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Naahva » Lair » Seiki
Level 1
Coatl Male
Feb 14, 2018 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryEmerald Wasp
SecondaryThistle Butterfly
TertiarySaffron Stained
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins
4th Gen Naomi Descendant

Naomi -> Willow -> Mara -> Me



Guardian • Prince • Archer

EMJVXRc.png 941Wsy2.png
He blinks. Stretches his neck - and blinks again. Warm eyes - bright, and so understanding - look up to this endless roof of leaves above, through which the sun filters. Everything is peaceful today - just, as it’s supposed to be. Then, he leaves without a trace. Leaves, without making any sound. And despite his gentle and calm nature, the Forest around can’t help but sigh in relief, as the dragon’s presence vanishes.

Seiki is part of an old, tainted Bloodline. ‘Glitch-queen’, is what they dubbed her - long, long ago. Her influence and the shade running through her every fibre have thinned considerably over the generations - and yet… yet, Seiki still feels it in his every feather and bone. No matter how well he can control it - no matter how different he is - he is still part of it all. Is still part of this Cursed Bloodline.
He tries avoiding other Descendants - except for those who are part of the Clan. He keeps his distance - but has accepted them. However, he also knows he is different than they. Knows, he doesn’t embrace his heritage as much as they do.
Or is it, that he can control it so well because he has accepted it? . . . he doesn’t know.. He loves the wide, blooming underground forests and spends most of his time there. He’s not the only Guardian though - no, not at all. Far too great and far too wide are they, for only one Coatl. He is familiar with Tesai, who often resides at the other end of said Haven. They don’t interact with each other very often - but when they do, it’s most often pleasant and silent. Despite his love for the Forest, he knows it rejects him. Rejects, what is in his Veins and Genes. The Glitch-Queen’s era has been too long ago - her blood has been thinned enough in order not to hurt the ecosystem around him with his mere presence. However, he also knows he does not belong. He is accepted - but will always be a foreign entity. . .


f1Mm2wA.pngJCXBaqd.png tqFG3RX.pngYzZL1kc.png
Part of the Clan...

Within the Clan, he gets along very well, due to his calm and yet positive, patient Nature. He is a great listener, soft-spoken and very mature for his young age. He isn’t particularly wild, but does not mind being around others - watching them play, or fight, or hunt. He also isn’t afraid to show his magical abilities - and he’s not making a secret out of what he is.
...not that he / could / - everyone in his surrounding area notices.

The Clan is used to Naomi’s lingering presence by now. They’ve gotten used to that tingling sensation on their skin - have gotten used to their feathers suddenly ruffling and shivers crawling down their spine. They know it’s a natural reaction - their body trying to prepare for this danger.
...they also do know, that there is no reason to fear Seiki. Or Zero. Or Code. Or Legacy. Or Suni. Or Dust..


EMJVXRc.png 941Wsy2.png

Bio template by Mibella, find it here.

  • Excellent Archer
  • Very intelligent
  • Can access and read the Sourcecode of other dragons & his surroundings
  • Fuse with his surroundings.
    Like Code and Zero are able to merge into other dragons and change their Source-code Seiki is able to merge with his surroundings to alter them completely, or simply to completely hide his presence.

  • 350 Gems - 4th Gen
  • 320K - Scatter Scroll
  • 1.9 Mil - Coatl Scroll

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