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TehuMertt's Clan
gay sand 🦀
Ancient Lair
of the
Tempest Spire
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9 hrs + | INTP | Realist | Ratio 1:1000 | Gen1 hoarder





It's the 245,823th time I'm changing the intro hahahaha....This is where you enter fresh Ridgeback hell and I'll be your guide today, name's Aduain (or Kneph). Feel free to use any pronouns because I literally don't care!!1 I lost my previous account because of a misunderstanding and I'm salty as hell and will not rest until I take over the entire world, just watch me. All the dragons that are in DeadBattery remain as a part of my lore and I'll try to recreate them as best as possible. I am here now out of pure spite. I even got an Imperial scroll two days before I got locked out so technically, I have a G1 Imperial in my possession and that makes me feel a bit better.
I have severe anxiety but replying to people online isn't a problem so shower me with comments and messages. Addicted to collecting, a complete nerd and dork, love Amazing World of Gumball, Ducktales (2017), Steven Universe and Gravity falls. I am walking sci-fi trash, love science and very interested in Ancient Egyptian history.

I'm a part-time pilot in Elite Dangerous, fantastic game, 11/10, would play again. Also very addicted to DOOM 2016. We don't talk about Darkorbit on this Christian hellish server.

My only life objective is to unlock the full potential of my mind, riftwalk and serve Lord Dominator as her subordinate.

Not a fan of humans but I love all other animals especially hyenas, cicadas, jumping spiders, crustaceans and cuttlefish. It's never not the time for you to send dog or cat pics. I am also horrible meme garbage.

