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Welgan: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
Welgan's Clan
Friendly Mages of all sorts, artists and airships !
Ancient Lair
of the
Clan Information
Ongoing events :
None for now ! c:


Hi ! My name is Welgan Sheer. Welcome to Ogrenat Clan, a place full of nice and benevolent Mages and mystics ! We also have a solid Explorers Guild and a crew to fly the airships !

(this clan bonsai pixel was made by miirshroom !)

Please feel free to wander around ! Follow my Aer Sprite if you want to visit the lair.
You'll find the clan organized in the lair tabs according from where you can find them or what is their main occupation ! Everything is explained in the tab writing spot c:
The "entrance tabs" is for dragons who are not currently in the camp : except from the first one, they are all very likely to be sold or exalted.
Some interesting Friends wrote:
Wishlist dragon

Meet Feldwen, in clan messenger and gift bringer
I collect books (all of them. I'm always happy with books and texts - I would like to give a book to each and everyone of my dragons), mages and scholars apparel, feathers and compasses, plushies, and nice stones. And my clan welcomes every Serthis, Maren, Harpies and Raptorik wanting to befriend us.

Looking for dragons
Check Latheilen's bio, you'll see a list of genes/colour I find interesting so I may be interested in having one of them !


Would like to check my badge collection ? Judicaël is the collector dragon boy here.

Every dragon has his own lore ! Some are still to be devleopped. If you are interested in the clan lore, the first part is in Sedewus', the founder and leader, bio.

Graphic Ressources

Looking for nice bio profile and forums freeto use ressources ? Check Arcturus's bio !

CLAN wrote:
Ogrenat Clan
Clan Ogrenat is peaceful and friendly place where a lot of Mages and mystics formed a College to work together and to teach magic and mysticism to the apprentices.
The clan's leader are Welgan and Sedewus, and they are helped by Thystae and Jarvyana the camp managers for everyday's organization, and by Emberyl, Jadis and the Ambassadors for extern relationships.
The clan welcomes every friendly dragon, with no color, pattern, breed or element consideration.
The clan is friendly towards other dragon's clans and peace-willing beastclans. We happily befriend anyone asking for it and we are already friend of the Harpies, Centaurs and Maren nearby clans. Some Beastclan members are close friends and live among us, and a Serthis, a Harpy, a Raptorik and a Maren peacefull community are already settling down in the clan surroundings, protected by us.

I came to the land of the Windsinger with my closest friend, the Tundra Scholar Mage Sedewus. We hoped to create here a peaceful and secure place for a our dragon clan to grow in peace and harmony, and we made it. We'll be happy to welcome anyone seeking home, family and friends. We are ready to let our hatchlings make their way in the world, and hope we receive some new from them once they'll found their new home.

THE LAIR wrote:
wind_0.png Our lair is located in West Zephyr Steppes, at the frontier of Reedcleft Ascent.
We also have a airship located in Cloudsong to represent us, where Jadis and the Ambassadors, or the Explorers, or Thea the mail lady can sometimes be found. wind_3.png

Ogrenat's is located in a bamboo and cherry trees forest, nearby the cliffs that mark the frontier of the Reedcliff Ascent, not far away of the see - but the beaches are quite far, you have to fly down from the cliffs to get to the sea.
The lair's entrance is a huge crack in a cliff leading to a natural circular open-skied place in the cliff.
windb1.png From here, by flying or climbing the stairs-like wall, dragons can reach a higher-level plateau of the steppes, partially covered with a bamboo forest, and begin to fly in the ascending breezes – or head toward the highs of the Reedcleft Ascent following the winds. Inside our protected enclave, there are a few trees – mostly old high cherry trees – and more venerable bamboo woods.
We installed the nests inside the deepest bamboo orchard, protected by a natural stone roof emerging from the cliff and covered with soft moss. tumblr_inline_mv3bjbLLm21r9ywrd.png
tumblr_inline_nkyutmrnnQ1ro4abf.png Dragons here use on of three types of dens : grootos, tree houses or earth dens.
We carved our grotto dens in the rocky walls of the cliff surrounding the cirque, oneof the naturall grootos being our meeting place. Oraes, the Rockshifter, is magically carving those cosy houses.
The tree houses are connected in a big rope, fabric and fabric web mate of platforms, staris of wood and stone, and rope ladders. They are designed by the architect Hidust and the blacksmith Blazeshade. Some are grouped, some other suspended. 6UvQBco.png
item_bamboo_cluster_by_dogi_crimson-daimqyf.gif Finally, dragons can make huts on the ground or under the tree if they wish - and some of us even live in the airships floatting above the camp.
MBRwCiA.png There are one main airship, three middle sized ships, and four little ships. Most of the little ones stay grounded or are used by the clan memberson occasions, and the midium sized often stay stationnary above us. They are taken care of by the airship crew.
We are very happy here and we feel secure !

