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Aquadrops' Clan
I have too many dragons...send help
Venerable Lair
of the
Leviathan Trench
Clan Information
Clan of the Wandering Sirens

Aqua | Pan | she/they | fr+1
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General Clan Lore

The clan begun with two dragons. Shadow and Flame. Two lovers who met by chance. The both of them are dragons with no parents, no lineage, no ancestry. They wanted to make their own history. Shadow, a small Fae, and Flame, a large Tundra both went exploring and found the island that our clan now resides at. The island had been abandoned for many years when they found it.

The lush landscape and mountains in the center of the island provide plentiful building materials and shelter. One thing that was discovered by Shadow after years of being on the island were the Mountain Spirits. These are the souls of the dead dragons visiting, guiding, or helping the living. Shadow discovered them after her mate Flame died peacefully in his sleep. He came and visited her. While he may not have had a physical form, he left subtle hints that he is still here for her. Whether that be leaving her favorite wildflower on the doorstep or having a butterfly land on her claw. After this discovery she went to explore the mountain at the center of the island, and there she found the caves. The underground caves lined by thousands and thousands of shining blue crystals. The simple touch of her claws on these crystals was enough to send chills throughout her whole body. Shadow had always had a natural affinity for singing, and this cave somehow drew her in and made her feel the need to sing a tune not even she knew.

This tune a slow, peaceful, and almost ominous tune was one that she would never stop singing. In her sorrow of loosing her mate singing in the caves to the crystals made her feel closer to him. She perched on a rock near the backs of the caves. So deep into them that if she tried to find her way out she couldn't, and kept singing her song. This song could be heard across the whole island, even out onto the waters. It's what drew many dragons in and made them stay on the Island. The tune can still be heard to this day, even after the Shadow disappeared into the depths of the cave never to be seen again. It's said that she finally found peace with Flame, there they reside happily together and that they themselves have become mountain spirits hoping to guide future lovers and dragons on the island.



Watcher: Watchers have, in most dragons opinions, the most ominous name of all. They are the leader of the clan, and hold the most power. While they hold much power they are rarely corrupt as they are grown and eased into this position. They have the power to decide whether or not something will happen. The Watcher is generally chosen at hatching and taught their whole life how to successfully rule a clan. Generally, the watcher will have one singular nest in which the next Watcher will be chosen from. The ones who choose the Watcher are The Night Shades.

Watchers also have a secret ability. This ability is a power which only the Watcher themselves can control. The only other dragons besides themselves who can know they have an ability is the Night Shades. The hatchling who is chosen will be able to grow and develop their power, while their siblings possible abilities will not develop since they were not chosen for this role. Being the watcher is regarded as the highest honor in the Clan of The Wandering Sirens so any dragon chosen for this role does not view this as a life sentence but, instead an exclusive and amazing opportunity.
Current Watcher: Valmur

Night Shades There are three dragons who work directly below the watcher. they make sure that everything runs smoothly and that the Watcher does not gain too much power. While the watcher has the ability to decide things, they can choose to overturn those decisions and place them into effect instead. Night Shades are generally older dragons who have a lot of experience and knowledge. At least one of them has to be a sage in order to judge the future watchers.

Night Shades cannot and will not be affected by the Watchers powers even if they tried. When they are chosen as night shades, the mountains magic (will be explained in clan lore) gives them immunity.
Current Night Shade(s): Nereus, Corvus, and Chantara

Fighter: Dragons who have earned this title have passed the multitude of tests that await you outside our island. The many monsters they faced have given them scars a plenty. A good mage may even be given this title if they so please. They are the heros of our clan and the ones who protect us from the monsters beyond. The children love having visits from them, as they are some of the most well respected dragons of this whole clan.
Current Fighter(s): Lex and Zerah

Fighter in training: Dragons of this title must be chosen by the current Fighters to succeed them if they choose to ever stop defending the clan. for reasons of old age or otherwise. These young dragons are ones who have shown exceptional bravery, strength, and a willingness to protect the ones around them. They will accompany the fighters on their quests to gain strength for the day they may need it
Fighter(s) in Training: Dionysus and Cepheus

Mage: These are dragons who have been trained in the art of Magic. The ones chosen for this role are cunning, smart, and resourceful. Not only do they display an overall abundance of intelligence, they also are always willing to help the dragons around them. The clans current and only Mage is Indigo, an old soul who dead set on not leaving the fighting grounds until she can no longer move. Her ability to heal makes this nearly impossible, making the need for another mage slim.
Current Mage(s): Indigo

Engineer: Dragons who have shown an exceptional interest in robots or machines from a young age are usually the ones who end up with this job. While it can be time consuming and worrisome, it's the best job they could ask for. Many dragons under this title end up bored and make small trinkets or projects. one has even experimented with his own scales! It's a fun job and many young dragons seem to be interested in it. Although not many can actually make it.
Current Engineer(s): Kalmia and Leo

Guard: Guards are dragons who go on regular rounds around the island. Either on the ground or in the sky. These dragons have both speed and fighting ability on their side. They Generally choose this role as an adult dragon and start training from there. Every Guard is given a specific anklet that an engineer has made for them that allows them to communicate with each other, the Night Shades, and the Watcher if absolutely necessary.
(dragons of this role must wear a piece of jewelry on their arms/ankles)
Current Guard(s): Catrinna, Beelz, Blackhole, Hershey, Cairo, & Mantisclaw

Adventurer: Adventurers are dragons who would still like to remain within the clan, but don't want to be stuck on the island. These dragons are very adventurous and curious. Always wanting to explore and find new things. These dragons must be able to fly for great distances as the island is in the middle of nowhere. When these dragons return from their adventures there is always dragons lining the shore awaiting what fun tales and information they have to share with them.
Current Adventurer(s): Lamassu & Gaia


Currently going through artblock, I'm trying to get all my art done. I'm sorry peeps!

Flight dividers by Amazonite and flight flag by Taaffeite


Dream Dragon
A dragon I loved dearly, and sent to another home in hopes of giving them a better life, soon to find out they were exalted. If anyone find a dragon like him please let me know!!

colors- Teal/Cyan/Leaf
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