I am a major collector and I must have these one day:
- 4 digit G1
- 5 digit G1
- 6 digit G1
- 7 digit G1
- G1 Imperial
- 4/20 G1
- birthday dragon
- Riftwalk day dragon
- Naomi descendant
- dream Imperial
- XXX G1
- XYY G1
- deity based G1
- XXY G1
- XYX G1
- Halloween dragon
- unique ID dragon
- glitch dragon
- leap day G1
- Marva G1
- raffle dragon
You've been on a cloth-drenching journey for the past three days, travelling through the lush forests of The Viridian Labyrinth, by a river boat, in the back of a large beast-towed cart or even a crammed bus. On your journey behind mud-stained windows, time passes in odd ways and the faces you see become a mixture of characteristics and fantasy. You’ve met numerous fellow passengers and even made friends along the way. Some you parted ways with at the start, some have been by your side all this time, obviously going in the same direction you are. The journey you’re on might not be easy, your paths not always treaded but the adventure…it is exciting. You’ve passed through hundreds of dragon clans and villages with lush agricultural fields, tribes living in enormous tree trunks or in the treetops within mighty tree villages hidden behind blankets of leaves and blooming vines. Crossing wooden bridges strangled by vines high in gargantuan trees was nerve-wracking and passing over flooded areas or marshes was no easy task, dangers of encountering caimans and large river amphitheres were always lurking beneath the muddy water. You weren’t expecting help, but native denizens offered it, welcoming you into their river boats from which you have fished for dinner or perhaps eaten exotic fruit and vegetables grown by your masterful boatholders. Perhaps the most exciting moments of your journey were passing by powerful rivers and their waterfalls, spreading into hundreds of distributaries, and the woodland denizens utilising nature’s gifts and waterpower.
It is the last day of your journey and you’re in a muddy bus, driving on a barely paved road, making the vehicle shake. You will probably feel it when you go to bed but all you can feel now is the uncomfortable heat and constant physical contact with your fellow passengers. The whole bus is hot, and it smells oddly of exotic fruit and mud. A fit and tattooed Pearlcatcher fisherdragon sits to your right. He’s wearing a brown head wrap which looks like it’s seen things, a white undershirt stained with blots of who knows what, and ripped, muddy shorts, with a net of fish hung over his shoulder, indisputably touching your pants from time to time. On your left sits an older Tundra lady, wearing a colourful, matte dress with intricate patterns, holding a pot of exotic herbs obscuring a part of your vision. What would an old lady in public transport be without at least three linen bags, all of them full of fruit, vegetables and other herbs? At this point, you are getting overwhelmed, wishing to get out and get this over with. Luckily, the sudden jerk of the bus violently stopping snaps you out of it. You quickly take your bags, push your way through the hot, crowded bus and thank the driver. You take your first step out of the vehicle and the driver is already hurrying you to leave, making you jump onto the mud below. This is it, you're finally here at the centre – at The Behemoth. You have found yourself in the suburban area of an equatorial city. The road is cracked and barely upkept, but it serves its purpose, the buildings that surround you are small houses made from finely cut rocks and baked mud, but there are a lot of them. The houses are all placed side by side but in an erratic, uneven order, each house adorned with flowers and laundry hanging off clotheslines connected to nearly every wall, instantly making you “appreciate” the joy of having neighbours. For such a small suburban area, it is lively and it is loud. There are younglings running across the street kicking a ball, merchants yelling and persuading customers to try their fruit or buy their fabrics while delivery dragons are driving on overpacked motorcycles, trying not to run over a random running hatchling. What you notice, however, is the outstanding magnificence of the enormous Tree, instantly taking your breath away. Wherever your sight can reach, the Tree and Its thousands of supporting trunks are visible, making you feel truly small in Its glory. The area you’re in is around 40 kilometres away from the Great Tree’s main trunk, but it still takes a lot of willpower not to be able to see It. You nearly can’t get enough of the view, but the sight of a colourful sign snaps you out of it. The sign is a simple but colourful plastic marker adorned with flowers, faintly flickering in the semi-obscured sun, and it is most certainly eye-catching. You read it swiftly and it says „Archives of the Viridian Labyrinth“, with a suburban-looking info-centre right below it, and an elder dragon, seemingly a Tundra, sitting at a paper-covered desk inside, visibly stressed. You approach the booth excitedly, open the glass-panel door and the chime of a small bell welcomes you. The employee seems to be busy, do you interrupt or let them notice you? Luckily, it only took a few moments for the worker to notice you, a hoarse but kind voice exits their mouth, „How can I help you, traveller?“ - they say while not taking their eyes off their papers.
„Hi, I’ve been trying to get here for days, it’s so good to see a face who looks like they know their way around. Could you look for…uh…“ - you swiftly reach into your backpack to find your notes and on them the name of the clan you're looking for - „the Tehu Mer-tt.“ The busy Tundra studies the papers thoroughly and glances over at you, “I’ll kindly ask you to go outside to the window counter because you’re leaving muddy trails and our cleaning lady is currently on a break. Thank you.” It appears it's going to take a while anyway, so you peacefully exit the small info-centre. You glance at the flowerpots outside and see dozens of hummingbirds flying from one flower to another while herders lead their cows through the city’s streets. The rainforest is pulsating with life, even in a city. Your eyes follow the vines that seemingly envelop every tree and house, leading your sight into the further, old hill areas of the rainforest where the trees, getting bigger and bigger, are slowly getting more and more entangled in the symbiotic plant network of the Tree. You look at the treetops of the Behemoth, spreading out far and wide, nearly reaching your area in high altitudes, and you see fantastic works of Draconic and Beastclan civilisations. Many clans, villages, markets and even entire cities can be seen covering the gargantuan treetops of the Behemoth, most veiled in clouds and lifting fog.
The sound of a small window sliding and a familiar voice breaks your train of thought, “Hey, traveller.” – the Tundra calls you to come closer. “I'm afraid the Tehu Mer-tt isn't here. They only have a vacation lot here, you'll have to look somewhere else, I’m sorry.“ The words struck you hard, and the rainforest’s heat at the very beginning of the monsoonal season made you lightheaded, causing you to nearly tumble to the ground. You quickly reposition yourself to stand more firmly, your one arm on the counter and the other on your lifted leg, slapping the mud off your pants, - “W-what do you mean? This has got to be some sort of mistake, right? Could you… could you please check again?” – you say while scratching yourself behind the ear.
The dragon takes their eyes off their papers, looks straight at you and calmly replies - „Traveller, I've been working here for quite a while...“ - they say while lowering their glasses - „and I can assure you that in all these years I haven't misread not even one phrase.“ You look with an empty glance at a cat running by you, still in disbelief, trying to figure out what’s going on. You look at your notes one more time to check the name of the clan…it clearly says “Viridian Labyrinth, The Behemoth county”, but now it’s only a vacation lot? You unhurriedly look for a bar or restaurant of some sort to sit in and think about your new schedule, and as you step on the dusty road the clerk suddenly calls your surname. You get startled and stop, turning around to look at the clerk. How did they know your surname, you never told them anything about it? The Tundra gestures at you to come closer and you, confused, approach the counter once again.
“I’m sorry it took so long to get your request processed, the machine here is a bit outdated.” – they say as they slap the monitor of a rigid-looking computer, “I just checked with the clan of Tehu Mer-tt and, seeing you reacted to your surname, I can assume you’ve been invited. I apologise for your long travels and this stunt the founder keeps pulling on you all, but it is a safety measure. Please wait here, your private transport will be here shortly.”