Visit our Lair

There are soem very interesting places in our lair!
If you came from the woods, you'll enter from the Clan Entrance, a big decorated crack inthe cliff.
But you could also come from the skies or the plateau and go down the stair-like cliffs to the camp itself.
There will be :
-the nesting grounds
-the hatchlings' fields
-the meeting grotto
-everyone's den
-the central place
-the Mage College, his teaching rooms, his labs, his ateliers and his libraries
-the guest quarters and the ambassadors' study
-The Divine cults and Leywarding places

-the crafting ateliers
And many interesting places !

Such as:
-Alcidre's Laughing Dodo Inn - come taste her cider and Betelgeuse's tea!
-The theater troup scene - open to each and every artist
-Galaxys's Jam Mage Hut - come taste her magically baked jam and meet her goo familiars !
-The Explorers Guild, run by Meredith and Cidulae, and their Souvenirs of the World room
-The clan Archives run by Septentrion and Arzyl
-Erenive's library where you could watch a game of the pen and paper rpg mastered by Latheilen
-Elithe the merchant's sailing ship - you could see the spiral and his fae assistant setting sail for the rest of the world !
-The Observatory Tower where Uranos works

Above the cirque, you'll find the airships floating, home of the Crew !

In the surroundings, you could find :
-The Witche's Lair : not so far away from the clan, but our demonist, witches and sorcerers like to live away from the agitation of the main camp.
-The Cliff's Ruins : Alec's Charge - ruins carved in the cliff above the sea. It's the farest place of the clan.
-Phain and Myrteerie's Familiar training zone and study field
-Xelis and Jehudiel's herbalist hut
-Adriel and Mystblade's river house
-the warrior's training camp


FRIENDS wrote:
We are friends and allies to :
Idha's Clan (Idha)
Our most ancient friend clan. We often exchange news and clan members. At the moment, more than ten of our members came from Idha's clan.

The Light'brary (Kraalion)
We have very valuable relationship exchanging information and knowledge. Much more battel-organized than we are, they are a strong ally. We exchange news and clan members.

Saphire-Luna's Clan (Saphire6Luna)
Nature friends. We exchange news (our two messenger birds services are highly used) and clan members, as well as trading goods.

We trade goods, especially wine and tea (and sometimes coffee ?), ours come mostly from their lair. Sometime we just come to the Southern Icefields to visit for pleasure. And my dear Jarvyana seems to enjoy a lot visiting there.

The Town of Yonder (Strawberrium-BreezeBramble)
We often visiting them to see the circus' show ! And we trade with their merchant caravan, drink cofee and pet dogs. We're thinking about training some merchant with them.

Kirk's Clan, the Windsoldiers // The Deathless Bite (Arinyl)
One of their cursed pirates fled the clan to seek a cure to her curse. Elith the merchant sometimes trades good with them. Waiting to see more...

Clan Battlewind (Staggard)
Battle friends - they do what we don't, he he. A hatchling is coming to them.

Clan Fukutsu No Seishin (TsarinaTorment)
Arcane friends met during ToT Halloween 2018 event. Our archaelogists are expected to meet.

Emberian (Miak)
Fire friends. We echange news and clan members.

Glade Dwellers (Precira)
Nature friends. We exchange news and clan members.

It possible that our giftbringers got caught up into a quick competition :p

SInDAlla's Clan
Two of our members fled her clan. We don't like at all herways to act ...

