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Fellefan » Lair » Diana
Level 11
Fae Female
Dec 16, 2014 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySlate Bar
SecondaryBlood Peregrine
TertiaryBeige Underbelly
Eye TypeIce Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Freedom Fighter
Earthborn Tribe

ENF4NJH.pngH I S T O R YHcLmuty.png

Flourishing greens and blossoming colors all around her, Diana grew up loving nature above all else. As hatchling she ran and rolled in the riches all around her, not caring what they all where worth as she knew all their souls where breathing as one. Being born in the Earthborn Tribe, she was bound to nature from the very moment she broke trough her egg and she never grew apart from its wonders. Taking her first steps she stumbled over twigs and stones, but she did not weep nor cry for help, she kept on getting up and continued to make her way to her mother, all on her own. She was a determined fighter from the very start of her life.

Inescapably, the night grew closer and closer to her first day free from the warm shell she had been living in. Loving all the wonders as much as she did, Diana had not joined her sisters in taking first flight up to the safety of the tree. In tradition of the tribe parents are not allowed to help the weak to survive, only the strongest would make it and strengthen the tribe's health. Left all alone, she was openly exposed to the hungry predators that slither the forest floor.

Getting the hang of leaving the wonders of the ground was something Diana never understood, how could something so wonderful be bad? But in fear of being left behind she tried to climb the tree instead of flying, to no avail she quickly grew tired of her unsuccessful attempts and fell asleep underneath the thick and strong tree her family slept in, unaware of the dangers awaiting her.

ciBavhM.png XEM5qlc.png
Hissing and rustling awoke her. Cold biting its way trough her skin, panicking noises crawling towards her, she was frozen in place and for the first time felt the fear of loneliness. Desperate for warmth she looked up into the night, the moon had reached its high. Paralyzed by its presence she shed a single tear, she no longer felt alone, only cold as death was hanging over her shoulder. Adoring the full moon she soon couldn't feel anything, not even the thick snake wrapping itself around her body. Gazing at the sky she felt as close to home as she would ever get, eventually her soul grew weak and her vision turned black.

The following morning her parents flew down the tree, expecting to find nothing there. What they found was a huge snake wrapped around their child as a blanket, shielding her from the cold night. Diana awoke, yawning widely as the boa released its grasp and slithered back into the forest. Not knowing how it had happened, nor how their child was alive, they took Diana straight to the tribe's shaman, seeking an answer.

Earth and nature from that very first night in her life became one with Diana, coming to her aid as the night grew full. Her long quest of saving her flourishing green home from the hatred of the outcast Prince of Ice have only begun. Swearing an oath upon her family's grave she will protect the forest she loves, no mater the cost.

Ready for battle at any given time, her personal life grew complicated and she rarely had time to care for herself or her potential wounds. Although her busy days, she managed to find the love of her life. He's there to not only help her in healing, but he serves as a lifeline between war and her true self. Trusted with him by her side and her giant black wolf, there's nothing standing in her way way of peace and victory.

Bio template by Mibella, edited by myself.

Black Wolf
During many of her battles a large rare black-coat wolf have been by her side. She does not really know how or why, but she does not question it. It happened during a battle under the full moon she surprisingly called the wolf to her aid, but as the sun rose on the horizon the wolf stayed by her side. Being loyal and excellent in combat, she let the wolf stay. Staring into those fiery eyes of his, she saw a bit of herself. He always dwell within close range of her call.
Red-Tailed Boa
Ever since that first night of her life she have always had a close relationship with snakes, the mighty red-tailed Boa most of all. If it wasn't for them, she would not be there to stop the ice from freely terrorizing her home. She's grown so close to one boa in particular that it sticks around without being under her control, it wants to be with her. This intelligent creature is always close by, slithering around to help her in any way possible.
Eye Scar
Diana will never forget the first encounter she had with the forgotten Prince of Ice, she have lost her eye thanks to her recklessness. She thought she could beat him, the one who threatens her home the most, but she was young and foolish. She know better now, she's stronger than ever thanks to her beloved Levi, her miracle. She still have one good eye and as long as she stands, she will live to see her home free of danger once more.


ENF4NJH.png~ A R T ~HcLmuty.png






I've spent over 700 gems on this fae for all her genes. gosh I love her. ♥

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