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Bibbit » Den » Cheshire
Level 5
Mirror Male
May 03, 2018 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryAqua Vipera
SecondaryRoyal Morph
TertiarySplash Smirch
Eye TypeShadow Swirl
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Name: Cheshire
Original Flight: Shadow
Occupation: Hunter, founder of the Clan of Outcasts

Cheshire was born a Fae, but has been warped by the Scarred Wasteland into a Mirror dragon. He is rarely seen without his quiver and bow.

Lore by @Bibbit
Gene Scrolls for anyone in my Projects tab
(Gems given to me will be put toward these.)
(Treasure given to me will be put toward lair expansions.)

Flies to make Plague Doctor Masks
Large/Full stacks of any food
Budgies and anything on the Budgie base (ex. Oasis Songbirds)

Unhatched Eggs
Um, yes?
I really want them all. Just to hatch them then I can give the hatchling back maybe

Bone Fiend
Cog Frog
Spirits of everything except Plague
Creepy familiars
Sprites ofc
Any I don’t have in my Bestiary

I love to play dress-up so ANY apparel is accepted!!!!
Bloody Bandages
Brutal Headdresses
Carapace Arm
Claws of all sorts (except glowing)
Companions/other animals
Conjurer's apparel
Cranial Hornhelm (I can dream right?)
Creepy-looking apparel
Daredevil Covers
Deadpan Jester apparel
Dire Kelpie Mane
Furious Headdresses
Magician's items
Phantasmal Halfmask
Plague Doctor Masks
Reaper Cloaks
Riot of Rot apparel (including Spare Inventory)
Rogue apparel
Runaway Rotclaw
Torn-looking apparel
Wing bangles
Wolf Capes

Pearlcatchers with the Glimmer gene, or any female Pearlcatcher
I love plaguey dragons!!!!!!!!
Dark Sclera, Faceted, Glowing, Goat, Multi-Gaze or Primal eyes
I love XXY/XXX dragons
I love dragons with matching markings (i.e. Paint/Piebald, Constellation/Starmap, etc.)

Better Days
Blood Mancer
Bobtail Tun
Bone Garden
Bones of Abaddon
Boneyard Empress
Bramble Juggler
Coral Pearl Drops
Corrupted Construct
Corrupted Pearl
Corrupted Spirit
Cracked Pearl
Cracked Visage
Decayed Sight
demonia crimson
Female Corrupted Guardia
Funny Bones
Glowing Contagion
Greased Threads
Grinning Wings
Grinning Wyrm M
Guard Dog
Jack-O’ Catcher
Lost Property
Melted Mirror
Open Mouth
Plague Child
Rotrock Roots
Slaying Horrorbeasts
The Infector
Unfinished Business
World Eater
World Ender
I love creepy-looking ones and Plague ones. (See a trend here?)

Deity Plushies
Elemental Runestones (Light, Nature, Water)
Gilded/Iron Chests
Scrolls of Eternal Youth


"KyuuBird" wrote on "2020-01-12:
Calling Cheshire unlucky would be an understatement.
Born as a joyful and healthy Fae of Shadow origins, Cheshire was rightfully named after his prankster nature and wide grin. He wasn't any different from the other shadow dragons, really... Until the incident.
The incident that mutated him in more ways than one would care to call ethical. Much less painless.
Cheshire was mutated into a Mirror after a nasty misstep, which sent him pummeling into a concoction of disease and plague. His transformation wasn't immediate, however, and he spent many days in pure agony as his body stretched and contorted, his entire digestive system changing into a strict carnivore, and so on and so forth. He was in hell, and he wanted it all to stop. He blacked out and fell into a coma for a week.
Upon awakening, Cheshire. Didn't recognize himself at all. What was more, he wasn't in the same spot he had passed out in. No, Cheshire was now in a basin full of water. He was confused, pained, and dazed, and he just wanted answers. Why was he here? Why had the mutation affected him so severely? And.... Why couldn't he feel his legs?
Cheshire gulped, moving his head slowly to look down upon his hind legs.
And saw none.
Only a long, scaled tail, tipped in a fish-like fin. His breathing began to quicken, his heartbeat went mad. What happened to him!?
As it turns out, Cheshire's hind legs had been massacred during his dive into the plague. They had mutated badly, fusing together instead of into hind Mirror limbs. They had fused with his tail and instead of paws, he gained fins.peehaps the basin of water he was in was responsible for this aquatic variation of his mutation? Perhaps someone had purposefully placed him there, in an attempts to save his remaining chances of survival?
Whatever the case may be, Cheshire how bears a tail. He cannot run, he can barely walk- yet alone fly. But he's becoming eeriely majestic while swimming, and a top notch predator in the water. That being said, he'll always try to eat bugs before meat still... He's not quite fond of blood and sinew.

Gosh- hope it's okay!! I might've gone a bit overboard-

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