I might finish this one day.


Organisms that are protected by clan's laws (and are being hoarded):

The things I hoard:

  • ping WolfSoulweaver if selling the date tree
  • ping NexusEden when Nebt Aur is done
  • ping ilios when Aaru is done
  • ping Viivie when Nebt Taui is done
  • Usir will have a garden full of acacias
  • Astronomer will get the fancy house in Letopolis
  • Meretseger gets Bossfight - Badmash
  • Weneg gets Stonebank - Drop Bombs
  • Sopdu gets Varien - Valkyrie II. Lacuna
  • Pakhet gets DotEXE - Battle Cry
  • Aheramenmthoou gets Pegboard Nerds ft. Ragga Twins - Computa Hakka
  • Santana gets Nigel Good - Don't Want To Go
  • Heka gets Bishu ft. Mister Blonde - Diamonds
  • Happiness doesn't last long, like milk, only completely different
  • Mos/Brea are good with: Turquoise, Peacock, Emerald, Chartreuse, Spring, Olive, Murk, Goldenrod, Amber, Yellow, Sanddollar, Metals, Terracotta, Caramel, Sand, Stone, Ginger, Brick
Dream G1 dragons:

Neb-t Anemit
??? - Lapis trader
Epic clans worth mentioning:


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11/17 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Imperial Male, 1 Imperial Female
11/07 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Imperial Male, 2 Imperial Female
10/30 Birthed new hatchlings! 3 Imperial Male, 1 Imperial Female
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nika wrote:
Thank you so much!! :D If only I was as good at naming and dressing them... XD And best of luck with all your writing, it sounds like a huge project!
Nov 10, 2019, 13:20:12
nika wrote:
Ouch, finding good G1 replacements would be a whole other level of difficult. And you have so many of them, it's amazing! I love all the lore writing in your lair headers, too.
Nov 10, 2019, 12:53:05
nika wrote:
Thank you! :D I love him such a lot. I used to have a slightly different version, but it ended up bugging me that one of the colors wasn't quiiiite right so I had to start over to breed a perfect one.
Nov 10, 2019, 12:21:38
Skylurk wrote:
You're very welcome! I enjoyed going through your lair!
Nov 07, 2019, 14:45:55
Serpenta wrote:
bruh you are too kind why you gotta be so nice >:((
Nov 07, 2019, 11:44:21
Ananse wrote:
Oct 30, 2019, 16:24:47
Ananse wrote:
Oct 30, 2019, 14:59:52
Parda wrote:
Ahhh thank you so much!
Oct 23, 2019, 06:14:12
Windows98 wrote:
Haha, no worries! Thank you so much, im flattered shskdj-- I've actually been needing some inspiration for my lair in general, so I'll go check him out! Thanks so much :o
Oct 22, 2019, 15:04:26
CLeim wrote:
Oct 16, 2019, 01:54:54
InkyBrush wrote:
Thank youu < 3 It's always nice to get love from others on dragons we pour a lot into, and I love to spread that around. :D
Oct 14, 2019, 08:13:35
lizaseedling wrote:
Thank you for your kind words on Blake, he really appreciates it (and i'm sure it improved his self-esteem a bit) :') He doesn't get picked often in these types of threads so it was a nice surprise seeing him there!
Oct 13, 2019, 12:13:27
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