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ClockworkBrie: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
ClockworkBrie's Clan
Clan Starrift: Made from the stars, and longing to return.
Mighty Lair
on the
Star Wood Strand
Clan Information
Ripped from the stars:

The first thing Witherose saw when she was made from star dust was the Arcanist. The Young God had created a group of Fae, and sent them out into the world. Pairing up with another of the group, the small black and pink Fae took the lead. With permission from the Dragon God, she and the white and blue fae she paired with, Snowrangler, started carving a lair into the Crystalspine Reaches. At first, it was only them. By the end of the night, the two joined together, resulting in one, lone egg.

Witherose, the stronger flyer of the two, explored the area. Finding a baby banescale, and a baby fae, her heart could not leave them alone. Scooping both up, she brought them to their new home. Safe from the world, the little lair doubled in size in one day.

She kept going out, day after day, scooping up many lost, and scared children, bringing them to their new home. The only one that was different was a fully grown Obelisk she found, who was mouring the loss of his own clan. He was abandoned, left without a home, or name. Allowing him to join her group, she led him to their lair, and he immediately started helping Snowrangler with tending to the children. Witherose named the dragon for his striking eyes, and personality, and he was soon at home in the small lair.

By the time the one egg hatched, the little lair, that started not even a week ago, had doubled again. With seven dragons in the clan, all once lost and alone, taken in by the excitable, energetic fae, the lair grown to be a warm, and welcoming environment. The group, now of three Faes, (Witherose, Snowrangler, and Bloodrain), a Banescale (Boneater), an Obelisk (Lightningaze), as well as a pair of Veilspun twins, (Shadowhisper, and Shadenvy), welcomed the child of the Clan leaders, a tiny Fae, Witherot.

The day after her daughter was born, Witherose was out, hunting for their food. While she was a natural flier, she was a lousy hunter. Not long before she was to head home, she sensed two beings close to her lair. With several new born dragons, as Snowrangler, and Lightningaze were the only two adults, watching after all of them, she had to protect them.

Making herself known, she fluttered before a fae, and an imperial. Flustered, and intimidated by the size of the large dragon, she remained airborn, to make herself as large as possible. She did as she had done with the others, and introduced herself as the Clan Leader. She did her best to be respectful, and asked them to not get any closer, as they were approaching her nest of younglings. The two respected her wishes, and turned back. She landed, and watched them go. When the larger of the two were a decent length away, she looked to the Fae, only to see him watching her as well. Thinking his wings were pretty, she tilted her head, wondering why he was staring at her. When they were finally out of view, she returned home.

A few days later, on another hunting trip, she came across the dark Fae from before. Introducing himself as Mir, leader of Clan Festesta, she returned the favor and properly introduced herself to him. With an offer of an alliance, she accepted the rose he brought, and happily carries it with her. She told him she didn’t have much to offer, except treasure. He told her he would trade her food for said treasure, so she could spend more time at her lair, with the newborns; an offer she happily accepted. After a few jokes, mainly at how atrocious her hunting skills were, she allowed him to explore her territory. She stuck with him, not wanting him to get lost. She had decided that she liked his personality, and that the alliance would be a good thing in the end.

Not long after agreeing to the alliance with Mir, Witherose found a fully grown banescale, coming from the direction of his clan. After hearing the woman out as to why she had left Mir’s clan, Witherose accepted her into her own. To her surprise, when Levika entered her lair, she went to the one other banescale there. After a moment, Levika stated simply, “This is my child... I am happy to see he is in safe hands.” Happy to reunite mother and child, Witherose smiled, and trilled happily. The lair was getting crowded again... So, she gathered up treasure, and went to the Arcanist. With his permission, she was allowed to expand her lair again.

More days passed, and she found several more children. Another Banescale (Royalionheart), two guardian females, (Featheright, and Adra), a Skydancer (Youthfulight), A Coatl (Morganitempeor), and three spirals. A set of twins, (Crystaliquid, and Flickerift), and a lone girl, (Creepingale). However, there was something new that she found on this trip... an unhatched arcane egg. Taking it home, she tucked it into one of the nests, and happily watched over it, waiting for it to hatch. When it did, it was a beautiful, red and gold fae child, that she named Sunsetyrant. With a large, happy clan, Witherose was doing her best to keep everybody fed, and healthy. Thankful for the alliance with Mir, she wondered how he was doing...

To her surprise, he was at their usual meeting place the next day, a small, cute fae next to him. Landing next to him, He would see the rose he had given her when they agreed to their alliance, preserved with magic, and tucked into her scarf. She greeted him, and asked who the child was. He explained that with children that the clan wasn’t going to keep, he sold them to his allies. Deciding to accept the young child, she asked the price, flittered off, and returned with the required amount of treasure. Handing it over, she thanked him for bringing her the girl, and took the child from him. Naming her Angelove, after the girl’s lovely nature, and the most prominent gene on her, she was immidiately welcomed to the clan. She glanced back at Mir, and smiled happily. He was a handsome dragon, with good genes. She wondered what his children would look like, before taking the girl home.

As the clan grew larger, and Witherose grew older, she knew she was going to have to move her lair soon. The Crystalspine reaches were getting too crowded, with thousands of other clans already making their home there. She knew the Starwood Strand had much more free space, and was a bit quieter, and well protected; more so then the cliffs edge. She had to prepare, and gather the necessary resources to do so. On an outing to do so, three dragons approached. Two Imperials, and a Wildclaw. Immediately taking to the air, she drew on the magic in the land around her, knowing she had the advantage in a fight. However, when one spoke, and said that they knew Mir, she landed, though kept at the ready. After struggling to read their body language, she eventually took that they came in peace, with their only intent to establish an alliance of their own, and relaxed once more. Brief conversation, and Witherose accepted Lexa’s offer of goods for treasure, and homes for unwanted hatchlings that went both ways. Glad to have another clan to help her, Witherose’s frills went up, and she trilled sweetly. Before the three left, she informed them of their clan’s plan to move to the wooded area closer to Plage’s territory. With a promise to send a message when the move was final, she watched them go, before scampering back home. She would have to inform Mir as well, if she didn’t see him before the move.

(I live in the same house as Miraz and SpaceGemi))
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