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Ximena » Lair » Deregh
Level 3
Fae Male
May 24, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCharcoal Basic
SecondaryBanana Basic
TertiaryBlood Basic
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins
lightvs1.png ___________________Deregh___________________

The Librarian


There's a saying that silence is deadly, and it doesn't get any more silent than a library. You should never cross a librarian.

The Hidden Haven is home to a medium but by no means insignificant library. Esoteric manuscripts are tucked away here, protected from the light. The knowledge inscribed upon them is not for innocent eyes. If you wish to enter this hall, you will need to work hard to gain the trust of the Hidden Haven clan. They guard their knowledge almost savagely. This is not due to academic jealousy or malice. This unfriendly attitude is a barrier of sorts. Like most barriers, it is there for your own protection.

Should you gain the trust of the Hidden Haven clan, they will grudgingly relent. They will give you directions to their library. Among the instructions are admonishments, warnings. It’s easy for an impatient scholar to tune them out. I advise you not to do so. Remember what I said: Barriers and warnings are there for your own protection.

A Greybeak Reaper will appear. With a wave of his scythe, he will beckon you onward. You will be given a candle and told to watch your step, and you will hurry after the Reaper. The Reaper's flight will take you deep into the heart of the lair, around corners and switchbacks to confuse would-be thieves. Do not worry about losing your guide -- or maybe I should tell you not to try. If you get lost, even for just a moment, the Reaper will reappear and silently lead you back to the right corridor. It doesn't matter if you leave him behind and walk a mile -- he will reappear in front of you, in a corridor with no offshoots or turns. The Reaper is there to guide you. He does not care to explain how.

The library, when you enter it, will be cool and quiet. The ceiling will be shrouded in shadows, but only just, so that you can pick out tantalizing patterns on its surface. Strangely, they will vanish when you try to look at them directly. They’ll only reappear out of the corners of your eyes, twinkling like phantom stars.

You’ll tear your gaze from them long enough to see that the Reaper has vanished. A swirl of black cloth will hint as to where he has disappeared. But before you can start after him, you will see the librarian. He will be seated primly on a simple wooden stool, his yellow wings shrouding his frail body. As you cautiously approach, he will crook a finger. Black candles will swirl into view. Their light will wash over his face. You will see his great yellow eyes, his gentle expression. He looks meek and kind. You will be reassured.

You’ll spread your hands and start to tell him what you are here for, but he will hold up one paw. In his other paw, he will proffer the text you seek. Or he may wave at a deeper portion of the library, where you will find what you require. Either way, he’ll know why you're here. You’ll stammer your thanks. You will settle down to read, and he will politely withdraw. He will not assist you further. If the clan trusted you enough to let you in, he will trust you to abide by the library's rules.

There are always rules. All things have their rules.

The Hidden Haven Library's chief rule is this: You do not take anything out of the library. You do not borrow. You do not steal. Remember what I said about rules being there for your own protection. Here, it will prove true.

Should you dare borrow something without permission, the tunnels will swallow you whole. You will suddenly become aware that you are lost. Not lost in the geographical sense. That is when you have a destination in mind but don't know how to get there. This is true loss. You will forget your destination; you will only remember where you came from. You’ll remember a great catacomb of a library with stars glittering in its walls. You’ll remember someone watching you....Who was there? Where are they now?

Why can you not remember anything?


In the darkness, everything will slip away. Your courage, your mission, your name. Every ten steps, the labyrinth will claim something from you until you give up and crumple, weeping, against the tunnel walls. This is where the librarian will find you. He will draw you gently to your feet. He'll use the ribbons of his cloak to pat away your tears. He'll lead you back to the main passage -- it's never more than a few steps away, and there's a bright light shining ahead. He will give you a gentle push in the right direction, finessing the book from your grasp as he does so. You will be glad to see it go.

There are those whose minds are stronger...at least for a while.

These hardy souls know what they came here for. They find what they need and charge back into the tunnels. The disorienting spell cannot take hold, for they have learned of it and garbed themselves in protective enchantments. They head back to where they last saw light.

They do not find it. Instead, they see a flitting pale shape. First in front of them, and then behind them as they look over their shoulders. As they stare in bewilderment, the librarian shimmers into view. His eyes are wide with dismay, and he is shaking his head. He holds out his hand insistently. Commandingly.

There are those who still refuse.

Then the librarian's patience cracks, and so does his shape. The shadow he casts disappears entirely. Suddenly the cavernous tunnels are too small to contain the form that stretches up, nebulous and gleaming, light shining from its brow. Those who have seen it all still live, but their sanities have frayed; their minds have left them entirely. They babble of a light deeper than any sun. They clap their hands over their ears; they howl like wolves. They say it helps deafen the flutter of wings that comes to them even in the night.

And eyes, a thousand shining eyes, opening and closing, peeping through wings. Not the eyes of a dragon or a monster. Not even a demon. Something else entirely. More awesome. And far more terrible to behold.

These unfortunates are discovered later, hopelessly insane, by the clan's members. They are escorted to the surface, where help is found for them. The clan leaders frown and enter the library to speak with Deregh about this.

He is seated upon his chair. He offers no comment, because he cannot. He is as mute as the library that surrounds him. The clan leaders eventually give up and return to their business. Deregh continues puttering around. He pats the books, and when he sees that they are all in their proper places, he smiles.

Stars twinkle in the ceiling as, one by one, eyes open. Countless shining eyes, appearing and disappearing, watching over the library and the secrets at its heart.

by Disillusionist
His body was charcoal
His wings seemed bright like the sun
Yet he was so quiet
An avian Reaper is your guide
Don't get lost
Don't take what's not yours
There is no way out if you disobey
The light's mysterious bookkeeper
Tour was he really what people see him as?
Or does he hide in the clear?
He seems so foreign
Just like the avian's light caretaker
by Ceilingfen

  • Mysterious, mute.
  • Friends with Anpiel. They seem familiar with each other...
  • Familiar's name is Thiere. Companion.
  • Enjoys silence and reading.
  • Cares for the large underground library.
  • Occasionally visits Anpiel's aviary.
  • The eyes on his clothes actually blink.
  • Observant dragons will notice that his form shifts slightly, once in a while. They dismiss it as a trick of the light.
  • Can project multiple eye outlines, can close and open them.
  • May or may not be a dragon.
  • Will sometimes have a golden halo on his head.

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