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Youcal's Clan
Tu sei il cielo che è restato
Venerable Lair
near the
Highland Sanctum
Clan Information

If you head towards the northern seas, away from the Earthshaker's Domain, you may find you're not quite far from dragonkind's civilization yet. In the ocean cliffs of a small island, two siblings carved their home.
When Filo left the Colonnades of Antiquity, he soon searched for a quiet place to begin building his own lair. The archipelago near the mountain's sanctum seemed perfect, and so he began digging and tearing his way into the steep wall of rock just next to the beach. A month later he was joined by his sister Rum, and more obelisks after her; more claws allowed for the lair to be finished much sooner. But the community, as big as it got, didn't have a name at first: Trinacria was a nickname given by many travelers to refer to the roughly triangular shape of the terrain surrounding the den. fd9c01f43ca8ef05c4abfdb21af27425a833aba8.pngDBR5.png
b5k4AtB.png Now, while any dragon kin is welcome into their territory (both obelisks and not), many prefer to live on the shore, and so decide to build themselves an house in the soft sand near the others. The Trinacria clan is therefore composed of two small villages: one that is engraved in the cliff, with many chambers facing the ocean - the other, made of an handful of wooden cabins built on the beach outside, though other smaller communities have settled down on the nearby islets, too. Both passerby dragons and newcomers who have yet to build their home usually stay at Aamu's and Ilta's hotel.


Trinacria has hot, dry summers and mild to cool, rainy winters. From late March to June and from September to October, the pleasant weather allows for plenty of time outdoors.


The typical Trinacrian landscape consists of coasts and sun-baked cliffs. The terrain is 38,29 km², or 119,7 km² if the nearby islands are included. Though not exactly vast, the island’s geological makeup is quite varied, with sulphur mines in the centre and volcanic activity in the east. Around the western area the Trinacrian coast begins to slope down to the Oreetie salt marshes, followed by uniform and sandy beaches, where the clan resides.

Mount Saari
The volcanic zones around Mount Saari are very fertile and yield rich vegetation, and are thus cultivated to provide for plant-eating dragons who aren't particularly fond of kelp. Despite the many eruptions and the bitter cold that freezes the terrain in winter, many species of plants have succeeded in colonizing the lava soil. At high altitudes you can see sweet potato vines, fire flowers, cindermint, potash peaches and speckled fire lilies on the slopes. Stellaria media and anubias nana thrive in the more humid areas. Further down are woods of beech, birch, larch and Saarian pine. Cottontail rabbits, weasels, ermines, pallas cats and brown spot toads are just some of the animals which can be seen roaming in these forests.
Precautions should be taken while gathering flamerest embers, as gyres and owlcats often roam the area in search of prey.

Oreetie's salt marshesim3-l.png
Salmara is the largest of the four islets that make up the Somani mini-archipelago. The island's recent appearance gave rise to the Oreetie salt marshes, where the clan members build and mantain evaporation ponds to provide themselves with the much needed mineral. x2.png
Due to the high algae concentrations, the ponds have a bright pink color that is very easily spotted even when flying high above. For this reason, these artificial salt pans are known to attract large numbers of migratory bird species looking for food and a safe place to nest - some of them being the mallard, the demoiselle crane and the redtail crane. In the colder months you'll mostly see drifting ducks and wood ducks instead.
The salt farmers have taken it upon themselves to look after the flocks whenever they stop by: they will take turns to protect the chicks by chasing away predators and ensuring that tourists stay far enough. The safety provided by the snappers has then led the birds to gradually come back more often to the point of nesting by the ponds every year; for this reason Oreetie has become an important site for photographers and ornithologists - who are the only visitors allowed to get closer.

Avori Beach
White soft sand, turquoise water, tall palm trees offering shades from the hot sun: Avori beach is a beloved place to many, and home of all Trinacria's fisherdragons - and seafarers alike. Built next and above the water is the Sunbeam village, a handful of huts suspended by wooden pillars, with sets of stairs attached to the steep cliffs to allow flightless visitors to reach the Den above as well.

But dragons aren't the only inhabitants of the seashore: many critters can be seen go on about their day, like the ghostcrabs and seashore diggers (the local obelisks' favorite pets - and sometimes snacks), or the brown and spot-billed pelicans, flying above the clear water with the southern and blue-footed gulls; striped seals live in the kelp beds nearby and are the clan's favorite choice for hunting meat: one or two obelisks will burrow in the sand and turn into statues to neutralize their smell, and wait for a seal couple to shamble close enough before striking their prey.

When leatherback sea turtles swim back to Avori to lay their eggs, the Trinacrians and the Beastclans gather together to celebrate the start of the summer festivals with bonfires and abudant homemade meals. Dragons from the rest of the archipelago - as well as travelers from all Sornieth - often join in every year and bring their own offerings to Trinacria's residents.
Each festival lasts for a week and occurs one after the other (most of them on the sea shore, to allow marens to partecipate too), with three days in between to allow additional preparations.

