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UmbralHart » Lair » Ilmatar
Level 14
Coatl Female
Jun 24, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCopper Cherub
SecondaryStrawberry Shimmer
TertiaryCrimson Scales
Eye TypeWind Common
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins


GENDER; Female
ALIGNMENT; Chaotic Neutral

LIKES; Exploring, rearing eggs, sleeping
DISLIKES; Being told what to do

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Daughter of the leader of the Cloudweaver clan, within the floating platform city of Mistral Zenith, Ilmatar has always wanted to strike out on her own adventures and lead her own clan one day, despite being heir to the title of clan leader of the Cloudweavers. Believing her home has become little more than a tourist attraction that the clan fights to maintain daily the copper Coatl longs for a day she could oversee a true colony; one that works together, knows each other and thrives without the need of foreigners and strangers paying to see the sights.

It wasn't until the sudden ceasing of the Twisting Crescendo that she could set her plans in motion. Prior to this her father, Leesil, had set up every means to keep her home and safe at the Zenith. And, by extension, contained. With the confusion and lethargy brought about by the failing winds Ilmatar was finally able to slip out unnoticed.

In the first hours of freedom the Coatl was more focused on revelling in her newfound independence, feeling the sensation of grass and flowing water and exploring the flora of the world below. It was during this celebration that she encountered a wandering young Wildclaw by the name of Ahio, though this potential friendship was not to be as the crazed Spiral Anvindr decided the youthful pair a suitable target for testing his potions on. While Ilmatar survived, now sporting glistening crimson scales on her muzzle, paws and flanks, Ahio perished from the resulting lethal fit he suffered.

This is how Saira, as close to a friend as one could get with Ilmatar, found the runaway after fighting off a now rather confused and despairing Anvindr. However Matar chose to flee once again after learning the Skydancer had come to collect and take her back home. This flight landed her on the shores of Plague lands where another, mysterious Skydancer woman asked her to please care for an abandoned egg. Unable to decline the Coatl, after resting for a spell, managed to awkwardly return to the Windswept Plateau with her new, precious cargo.

After a series of unfortunate events involving falling from a cliff and injuring her wing, fighting off gulls who had stolen the egg, fishing for herself for the first time in her life and almost being drowned by maren Ilmatar eventually found herself reunited with Saira and Anvindr in the cliff-top fishing village of Saltwind Heights, where the egg hatched into the infant Fae Makani. This birth triggered an unexpectedly motherly side of the Coatl as she adopted the Fae as her own child.

Spending a few weeks more at Saltwind to regain strength, care for Makani and resupply Matar attempted to continue her adventure only to be pursued by the Skydancer and Spiral, the former still seeking to return the rebellious dragon to her clan while the latter sought redemption for his actions. While exploring a nearby forest within which the group met the Ridgeback Hawthorne as she gathered ingredients for her alchemical projects, something Anvindr took great interest in, the Twisting Crescendo suddenly restarted albeit in the wrong direction. Dances and cheers of jubilation were cut short as the new wind direction brought with it ash and embers from the neighbouring Fire lands, sparking wildfires across the Plateau.

It was the igniting of their forest that spurred the wildlife into a frenzied stampede that rendered both Matar and Saira trampled, Saira later succumbing to her wounds. Through more luck than judgement the remaining trio huddled in a riverside cave as they came to terms with what had happened, Matar feeling a lot more vulnerable than first hoped on such a journey having already bared witness to two deaths.

As they pondered their next move a passing Guardian toting the youthful Isaura and her Coatl friend Eurus dropped by, having sought out shelter for themselves, and the adult Guardian asked that the group take in the two youngsters as a means to show them the world. Not long later saw the arrival of the cream Wildclaw Noelani, who was searching for the whereabouts of her cousin. Upon learning this was Ahio and Noelani learning that Anvindr was responsible for his death she all but vowed to follow the Spiral until the day she could exact revenge.

Bad luck further plagued the growing group as it turned out a band of Serthis had set up camp nearby, taking full advantage of the dragons' sleeping to bind and drag them outside to be killed. It was here that the snake-people revealed that the death of Ahio had been their doing by slipping toxins into the inattentive Spiral's tonics. As proof they poisoned and killed Eurus in a very similar manner. Rage saw the group disband the Serthis through slaughter. Claiming the spoils of the camp led to the discovery of the enigmatic Snapper, Vunguza, who had also been kidnapped by the Serthis. Having missed the events due to the effects of a sleeping potion the Waterborne decided to join Ilmatar and her troupe based on a prophecy he'd seen before the apparent disappearance of the Tidelord.

With the decision to remain in the cave until a plan could be made the young Makani offered to make himself useful by foraging downriver. In one such foray an unknown disturbance caused the local pohips to rampage, knocking Makani from the air and breaking his neck. The Fae's death shattered Ilmatar's mind, already still shaken from the previous deaths, and she carried her deceased son around in sheer refusal to believe he, too, had perished.


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