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Cyriusli » Lair » Rogue
Level 25
Mirror Female
Dec 13, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryIce Poison
SecondaryIce Seraph
TertiaryOrca Smirch
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 46 / 50
Apparel & Skins


____________________________ ____________________________

Rogue knew she wasn’t like most Mirrors, but the more and more she hung around Elle and Luna, the more obvious it became, and she was thankful for the help she could get from the others in the clan, as infrequent as it could be at times. Elle was just young, the poor girl, and Rogue wasn’t even sure she could tell the difference between a Satin Mouse and a Downy Mouse, but she certainly tried. Luna was, well, Luna. Luna was what some of the clan would call a “typical” Mirror, speaking in broken sentences and getting into constant trouble. She meant well, but her feral smile and utterance of “friend” while waving needle-sharp claws made even the bravest of dragons shy away.

Keeping an eye on both Elle and Luna— who were chasing a stone around on the ground; honestly— Rogue listened to the dragon in front of her as they explained what it was that she and the other two were going to need to do. Prepare food for how many dragons? What party? How did she get roped into this? There had to be better suited dragons to take care of such an important task, she knew it. Oh, well; she’d figure it out somehow.

Taking the offered list of Do’s and Don’ts When Preparing a Feast for the Masses, Rogue tucked it away before trotting over to enlist the help of her fellow Mirrors. Flicking the rock away with her tail, Rogue blinked her eyes as both Luna and Elle expressed their sadness at having the rock flung away. “Listen up,” she started, trying her best to mimic the clan leader’s “authority voice.” To their credit, both Luna and Elle gave Rogue their complete attention. “We’ve been put in charge of gathering and cooking for this Mask— this Mausk— the Big Party!” Rogue nodded sharply. “So we need to collect the things on this list.” Raising her claw, she shook the list in the air. “Okay?”

“Is rock on list,” Luna asked, her words halting and broken, sounding awkward coming from her mouth.

Next to her, Ella laughed. “You can’t eat rocks, Luna.”

“Luna eat rock. How break tooth. See.” Opening her mouth, Luna tried to show Rogue, shoving her open mouth in her face and almost poking out one of her eyes.

“Yes, that’s great.” Pushing Luna back, Rogue unrolled the list. “We have to collect the things here. Plants for those who eat them.”

“Plant is yuck.”

“Yes, Luna.” Rogue resisted the urge to roll her eyes. “Meat for—”

“Meat good. Fishies best.” Nodding sharply, Luna sat down on her haunches and started to dig in the dirt under her claws.

Rogue took a deep breath and rolled the list back up. “Ya know what, why don’t we just go to the river then and go fishing. I’m sure there are some plants there I can collect. Maybe even some bugs.”

“Bug also yuck. Go squish under claw.” Luna stood back up, shaking her entire body and turning for the river. “Go fish,” she asked, one claw raised toward the river.

“Yeah, let’s go fishing!” Elle jumped up and ran to Luna’s side. “Are you coming, Rogue?”

“Don’t have much of a choice,” Rogue grumbled under her breath, following along behind the other two as they ran down the path toward the river’s edge. She could hear them laughing and splashing and Rogue was sure she wasn’t going to get any fishing accomplished while those two were around. Maybe she could turn it into a game. The one who catches the most fish gets to pick one from the pile they caught. That could work; it would certainly keep Luna busy and Elle would follow right along. It would also give Rogue a chance to collect some plants and hopefully some bugs. That would leave getting meat, but Rogue was pretty sure she could try the same plan, with some minor adjustments, there as well. Whoever caught the most could decide what they ate for dinner that night.

Rounding the bend in the path, the river came into view. Luna and Elle were playing in the shallows, but Rogue could see large fish in the deeper waters of the broad river. Maybe this wouldn’t be as hard as she first thought it was gonna be. Luna, Elle and herself could easily collect enough food for this party and it would be the best masquer-whats-it-called ever!


It had been a long week, but Rogue was certain they had gathered more than enough food. She had ended up needing to enlist the help of a few of the others within the clan and had wisely asked the Pearlcatchers for help on how to set up and prepare for the feast at the party. After listening to the suggestions of everyone, Rogue had decided to run the food buffet style and had set up several tables for the food. To help limit the confusion and arguing, Rogue had designated each table with a specific food type— one for meat, fish, plants, and finally, bugs.

Rogue looked around the area that would be where they were holding the Masquerade Ball. She was quite proud of herself and all the others who’d help bring this together. It looked like it would go very smoothly, which she was greatly thankful for. Opposite of where she was standing, she could see the first few dragons begin to enter and she turned back into the tented area that had been set up as the kitchen.

