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Juneun: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
Juneun's Clan
i bRoKe HiM mEnTaL --ydw, 2017
Mighty Lair
of the
Snowsquall Tundra
Clan Information
---CRIMSON CROWN GUILD; we could be immortals.
' (old) clan thread | new lore thread | lair spreadsheet v1.0 / v2.0 / v2.4 / v3.0| familiar tracker '
(- quests thread ; pinkerlocke (temp storage) -)
{ free art }


wip project; dragon measurement ss.

profile is forever a wip lmao


There's a mountain, tucked away in the insides of the endless tundra. Shaped like the emblem of the Ice Flight, only upside down, a frozen stream snaking about the foot of it, flowing ravenously below the ice into the equally frozen lake in the centre of the territory. Lairs are scattered about the lake; careful, simple caves stand erected under piles of snow, camouflaging them to look no more than slopes and hills on the land, until one looks in the right direction to find it's clear opening.

There's no one about; or at least it appears so - until a spiral comes shooting at you, body stretched to full length, little arms tucked in. His eyes are a disconcerting yellow, matching with the beautiful circuit running across his dark scales. His wings shimmer red, orange, pink under the sun as they flap. You contemplate running; but you're not sure a little spiral is of any danger to you.

You take your stand, and you find it may possibly be the right choice as the spiral stops before you, scanning you from head to toe as if measuring your worth.

"What is your business here, stranger?" he asks, and you can't tell whether his voice is low or high. You stick with 'average'. And you voice your reason.

"My name is Lock; I represent the Guild."

The spiral - Lock, as he claims to be - reaches out a clawed hand, and you take it, gaining confidence that he isn't here to kill you.

"You may stay as long as you wish. But don't bother the Alpha too much. He likes his quiet."

And with that, he takes off once more, yells out a command, and soon, there's another dragon coming at you. But this one looks excited and curious, and you find yourself being introduced to every soul within the Guild.

'Crimson Crown', as they call it.

wishlist/to get list:
-from the observatory accent.
-lightrunes accent.
-wispwillow accent (i think it called).
-ringmaster accent.
-windsong adept skin (accent).
-firebird feathers accent.
-moonlight-s accent.
-surgelight accent on elektel.
-filigree feathers for bora.
-fae breed change.
-finish all bios and stuff for main dragons gdi killerchicken.
(0/50 complete; vaporwing partial complete)

favourite breeds:
-skydancers (female)
-coatls (male)
no-no breeds:
liked genes:
disliked genes:
currently in love w/ cherub + peregrine/seraph.


old dragons once mine:

are u srsly looking here i.

fandom/dream dragons idk just bored really:
| draco malfoy (hp) |
ice male imp.
obs/silver/maize; iri/shim/smoke.

| darth vader (star wars) |
plague male fae/imp/rb/guardian.
obs/obs/obs; cry/shim/smoke or circuit.
alternatively - iri/facet/smoke or circuit.

| deemo |
ice male coatl.
obs/white/obs; cry/shim/okapi.
give 'im tux.

| evil deemo |
plague male guardian/noc.
obs/blood/obs; cry/shim/okapi.
obs/blood/ruby; metal/alloy/runes.

| something?? |
anything not water, maybe male guardian.
denim/stonewash/checking; cry/current/checking.

obtained. 30.05.15.

| nature-themed |
wind/light, maybe wildclaw.
driftwood/camo/beige; jupiter/freckle/underbelly.

| something i saw |
violet/mulberry/white, cry/fac(or alloy)/smoke.

| a dragon that fits this |
[KillerChicken's element is Light.
Your shape is Serpent-like and smooth with spindly limbs and has heavy, frilled wings that would function best under water, with a long tail perfect for hunting.
You're adorned with icy gemstones on your feet and tail and your body is Towering.

Your body is predominantly Sunshine with shades of Grey and Obsidian.
Your power is Creation magic and your motto is All shall bow under my reign. Your familiar is a Light Sprite!

