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CrazyAKApanda: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
CrazyAKApanda's Clan
Don't cry. Oh wait, you can't, you're paralyzed with fear.
Venerable Lair
on the
Reclaimer's Glacier
Clan Information
My april's fool plan continues to grow

The Lost Clan of Ice is watching your every move, every action, even every word. Silent, powerful, and full of secrets, yet they don't say anything. Encountering them is dangerous and risky, for one wrong move, and you might end up never moving or talking ever again.

The Shade thrives within this clan and watches with a horrid smile...

A Lost Journal Entry:

These lands are strange enough, but then there's this clan. Travelers come by often, though usually by mistake. Blizzards in their area are harsh and often last a week or so.

They have many secrets, none they reveal. The books, the dragons, not even any carvings will tell a small secret. And to make it worse, there's that horrid feeling of being watched.

The dragons here don't even acknowledge your existence unless you interact yourself or make a ruckus. With their personalities just as harsh as the blizzards, they take their rules seriously too. Break even a small one and suddenly ice shards are surrounding you.

And one of the rules are often learned the hard way, too. It's somewhat secret, and hardly told, but never ask questions about the Shade. They don't like it, that's for sure. Either way, this place is dangerous, I would recommend to approach with caution.

-Explorer ~-/-~||(-~- (The name seems to be scratched out from the paper. Tiny claw marks surround the scratched out name.)


This is a mass lore clan. I hardly exalt, so don't worry if I bought your derg of the AH. Also, I would love 1x1 roleplays! And since I have a lot of dragons that need lore, ideas for them are also nice! I also do traveller requests, giving your dragon yet another tale to tell. Clan-wise, if one of my dragons have lore but no backstory, they were most likely one of the OG clanmates.

Stuff about me:
-I respect the LGBTQ+, furry, disabled people, and all the others in similar catagories. If you don't, leave.
-Hate snappers
-I am a minor!!
-I'm not good with pronouns, so correct if i'm wrong.
-Call me whatever, often go by Crazy or Panda.
-I accept any friend requests if I know you.
-I'm obsessed with the horror genre.
-Am broke on here 24/7
-FR time: +2
-Memento Mori
-Hey I don't participate in giveaways. Don't ping me for them.
-hollow knight hollow knight hollow knight undertale hollow knight hollow knight hollow knight-
-I switch between mobile and PC a lot!

-Most likely doing lore for Takumi and Ferrovax next.

Recent Clan Update:

-Imp has lore now.

-Hauraro has been lore'd up bois.

-Began properly doing Takumi, Ferrovax, and Hauraro's lore


Item | Dragon it'll go to

-Wasp gene (Aberration) | Unavyre
-She Hungers skin (by Gwythaint) | Kidomos
-Stripes gene | Baroque
-Tanned Rogue set | Dawnspirit
-Black Lab Coat | Blackheart

-Pinstripe gene | Darkfang
-Morph gene | Darkfang
-Capsule gene | Darkfang
-Dark Sclera eyes | Darkfang

Any treasure/gems are appreciated as well!


-UserOfShadows - The abyss stares back art
-osiem - Ice dividers and Shade-touched ice symbol(sig)
-Ragnarok42 - Shade banner(sig)
-TheEnderDraco - Amazing MS-paint Icewarden

All bio-coding done by me!

Don't bother. Nothing down there.

Hey I noticed you're scrolling a bit far. It's suggested to stop.

Are you even reading these? Hello?

You're making a grave mistake.

La de da la la~ Time to forget about this and scroll back up~

Hey, there's some pretty dragons to stare at instead.

You're wasting some minutes you could've spent doing other more important things. Just saying.

Ok, but seriously, just give up.

And go to sleep.

Why are you doing this to yourself? Just stop here, and ponder the meaning of life. The universe is infinite, meaning anything is possible. There could be a duplicate version of you, or all of Earth, in a different place in a different time. This whole world, it could be a clone made by aliens to test on, it explains the horrible years we are going through. Lyncanthropy, dragons, vampires, undead, it all could actually exist! Your OCs, your dragons, your lore, it could actually be a real story in another world. Far out there, in the infinite beyond, could be everything you possibly wanted. You could possibly find it all one day, we can possibly find it one day. Video games, movies, shows, books, those worlds could be real! There could be jedi and portal guns, mythical beasts we've dreamed of since ancient times, the world of Sornieth for goodness sake! Imagination, it could simply be a human power to see things beyond our solar system, our galaxy. The possibilities, they're just limitless.

And yet here you are, scrolling down. Continuing on with your course of life as if nothing matters anymore. Going back and forth from awake to asleep, each second ticking closer to your eventual fate. After all, we humans only live so long. But if all of humanity works together, we might be able to find what's out there, beyond our current grasp. If we try hard enough, we can find ways to live longer, cure cancer, rebuild civilization, satisfy every individuals' interests. What do you want to find out there, user? What would your goals of venturing into the universe be? Would you try to find solutions for humanity's problems? Would you try to find your OCs, see if they do exist? Would you try to find your favorite movie character, or perhaps implement yourself into the world of a book you read? Would you try to find a world you yourself imagined, or dreamed of? Because if the universe is truly infinite, and anything is truly possible, then anything could exist.