[last update : 08/02/2019]
(I'm looking for a mathematician dragon to put graphs in their bio)

Population : 117 dragons (56 males, 61 females)

Breeds :
-Tundra : 14
-Pearlcatcher : 11
-Skydancer : 10
-Guardian : 10
-Spiral : 10
-Ridgeback : 8
-Mirror : 8
-Imperial : 7
-Fae : 7
-Wildclaw : 7
-Snapper : 7
-Nocturne : 7
-Bogsneak : 6
-Coatl : 5

Fun Stats
-There 69 dragons in my clan displaying the Runestertiary... that's more than the half of the population :p
-Iridescent/Shimmer/runes is my favorite combo, and those genes are the most represented in my clan (52-44-69)
-Wind is the most represented element in my lair (24 dragons), and Earth and Water the less represented (4 and 3 dragons) - I swear that's random (and also because the other top three flights are the flights of my IRL friends :p).
-A lot of my favorite dragons bought from AH happened to be Ice ^^

About me
I joined FR in March 2017 ! I love Flight Rising a lot and I enjoy everything here, from coli to forums, from dressing dragons to looking for the perfect colours, and especially lore !
I was here before open registration, before the lair revamp, hibernal den and emojis, before the Bounty of Element (a time when Tidelord was still here!) and the eyes update, before the Quality of Life updates, before Thunderhead Savannah, Glimmer&Gloom, Wasp/Bee and Starmap/Consetllation were a thing !
I like roleplay, writing, drawing, creating and developing worlds and characters. That's why I LOVE writing lore for my dragons. Pen and paper RPG is one of my passions : I'm the GM for a handbrewed light fantasy rpg.
I like a lot the way each species of dragon has his own unique personality and social manners, and I love all dragon breeds (Tundras still have a special place in my heart though). I love each and every one of my dragons. I never exalted or got rid of a dragon I bought to be a perma : every dragon coming here to stay is here forever. I still haveand love wholeheartedly my first newbie purchases and my welcome gift dragons.
And I love the runes gene which is my absolute favorite ! I'm also fond of blue ranged colours, but I ike original combos.

general infos wrote:

Timezone and Language
I'm French (FR+9)and thus my English may be sometimes... broken. I apologize for this and please, don't be afraid to correct me if I madea mistake ! I'm usually on FR from 3am to 16pm server time.

In general, this is not an exalting lair. Only those of our children that feel the call of the Windsinger go for serving him. If I bought one of your hatchlings, that's likely to give him a forever loving home ! Maybe you'll even receive a letter. But during some Wind's pushes, I may buy some fodder to train them in my clan. If so, I'll try to write it in top of my profile. If you would lke your dragon back, please send me a pm so we could discuss it - I'll be willing to return them to you.

Buying/Selling dragons
I usually exalt my own grown-up hatchlings (which I'll keep in the hibernal den until exalt bonuses or pushes). Not keepers hatchlings will ALWAYS be on the last page of the "Lair Entrance" tab (last one), or in the "Joining Windaddy" tab of my hibernal den. They're totally up for sales even if I'm not putting them on AH, so if you would like to buy them feel free to message me - I may even be willing to give them for free. Dragons in the "Clan Entrance" tab may also be up for sale, depending. However, none of my other dragons is to be sold, and I won't be willing to lend them or to sell them.

Most of my perma dragons have a forever lore mate that is their one and only love. Two of my mating "pairs" are threesome and a few of my dragons are exclusively homosexual. The mate(s) of a dragon is always (at least I... I try) linked in his bio. I will usually refuse to breed any of my dragons outside their lore pairing, but some of them are not bothered by adventures, so feel free to ask - just be warned that answer may be no c: However, hatchlings have a little or no existence in lore, so if you like one of the pairs to breed I will gladly make a nest for you upon request.

Letters form Hatchlings/Parents
If you bred one of the dragons I own and cherish, do not hesitate to react to their lore and to let me know if you're happy to see them in a good home ! I'll be glad to have news from their former lair !

Friend requests / Chat
I may a bit intimidated but I'm always glad to have a nice chat with anyone ! I like RP a lot so don't be afraid to send me in-characters messages, I will gladly answer. However, I don't usually accept random friend requests without getting to know you a little bit more - I try to keep my friend list clear as a reminder of people I'm happy to chat with and know who they are.

During Wind House Cup 2018, I was in House Zephyrus !



I'll be happy to receive some Hatchling Letters, as I deeply love RP.



All images here belong to the artists who made them (a big thanks to them !) I found all the Wind designs on TinyGryphon's Wind ressource thread and the books here.

Recent Clan Activity [View All]
09/24 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Snapper Male
09/21 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Pearlcatcher Male, 2 Pearlcatcher Female
09/18 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Pearlcatcher Male, 2 Pearlcatcher Female
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