Fiore Festival im1.png
The Fiore Festival is celebrated by covering the entire den with flower petals arranged into beautiful patterns. Every Obelisk can choose their favorite colors and shapes for their own design and is thus encouraged to pursuit a variety of plants in anticipation to the festival. While some trinacrians may decide to leave the island to bring home seeds from other regions of Sornieth, flowers are mostly gathered from nearby forests or grown in the Den - some examples include Alstroemeria, Tulips, Myosotis, Mums, Satin violets, Stellaria Media and Bluelipped Thresh.
White roses are given tinted water to acquire tones that don't normally occure naturally; Obelisks will also add scents to their colourful mosaics with Winterbelle petals, which gives them a pleasant sugary aroma and doubles as a bait for insects.

Dayglo Thresh is a favorite among spells users: normally of a pastel hue, this plant flares to a brilliant glow when magics are worked in its vicinity and thus allows for impressive spectacles of light.
Juneflowers are abudant but mostly used in garlands and necklaces that are worn during the summer solstice.

Scirocco sQi3Lcp.png

During Scirocco, the obelisks honor the breezes of Trinacria. It starts with the previous festival's petals being trown off the ocean cliffs to watch them blow away. Several competitions will then take place, one for each day of the week.

Day 1: Boat sailing; a flightless beastclans-only event, a team of five must get their wooden boat to the goal before anyone else. Unlike the flight races, it is allowed to try and sabotage the opponents, but causing physical harm and using electricity is not authorized. This is a one-design racing class competition, therefore all sailboats have identical design.

Day 2: Flight target shooting; a team of two, a dragon and a member of the beastclans sitting atop, attempt to hit as many targets as possible in a sky course. The tracks are of various sizes, all of them made of suspended rings the dragon must fly through as fast as possible, though not so fast as not to allow their team mate to fire their bow. Accuracy is rewarded but not necessary to win.

Day 3: Flight races; the routes are now made longer, and the only goal is to get to the finish line first. Anyone capable of flight can compete, be it winged creatures or magic users.

Day 4: Hot air ballooning; the goal is to fly as close as possible to one or more targets drawn on the beach's sand. Once a pilot has directed the balloon as close as possible to a target, a weighted marker with an identifying number written on it is dropped. The distance between a pilot's marker and that target determines their score.

Day 5: Crafting; crafters build the best possible offering to the Trinacria's winds. Anyone from outside the island can partecipate as well - dragons and beastclans alike - only trinacrian's tools and materials may be used, however. Any object that can be somehow affected by the drafts will count towards the competition (wind instruments, flying lanterns and pinwheels are the most popular choices).

Day 6: Kite flying; the goal is to build the prettiest kite, though how well it flies and for how long will also affect the final results. This day many wind-aligned dragons come all the way from Windswept Plateau to visit - both as audience and contestants.

Day 7: Kite fighting; kites are built smaller, with ordinary string for the ground end and a set length of a sharp, abrasive coated line higher up. The contestants fly their kites at the same time and attempt to cut the others' line: the last one standing is the winner.


Coccinella's Carnival (wip)

The carnival is a time of masquerades, pranks, dancing and eating pastries - peraphs the most anticipated week of the younger residents of Trinacria. The first two days are dedicated to a parade of colourful floats, which are carried along the island's coast. They are large paper mache structures, all depicting animals and plants native of the archipelago, moved by tugging several ropes tied to a wheeled platform; the obelisks must first place large wooden planks on the beach, as the wheels are not suited for traveling on sand. It has recently become a tradition to build small floats, which are meticulously made from leftover paper and hand-painted before being placed next to the home's entrance. Most will represent someone or something of significance to the family; some dragons believe it is good omen to make miniatures of past years' floats, and so will make more than one.

Dragons can't digest milk and can only occasionally eat sugars, so sweet food is mostly meant for the beastclans. A favorite among the little ones are Chiacchiere - or Bugie - sweet dough strips with citrus aromas, deep fried in oil and then topped with powdered sugar or dipped in chocolate. The most popular among adults is probably the Cassata, a ricotta-filled sponge cake decorated with marzipan, iced, and crowned with large pieces of candied fruits; another is Cannolo, a cylindrical fried dough stuffed with various fillings. Sugar paste is modeled after objects, animals and fruits, which pastry chefs like to make as realistic looking as possible to play a joke on foreigner plant-eating dragons.

Maren's blessings (wip)


Art from DuckWasHere

He/Him, They/Them
Nonbinary Man
FR time +9
Water Born


Bio resources are from Poisonedpaper, osiem, Serpenta, Vertigris,
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