Anyways, you're probably bored, aren't you. Would you like to chat, maybe over tea?

Oi, stop scrolling, would you?

Fine then. So be it. Scroll as far as you want, friend, but you won't like it.


There's a cold sensation covering your scales. You're shivering, for some reason. It's hard to open your eyes, and when you do, your eyes sting from the freezing powder that covered them. As you began to blink rapidly, your vision came back. It's dark like the midnight sky. The barren you sit in is cold, freezing. Snow, you recognize. You seeing the flakes falling quickly from the sky, a howling wind following. You can't feel your talons, tail, wings, or face. It's eerily silent other than the wind. You attempt to stand, finding yourself mostly buried in frozen snow. You could hear the cracking of ice as you attempt to free an arm to dust yourself off. Thankfully the ice layer was thin, and you found yourself trying to stand. It took a bit, as your limbs were generally numb from the temperatures and your wings were hard to raise from the ice. As you regain balance and some sense of warmth in your weak body, you could pick up on a melody drifting through the heavy currents. You look behind you to see a faint orange glow. There seems to be things surrounding it, but it's hard to make out in the flurrying snow. You begin to step closer, slowly, one foot at a time. You almost ran into a tree. Why were the trees so... withered? Dead? The music reclaims your attention. The soft notes are clearer, and the silhouettes of things form to possibly be three dragons, still unknown of their appearance. You come closer, shifting from tree to tree. You slowly grow more numb, but you could also feel the heat radiating from the fire ahead. A cracking sound could be heard, the music had stopped playing. You could see them clearly now, a skydancer covered in bandages, a coatl wearing skulls of the sort, and a pearlcatcher in a rogue outfit, holding a flute. They were all staring at you, and you could see now that you stepped on a branch. The skydancer grinned.
"Our special guest has arrived."
"You must be so very confused and scared."
"Join us for a feast, my friend."
They all spoke in order. You backed up, except you couldn't. Something was stopping you. The skydancer approaches, black streaks swirling around him while he smiled.
"Don't be shy, you seem like a great guest."
"You're very cold, aren't you?"
"Rudeness is not of necessity here."
Your magic began to feel so much weaker than it already was, like it was draining from you. You tripped somehow, despite not moving. Suddenly, streaks of black began to surround you too. You couldn't move. Fear had paralyzed you. The black streaks slowly got thicker, jaws of teeth stretching out from the blackness and grabbing you. There was no pain. It was all too numbed by the freezing colds. The laughter of the wicked dragons was a last thing you heard before the bubble of black closed. All of your senses suddenly came back as it closed, sudden pain jolting through your body. Adrenaline rushed through your body as you violently struggled to no avail, screeching for help. Your words never reached any ears, and you couldn't even hear yourself in the deafening silence. You couldn't see anything but yourself, practically glowing in the shrouding darkness. You felt great pain in your eyes as what was likely a tendril of shade piercing through. Your scales, feathers, and fur were turning black, your third color becoming white like the dragons you encountered. Voices from seemingly nowhere began chanting 'One of us' in your head. It slowly got louder and louder, you tried to push out the noise but it was hard. You wanted to claw at your head, but the black streaks were holding you back. Pain was jolting everywhere the blackness grabbed. It faded, and so did the voices. A distorted voice then said loud and clear in your head,

"You are one of us."

Recent Clan Activity [View All]
05/28 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Pearlcatcher Male, 2 Tundra Female
05/22 Birthed new hatchlings! 3 Tundra Male
05/14 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Fae Male, 2 Fae Female
CrazyAKApanda User ID: 508953
Date Joined: 2020-01-02
Birthday: August 30
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HenryTheArcher wrote:
I am doing well with both.
Aug 10, 2022, 12:00:16
ladyvixen wrote:
idk tbh, got bored of it lol
Jun 30, 2022, 12:33:19
QuarantineArea wrote:
Ah, yes. It's a bit of a running gag now. I don't want to overdo her look but all my Gaoler skins are from festivals.
Jun 14, 2022, 19:44:48
QuarantineArea wrote:
Writing is fun, even when you're jumping around. I've been trying to do the same, it's hard to stay consistent but at least it's getting done, right?
Jun 14, 2022, 19:27:45
QuarantineArea wrote:
Writing way too much lore for way too little payment. You?
Jun 14, 2022, 19:15:09
Goldenwolfmidna wrote:
dfjkfdj thank you, i'm too much of a hoarder fdsdfsd
Apr 29, 2022, 20:14:29
LtBladewing wrote:
Takumi was on the front page!
Nov 21, 2021, 08:22:22
GhostWolf522 wrote:
One of us one of us (Lol it’s gonna happen lol)
Oct 21, 2021, 15:16:16
GhostWolf522 wrote:
Your are one of us
Oct 21, 2021, 14:58:02
GhostWolf522 wrote:
I love what you did with the clan info I scrolled all the way down and now want to make myself a scry of what I’d look like lol
Oct 21, 2021, 14:57:55
GhostWolf522 wrote:
Thanks! I haven’t looked at yours yet but from first glance it looks awesome!
Oct 21, 2021, 14:51:26
GhostWolf522 wrote:
I loooovvvveeee Rhenelle sooo much
Oct 21, 2021, 14:38:00
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