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PlatinumDream » Lair » Glintshiver
Level 20
Imperial Female
May 01, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySteel Crystal
SecondaryWhite Shimmer
TertiaryWhite Underbelly
Eye TypeWater Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

"I don't have a "crush" on him--that's kinda crude, don't you think? He's my...what's the fancy-sounding word I heard the other day...beau! He's my beau and I'm his...uh...beauette? There's...probably a better word for that."

A perky, normally-elegant, semi-matured mother, Glintshiver is the kind of dragon who enjoys long nights (or days, or weeks) curled up by the fire. She and her beau, Goldclaw, survived the same clan massacre, and occasionally, she's wracked by inexplicable shivering spells (incurable fits that come and go but don't do anything except be annoying) due to nerve damage she sustained during the event. Dreams of becoming a graceful socialite. She loves hoarding Glowing Baubles, Firestarters, as well as basically anything and everything soft.

Approx. human age: 15-19
Mate: Goldclaw
Roles: Nest upkeep, familiar upkeep, hoard tracking
Voted most likely to fall into a vat of food dye in all white and still emerge stainless
Resident Blep collector
PM if you're interested in breeding one of my bleps to one of yours! I don't bite /)
If a blep has an owner/partner, the picture gets moved to the owner's bio to avoid redundancy, usually near the bottom--go check 'em out. These bleppos are big!
NOW with a Google Docs for easier tracking!

Owner: Alanis
Name: Glasseah
This blep has a sleek form and rippling fins that often lead to it being mistaken as a mermaid when seen from afar. It wears smooth fragments of seaglass, weathered smooth by years of ocean waves and sand. Its scales bear a shimmering turquoise sheen that only appears when the scales are submerged in water. It can be seen gliding among the shallow water, basking in sunlight.

Owner: Tourmaline
Name: Emicolite
This blep has rough, stony scales that help it camouflage among the sea floor. Its underbelly is soft and vulnerable to attack, so it encrusts its underbelly in sea glass and precious stones to act as a sort of makeshift armor. These gems meld into the blep’s scales over time, giving it an underbelly of glittering glass and crystal.

Owner: Goldclaw
Name: Helioryl
January 2019

Owner: Stormtail
Name: Marena
This blep has lived in a cave for so long that its eyesight is terrible, but over the years it has developed light-sensing abilities. Mushrooms sprout from its rocky hide, lending it camouflage. The mushrooms glow faintly and cycle through many shades of vibrant purple and blues, casting an eerie glow over the blep’s surroundings. Though its hide is tough and rocky-feeling, it holds an iridescent sheen that is only visible when in dim light. A small, vibrantly-colored snail accompanies it.

Owner: Ivytangle
Name: Mindiglim
April 2019

Owner: Valentine
Name: Redwood
February 2019

Owner: Stoneflight
Name: Regis Pleiiaphrite
Semi-custom blep!

Owner: AutumnusDulce
Name: Mariposaluz
This butterfly-like blep has delicate wings that shed glittering particles as it flies. It’s very social and tends to flock with other butterflies. It doesn’t need to eat, and gets its energy from photosynthesizing through its wings.

Owner: Lakemallow
Name: Prismaphrina
March Blep Blast Bleps! These Bleps have diaphanous wings and scales with a pearlescent sheen. They’re much smaller than normal Bleps, only about the size of a parrot. Their coloration differs based on the location of their lair. They sleep in giant clamshells.

Owner: Roseheart
Name: Aphrena
This blep has smooth scales like stained glass, and metallic horns hung with delicate coral jewels. Its behavior is as unpredictable as the flight of a butterfly, but the blep is usually neither friendly nor hostile to humans. It’s only ever been spotted during the sunset hours. Its scales slowly change color as it ages, going through many shades of coral and pink throughout its life.

Owner: Curana
This blep has gold crescent-shaped horns and sprouts deep red roses with a pale metallic sheen. It’s benevolent and kind, allowing animal and human like to take refuge in its lair, an idyllic rose garden. The blep seems to attract songbirds, and birds that hatch within the garden take on the same metallic sheen as the roses.

Owner: Dawnfreeze
This blep has massive, sleek wings spattered with twinkling stars. Inlaid in its hide are silver patterns, and more stars trail down its tail. The blep itself is seen very rarely, as it’s nocturnal and its star markings make it difficult to spot. Its shed feathers are highly valued for use in invisibility potions, and they seem to being good luck to those who carry one.

Owner: Icefur
This blep’s scales shimmer with nebula-like patterns, and it always feels cold to the touch. It becomes nearly invisible under moonlight, and can shift its form to a small pseudo-dragon with six wings.

Feb Blep Blast Blep! These Bleps are quite small and often can be mistaken for songbirds. Their feathers are characteristically iridescent and tend to change colors in the sunlight. They come in a variety of colors, mostly pastels, though some rare Bleps have dark feathers with brilliant, colorful sheens to their wings. These Bleps are common in tropical areas, where fruit is abundant. They can be distinguished by their four feathered wings and tendency to flock in large numbers.

March Blep Blast Bleps! These Bleps have diaphanous wings and scales with a pearlescent sheen. They’re much smaller than normal Bleps, only about the size of a parrot. Their coloration differs based on the location of their lair. They sleep in giant clamshells.

This blep is only the size of a cat, but it’s as swift as it is small. It’s only seen from very far away, and only at night. Its form is ethereal and seems almost ghostlike, and it leaves a trail of bright light behind it as it flies. Thanks to this, it’s often mistaken for a shooting star.

aFfIXgy.jpg This blep resides in a secluded freshwater pond abundant in white lotus and vines. It has silky white wings and horns like polished wood, and its tail is dappled in a pattern resembling the bottom of a riverbed. It has an uncannily long memory, and remembers every creature that passes through its domain.

iLSVB1O.png This blep is accompanied by a dove with pink feathers, and it wears a witch’s hat decorated with glossy flowers the same color as the sunrise. It draws power from the sun and stars, and it spends a lot of time recharging its power by sunbathing. It can cast a wide range of spells, most of them involving altering time and manipulating light.

This blep’s hide is the color of stormy waters, and coincidentally, it only appears during rainy weather. It has four weblike wings and wears teardrop-shaped jewels over a silk scarf. It becomes nearly invisible in water or rain.
Monthly bleps!
January 2019, Helioryl

February 2019, Redwood

March 2019

April 2019, Mindiglim

May 2019

June 2019

July 2019

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