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arrowXflight's Clan
Selling animation memes for 500g // need gems!
Mighty Lair
of the
Greatwyrm's Breach
Clan Information
(Any gem donations are super appreciated, even just 1!)


Goal ATM:

Dream gen 1 combo: (as of rn)

Female / skydancer
Smoke Starmap
Platinum Constellation
TertiaryPlatinum Thylacine

Earth signature:

YDYolOP.pngArrow (@arrowxflight) / Female (she + her) / ace / open to interacting

In the land by the edge of time, dragons take flight and home into the Breach. Their society follows simple rules: you’re chosen into a flight based off you’re skills and need at the brink of adulthood.

-I don’t keep non gen 1s
-I don’t mind random messages/freind requests
-I am gullible to guilt tripping

-Page 1: royalty | -Page 2: temple | -Page 3: nobleman | -Page 4: citizen


dragons whom give up rivalry and defend the Breach from the dark shadows lurking out-soulless husks of the undead that once had been their fellow dragons. Only the strongest, wisest, and bravest have even a chance to get to this point, and even then a select few is choosen. They have their own academy to test the future generations, trained by the best survivors. They rarely ever make it back alive.


...Awaiting the ceremony that takes place at the first step of adulthood, sorting them into their final homes and jobs, they stay at waywanderer’s


In a kingdom of religious arcane, they look up to their one and only goddess: the arcanist. Cherishing wisdom and independence as their patron goddess, all are welcomed. The head preistest bears the arcanist?s mark, a symbol allowing her to call on the goddess only once, in the time of great peril. The royalty live in a grand castle, with a huge private library filled with spells.


In a kingdom of free spirits, they look up to their one and only deity: the gladeskeeper. Cherishing the wildlife and natural way of things as their patron deity, all are welcomed whom protect the forests. The head preist is cursed by a slow natural consumption, the rate of which depends on their power consumption, after which they turn into a full glade sculpture, bringing fertile growth after their departure.


In a kingdom of fire spirits, they look up to their one and only deity: the flamekeeper. Cherishing the battles and passion as their patron deity, all are welcomed whom prove their worth. The head preist slowly becomes consumed by flames over time, though it very slowly escalated through many centuries. After they are fully consumed, they combust into a shower of flames and feed the eternal flame of the kingdom


In a kingdom of dark mages and scavengers, they look up only to their god: the Shadowbringer. Following scavenging and darkness as their patron goddess, strangers are beheaded. The head preistest is slowly consumed by the dark matter that the Shadowbringer is made from. Is consumes their blood every time they cast a spell. The royalty live in the largest cave, with a battleground to train the heirs and magical practices.


In a kingdom wasted by time and disease, they look to their goddess for help: the plaguebringer. Cherishing the healers that prolong their life, all are forewarned to enter their lands. The head preistess has many eyes to see the future and to learn the healing that is needed for their longtivity, even when the land is dying, it?s the plaguebringers final gift. The royalty lives in a underground castle made of hellstone.

Any dragon combos in this forum I’ll buy if in a reasonable price range

Devianart: @arrowXflight
Amino: @nyxx
Toyhouse: @arrowXflight

If sending me a gift, I love phtalo colors, and female skydancers c: (no males)

Hello! I see you’re looking for a specific dragon-and I’m here to help you! Please check out a forum that helps people like you find their dream dragon"here!" if you have any questions, please ask!

(aka my dream from this whole game)

Gen 1 primal imp xxx

How to:
-buy eggs
-buy eye scatter scrolls
-sage up a huge lot for imp scroll


Hatchlings: 4g
Adults: 6g
Nest Pre-claim: 5g


-fully max out outfit slots
-fully max out nests (if possible lol)
-fully unlock all hibernal slots

Hello my name is nyxx! (@arrowXflight). I’m a aspiring artist/writer who’s joined semi-recently, and still figuring the basics out :) I’m open to casual conversation, but please do not harass me. I prefer derict messages, so my wall isn’t cluttered up. No need to ping me on my own threads unless specifically mentioned-I’m subbed.

