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DragonWolfie: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
DragonWolfie's Clan
When in doubt make tea
Ancient Lair
hidden within the
Shrieking Wilds
Clan Information
Clan Moss Beard
of the Mossy Bearded Oak
nature_2.png DragonWolfie
Located near the border of
the Shrieking Wilds
and the Gladeveins.
Welcome to our mossy den.
Nestled in a mossy glen.

Our peaceful velvet green haven.

tumblr_inline_nbe8duyTA81qg78ij.png D nature.png D tumblr_inline_nbe8e2NZyN1qg78ij.png

You follow the twisting path through the dense undergrowth, climbing the gentle slope up through the forest. You've seen no one since the warrior of the clan guard met you at the border of their territory, appearing seemingly from nowhere. She met your gaze directly,searching for signs of hostility, before drawing a green rune in the air and directing you towards the lair; melting away into the bushes again before you could ask any questions. The trees quake around you as unseen forms leap through the canopy. You're not sure what's up there, but you'd rather not find out!

Dangling vines try to tangle you. Brambles scratch at your legs. Tufts of grasses and small shrubs grasp at you as you force your way through. Strange how the way is so overgrown? Surely the clan would keep their pathways clear?

Thick thorn bushes loom in from either side of you just as the pathway dips into a small hollow. You pause and glance around in trepidation. This is the perfect spot for an ambush and only now do you notice how the plants have been encouraged to bend and weave together so seamlessly into a natural blockade.

No angry dragons drop down on you so you continue cautiously up the final slope. A fallen log lines one edge of the path, half rotten and splitting at the ends, but sprouting mushrooms.

You come to a startled halt when you reach the top of the slope and the undergrowth parts to reveal a jaw dropping sight.

There's a massive gnarly old oak tree absolutely dripping in moss standing pride of place in the middle of the clearing ahead.

Thick moss carpets the ground. It's soft beneath your claws. Fallen logs and craggy boulders scattered around are covered in furry green blankets. Everywhere you look there's more moss.

In amongst the roots of the mossy oak is the entrance of a cave. A low warning growl curls out to meet you as an incongruous shape unfurls into a Guardian adorned with Bloodscale armour and a crown of bones. Strapped at his side is a rusty cleaver almost as big as him.

He mantles his wings and curves his body ready to attack. The smell of birch sap fills the air as the green rune sparkles into visibility before shattering. The Guardian relaxes with a grunt.

"The Matriarch is expecting you." Is all he says, gesturing off to the side with a wingtip.

You really don't want to argue with him, so you head in that direction.

Sunlight shines down upon a wooden pagoda. Moss and grasses cover the roof while honeysuckle climbs the two trellis sides. Pots carved from logs hold a variety of plants and a wooden wind chime rings in the gentle breeze that brings scents of fresh herbs.

Reclining comfortably beneath the structure is another Guardian. She watches you calmly as you approach. This must be the Matriarch. You dip your wings and bow respectfully. She smiles and inclines her head.

"Welcome, friend, to the Mossy Bearded Oak."

Your gaze is drawn back towards the ancient oak tree. From this angle, a particular broken branch with a knot for an eye and spindly twigs for antlers has a perfect drape of moss dangling into a beard.

You'd swear that wooden face was watching you...
Did it just wink?

You blink and it's just a tree again. Bemused, you tilt you head to see if the face is still there or not.

The Matriarch chuckles warmly and invites you into the pagoda.

"Tea will be ready shortly," she informs you.
"Please make yourself comfortable."

Stone tiles line the floor. They must be heated from below as they're pleasantly warm. You sit opposite. She seems content to wait quietly so you look out beyond the pagoda.

Dragons of all species and elements go about their business: bustling to and fro, reclining in the sun, leaping skyward and flying from sight. Their peaceful camaraderie makes you relax.

It is safe here.

A vibrant Fae swoops down into the Pagoda and takes a seat at her shoulder. He is followed by a quiet Tundra bearing a tea tray.

The Matriarch smiles, pleased, and carefully pours tea into the four bowl-cups. The Tundra settles comfortably at her other side and gives you a shy smile.

The first cup of tea is set before you. Fragrant steam wafts up enticingly. The Matriarch serves everyone else before sitting up formally. You straighten too.

You follow the Matriarch's lead in lifting your cup and gently tapping it against hers before taking a sip. A quiet moment passes as you all enjoy the refreshment.

"My name is Jinok, and I'm the Matriarch of
Clan Moss Beard." She touches her paw to her chest in a salute.

"This is Illicium, Co-Founder of the Clan and my trusted adviser."

The Fae dips his crest in greeting.

"And this is Meredith, my mate and Co-Leader of the Clan."

Warmth colours her tone and she nuzzles the Tundra. His blush is adorable as he returns the affection.

"Now, let's get down to business...."


Training Montage - training all clan members to level 25.
Clan Goals - List of goals for the clan I am working towards.

Thanks to some lovely Nature friends for helping me name my clan.
Clan Location: [map x=3994 y=810 view=land width=350 height=200]
Flag, Banner, and branch credit: osiem
Gladekeeper pixels credit: deaththekid
Gladekeeper animated pixel credit: DogiCrimson
Recent Clan Activity [View All]
06/29 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Fae Male, 1 Tundra Female
06/27 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Tundra Female
06/19 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Tundra Male, 2 Nocturne Male
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