You are known for your your undying love for books and being crass and analytical.
Something not many people knows about you is that you love to tie party poppers to pull cords in bathrooms at night. Your Alignment is Neutral Evil and your realm is unaggressive.]

| kim sunjae |
skydancer/imperial? male.
sanguine/sanguine/ivory, skink/spinner/runes

obtained 50k. 30.05.2017.

| a thing |
skydancer; female?
midnight/orchid/midnight, cherub/toxin/crackle

| dream?? |
imperial; male.
gloom/orca/orca, cherub/alloy/glimmer

| wow tbh |
skydancer; female.
obsidian/ruby/overcast, skink/butt/glim

| wow nice!!! |
coatl; female. check other breeds tho i have too many girls
antique/beige/metals, pet/butt/contour

| actually need this |
wildclaw; male. check other breeds if look good
chartreuse/seafoam/forest, skink/alloy/circ.
arcane?? wind??

| coffee dragon i guess |
spiral; female. check other genders and breeds
umber/umber/cream, jupiter/saturn/lace.

| made the scry b4 i even got the derg ofc i wouldn't get it psh |
tundra; female. (http://flightrising.com/main.php?dragon=33441531)
caramel/fern/flaxen, cherub/freckle/thylacine.

| ???? |
guardian; female.
swamp/clay/blush, poison/freckle/gembond.

| end goal for legacy challenge |
skydancer; m/f.
antique/antique-moon/robin, cherub/pereg/cont.

| watermelon dergon |
lightning, wind, nature, arcane.
skydancer m/f. tundra m/f. wc m/f.
sd + wc = best.
fern/red/lavender, cherub/safari/stained.

| a nice one |
skydancer/tundra m/f.
eldritch(dark range)/peacock/green range, sav/butt/runes
or black range tert w underbelly or runes.

| blue pretty |
spiral; m.
lapis/caribbean/cyan, crystal/toxin/runes.

| hwasa |
bogsneak f.
sanguine/sanguine/strawberry, falcon/current/thylacine.

size http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/1209023
flight icons for bio http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/cc/1449587
items guide http://***************
rank guide http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/1372481
bio resc http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/1777871
bio template http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/cc/2103505
bio generators http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/2186540
font types http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/2108546#post_2108546
flags&stuff http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&id=30450&tab=dragon&did=9480487

lore thread refs;

drops http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/1924291
grind/exalt http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/937136
loot tracker http://gavsim.dreamhosters.com/misc/fr/trackloot.htm
gw builds http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/1666709
revamped mireflyer http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/2234398
ghostlight builds http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/2157767/1

gene rarity http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/1584487
gathering http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/2099044
hexcodes http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/1959396
nest rental http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/frd/1173347
apparel list http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/2205043
codacot 4 coli http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/2242582
pinkerlocke http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/qnc/1904162
dreamderg help http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/drs/2351771/1
exalt profits https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KaszrPO1eUcRQ8d9S6aRNQBUCabA7-BbbBiv5ILbnqY/edit#gid=3

coli tool (my use; credit lumina)

Food to goo
Materials to ooze
Apparel to slime
Familiars to muck
Other to sludge

Recent Clan Activity [View All]
06/27 Birthed new hatchlings!
06/26 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Imperial Male, 1 Imperial Female
05/08 Birthed new hatchlings! 3 Imperial Male, 1 Imperial Female
Juneun User ID: 14894
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Birthday: March 18
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Recent Comments
1 2
nearku wrote:
hello there! i think i recall you wanted a male from rit / cao ! there's one up for 300g in my lair atm!
Aug 02, 2020, 08:55:59
ForeverFalling wrote:
Yesssss. Your lair holds my OTP. Fantastic D: BH fandergs you have there! Friends?
Jun 12, 2019, 07:49:08
Neraida wrote:
I love the outfit, thank you! By the way, how did you do strike-out in your broadcast message?
Feb 18, 2019, 11:42:42
SpectralDragon wrote:
Ailana was on the front page! Congrats!
Feb 03, 2019, 09:20:58
Etzili wrote:
i only have a few fandergs tho, and they're all really lame bc i'm broke and i can't dress them :"")
Jun 29, 2018, 07:39:23
Etzili wrote:
yes hello i love all of your fandragons
Jun 28, 2018, 08:08:38
Hanakoto wrote:
Thanks for adopting Cheap Toy!
Jan 09, 2018, 07:38:55
CraftDragon wrote:
another thing is that im kinda newish to this art tradey thing how do i send it to you exactly?...
Oct 25, 2017, 19:05:09
CraftDragon wrote:
ohh yyeah im veryvery sorry, it took a really long time to fix the program and a bit of procrastination ^v^ ill make sure thatll never happen again. The tablet and program is fixed now so i did get it done :D!!
Oct 25, 2017, 19:04:33
sadmilkboy wrote:
oh no your sig made me smile
Oct 03, 2017, 18:03:02
CraftDragon wrote:
np mdood, ive been caught up with life stuff too m8.
Sep 11, 2017, 19:13:59
GlitterDCMarvel wrote:
Thank you! ^^ I try lol XD
Sep 09, 2017, 07:21:36
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