Chest haul mission:

Spare inventory x 100
Rusted chest x 5000
Iron chest x 2500
Gilded chest x 1250

Leafy package x 5000
Coin bottle x 7500
Icy package x 5000

Earth egg x 100
Ice egg x 100
Arcane egg x 100
Fire egg x 100
Wind egg x 100
Shadow egg x 100
Plague egg x 100
Noctorune egg x 100
Bogsneak egg x 100
Lightning egg x 100
Nature egg x 100
Water egg x 100
Light egg x 100

All of my dragons are UFO, however I’m pickier with some :)

-finish bestiary
-start training good fodder
-make a good 25 level 2 dragon team fully stoned
-expand layer a lot
-have 1mt in bank for emergencys
-have 5kg in bank for emergencys
-give a random person a dragon egg who I think deserves it


-Black xxx (uhhhh do a lot of eggs-)
-gen 1 (AB above)n
-glowing eyes (buy from marketplace)

Hello everyone! I am arrow-you’re freindly scryer. Here, you can find you’re last place to find that dragon a perfect look. Have one with a difficult tertiary gene? You’re in luck.

How I Work

1. Show/Send me a dragon. Depending on what you’re wanting, you’ll choose either of those. If you just want a scrying, you wont get anything.

2. Once you’ve sent/shown me a dragon, I will PM you back, where we will discuss the details.

3-show. I will fully scry you’re dragon + give you a outfit idea. This will get you started, where you can decide what to do personally from there. This does not include any items.

4-send. I will get my new scry of you’re dragon + outfit approved, along with the estimated cost. If you say you want something else, we will repeat this step until you’re pleased. Once we’ve come to a agreement, you will send me the 50% of the funds. I will then buy all the necessary items, and you’ll pay me the other half. If you change you’re mind, you will not get that 50% back, as this is exspensive and I can’t afford backing out at this point.

SHOW: -5kt/g (gives you a full outfit IDEA + scry IDEA of you’re dragon, pay after)

SEND: -estimated 750kt-5mt (gives you a full outfit + scry if you’re dragon, pay 50% up front and the rest after)*
* you’re dragon will be sent to me before any of this. I’m willing to do a 5kt trust, the basic fodder price in case you are worried. This will be added into the overall cost later, so you need not worry about it. If you do, for some reason, cancel, I will require that 5kt back. If you refuse/take over a week responding with no prior update, I will assume you don’t want them back and keep/sell/exalt them to my hearts content.


Earth flight: 5% discount
Returning customer: 10% discount (3+ times)
Freind list: 5% discount
Dom week: 2% discount
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11/21 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Imperial Male, 2 Imperial Female
11/20 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Nocturne Male, Nocturne Female
11/20 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Nocturne Male
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SpicyTunaRoll wrote:
Yeah, that sounds perfect!
Nov 20, 2019, 11:01:38
SpicyTunaRoll wrote:
As long as you keep me updated on your progress every once in a while, I'll keep her in my hibden until you have enough :) I'm not in a rush.
Nov 20, 2019, 10:54:55
SpicyTunaRoll wrote:
It's all good. I'm still willing to hold her if you can give me an idea of how long it might be.
Nov 19, 2019, 13:27:38
SpicyTunaRoll wrote:
Just let me know how long you'd need a hold for, just to determine if I'm going to stick her in my hibden or keep her in my lair.
Nov 18, 2019, 14:12:42
SpicyTunaRoll wrote:
Yeah, definitely! I'll put a little note in her bio :)
Nov 18, 2019, 14:09:26
ZombieApocalypse wrote:
:D thanks, i think most of are clickable and link to their source if you want to grab any yourself!
Nov 17, 2019, 07:45:01
ProbablyNotYou wrote:
I put him on the AH for treasure ^^
Nov 16, 2019, 13:56:49
DrainianDream wrote:
Whole new nest of pearlies (2 tundra 1 ridgie) hatched yesterday if you're interested!
Nov 09, 2019, 11:21:28
FallenRibbons wrote:
Ooh!! I definitely am! Always interested in seeing how my previous kiddos turn out!! :D
Nov 06, 2019, 19:06:07
FallenRibbons wrote:
Ah, thanks for buying them! Glad they're going to a good home! I've been scrambling to make more lair space ^^"
Nov 06, 2019, 19:01:04
TuxTheStrayCat wrote:
Thank you kindly for the headshots! ^-^
Nov 06, 2019, 12:51:16
arrowXflight wrote:
Need me ASAP? Comment on my wall OR message me. I don’t check my notifications often due to how many places I’m subbed.
Nov 05, 2019, 18:21:05
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