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3idolon » Lair » Izhu
Level 25
Mirror Female
Apr 15, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySand Iridescent
SecondaryTomato Shimmer
TertiaryGold Smoke
Eye TypeFire Common
Energy: 47 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Lieutenant | Command| The Eleven


Eyes down and mouth shut. Make Mother proud.


Silent and wary, Outfit Vector's lieutenant is deeply distrustful of dragons from outside the clan, especially those who wander into the wastes from other lands. Although once an immigrant herself, Izhu keeps well clear of the Outfit's trading caravans and beastclan markets, having no wish to fraternize with strangers. Amusingly, she is often the first to welcome new members into the clan hierarchy, challenging them to a mock duel to test their cunning, reflexes, and strength. And so hatchlings and young dragons alike are introduced to their new clan from the ground beneath Izhu's claws while Iryz takes notes and outlines their training regimen.

When not testing young warriors in the coliseum with Shiv or hunting beastclan with her son, Viei, Izhu enjoys joining Juyn on her short walks exploring clan lands or helping Amayda carve murals into bone. Eternally restless, Izhu rarely settles for loitering around the clan lair.

As with Shiv, Izhu does not suffer fools or those who chatter incessantly, and so it is no surprise she keeps the company of the two quietest Mirrors in the pack. In the rare moments she is caught napping it is always by Shiv's side, and her adopted son is the only one who dares strike up a casual conversation with her. Another symbol of this special bond is her familiar, Lyaka, a gift from Viei and the first beastclan he trained. She takes her duties as command with deadly seriousness, and any orders she gives are carried out as if they came from Shiv herself.



Adopted Son


Izhu was born in the heart of Emberglow Hearth, the only Mirror in a litter of three. Her mother, a Spiral, and her father, a Sky Dancer, were at a loss with what to do with their restless daughter, and as a hatchling she was often left to her own devices. It wasn't until she met Avoro, the somber and introspective Coatl, that she felt a semblance of 'home'.

Together they raised two Mirror pups, Zoro, and Orzu, and for a time the four of them led a quiet life on the Hearth's rim. But even then Izhu did not trust her happiness. She believed the more precious a thing, the more ephemeral its nature, and so it proved true with her small family. Avoro, ever silent and withholding, left Izhu's nest to start a new family with a Coatl female somewhere deep in the Icewarden's domain. Izhu never saw him again.

In the days that followed, Izhu slowly realized she had never truly known her mate; she barely knew her daughters, who took after their father and preferred to communicate with his discordant humming tongue. Feeling herself becoming steeped in a dangerous melancholy, Izhu left her young hatchlings at her parent's nest and began a wandering that took her the length and breadth of Sornieth.

Perhaps appropriately, it was in the depths of the Abiding Boneyard that the melancholy finally swallowed her heart and turned it to despair. It was here that Shiv found her, the dust of the wastes clinging to her flank, eyes sealed shut with the gum of tears from the blinding sand. Shiv lay down by her side, and in the last maternal gesture of her life, put a wing over the fallen Mirror, as if to shield her from her agonies.

Izhu was the first. Not long after came the hatchling Viei, and Izhu found in him the child of her heart, if not her body. She adopted the young Mirror pup, and together the three of them formed the beginnings of a clan and a family.

Their bond was steel. Outfit Vector had found its foundation.

Izhu! While you traveled, what were the most interesting things you saw? Did you meet any interesting people?

Izhu frowns, her eyes filled with equal parts wariness and distrust. It's obvious that she's considering walking away without a word, but finally seems to think better of it. "That was a dark time in my life," she begins, "a journey driven by an emptiness I could not name or fill. It was not a sightseeing trip."

She purses her lips, looking you over. "Though there were stray moments of beauty. I remember one morning, a pale dawn on the Sundial Terrace when the mist fell in cascading curtains of wet light and the marble shown soft and white through the evergreens. I left a broken track through the dewy grass, thinking myself alone, not noticing the Pearlcatcher until I heard her murmuring from behind a copse of trees.

"She was speaking to a pearl. I thought it was her own until I noticed its pink hue peeking out from beneath her arm. This other was larger and duller, more grey than white, and embedded in a curve of stone that emerged like a wave from a patch of flowering vines. As I watched she reached out and traced the surface of this second pearl. Her eyelashes were wet but she was smiling."

Izhu looks down, considering the red glint of her claws. "I left her there, still confiding to that lonely pearl in its bed of flower and rock. I don't know why, but the memory stays with me."

Art by Everything


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