became adults, Lilith ushered them all into helping her take over the clan, throwing over Tempest and taking her place as the head of the clan. She also infuriated the shade deep within Tempest, severely weakening her and essentially turning her into a miniature shade for a short period of time. Lilith does not expect that Tempest will recover, meaning she has complete control of the clan.

After her rule was secured, she elected start a relationship with Sesshomaru, whom she had formerly shoved off on her daughter in order to make perfect children.

This clan is mine now. All will bow before my beauty and grace. I am greater than the gods.

Known affiliates

Credit goes to Silan for the bust


thanks Avavu ^>^

chosen in most intimidating dragon thread x1

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