“Dragons are beginning to arrive. We need to make sure we have everything set up and ready to be served in a little while.” Rogue frowned as she looked around the kitchen. It was quiet and the only dragon she could see was Shimmer, the Pearlcatcher in charge of food within their own clan. Without a word, she pointed off to the side and Rogue looked over to one of the far tables to see both Luna and Elle watching a spare cooking pot on a prep table.

Inhaling to speak, Rogue stopped as Luna calmly raised a forepaw, claws extended and tapped the pot. Rogue could hear the hollow clack of Luna’s claws from where she stood and knew this wasn’t going to end well. “Don’t do it,” Rogue yelled, rushing over and snatching the pot from the other two Mirrors. Most of the items they had been using in the kitchen were borrowed from others, as well as using their own utensils from Shimmer. (It was one of the reasons Shimmer was there. She didn’t trust Luna or Elle alone with the pots and pans.) Keeping the pot above her head, Rogue looked across the table top to where Luna and Elle were crouched down.

“Was bug,” Luna growled, showing off her sharp teeth.

“I’m sure there was,” Rogue lowered the pot, looking into it. It was completely empty and clean. No traces of any use so far. “But it’s gone now.”

“Escape,” Luna hissed, turning from the table and slinking off.

Rogue let her go, knowing there was no point in trying to argue with Luna when she was on a hunt, even one as ridiculous as looking for a bug in a kitchen that was preparing bugs for dinner. “Elle.” Setting the pot down, Rogue sighed. “Will you help me bring the first trays of food to the tables?”

“Yup!” Elle jumped up and followed along with Rogue, helping as best as she could to set up food trays on the proper tables. More dragons were beginning to fill the area and Rogue was glad she’d had the entire week to plan this out. She wished she’d had more time, but it was coming together nicely and that was all she could ask for! Sliding a plate laden with different plants onto a table, Rogue wandered back into the kitchen.

Shimmer met her at the doorway, pausing for just a moment, her forearms full of trays of food. “Good luck.”

Rogue tipped her head to the side in question, watching Shimmer walk away before going in. She could hear a commotion; what sounded like metal being pushed around, bumping into things as it went. At first, she couldn’t spot anything, but then Rogue saw Luna, with her head down, slowly walking across the kitchen. “What is going on,” Rogue asked just as Elle appeared at her side.

Luna picked her head up at the sound of Rogue’s voice. “Stuck,” she complained, sitting back on her haunches to use both front feet to paw at the pot stuck on her head. It did little good, her claws scraping across the metal of the pot and creating ear-splitting screeching sounds that made Rogue cringe.

Elle burst out laughing, rolling over onto her side in uncontrollable fits of giggles. That only seemed to unset Luna more, or so Rogue thought, as she twisted her head around to scream into the pot, “No laugh!” Elle only laughed harder.

Rogue groaned, walking over to where Luna was and hooking one claw under the lip of the pot to look to see what was going on. Luna had one of her crest frills caught on the inside edge of the pot and it was keeping her from being able to pull her head back out. “Why did you even stick your head in here,” Rogue asked, unsure if she wanted to know the answer.

“I want. Was fish.” Luna’s voice sounded hollow and metallic from inside the pot. “I eat.”

“Of course.” Rogue sighed. “Well, I can get you out, but it will hurt for a moment.”

“No hurt. Just out.” Luna shook her head and Rogue jerked away before she got smacked in the face by the pot. Luna reached up again, pushing at the pot with her claws, but it wasn’t moving. Elle jumped up off the ground and ran over, hovering close by, clearly worried.

“You’re caught on the edge of the pot, Luna.” Rogue reached up, tipping Luna’s head, pot and all, to the side. “I can fix it if you hold still.”

“Nooo,” Luna whined. “No hurt.”

“Sorry, Luna.” Rogue frowned as she reached up into the pot. She didn’t want to hurt the other dragon, but there was no other way. Her claws wrapped around the edge of Luna’s crest and Rogue pushed up until she could feel it pop over the edge of the pot. With a howl of pain, Luna pushed the pot off her head, scrambling away before flopping over onto the ground to rub her head in the grass floor of the kitchen tent.

Elle rushed to her side and within moments the two dragons were up and running around again. Shimmer appeared at Rogue’s side as Luna and Elle disappeared through a hole in the tent layers. “Nicely done.”

“Thanks,” Rogue grinned at Shimmer. “Let’s get the rest of this food out while those two are distracted. I don’t want to come back in here and have to do that a second time.” Shimmer nodded in agreement and between the two of them, they were able to finish setting up the tables with the food. Rogue sighed happily as she looked at the tables and all her hard work that was paying off as dragons began to wander over toward the food to eat. She would have never been able to pull this off without the help of everyone and was grateful for all their help.


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