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Proxima's Clan
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Ancient Lair
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Clan Adastra is an iceberg. Metaphorically speaking, of course; this isn’t the Southern Icefields. Located on the south-eastern part of the Rotrock Rim, on the surface the clan appears to be a small, haphazard affair: just a few buildings perched precariously on the top and flanks of the Rim, and a small pier. Like an iceberg, however, this is merely a small fraction of the clan’s living space - it extends nearly a quarter of a mile down, tapping into a gallery of mostly-submarine caves at its deepest points. This isn’t the place for the claustrophobic.
The lair is made up of five “wings” or, more accurately but less poetic, areas: the research wing, the education wing, the living wing, the surface, and the depths.

The research wing is where the magic happens - often quite literally. It is the largest wing, composed of six laboratories, various private offices, and the Garden. Clan Adastra, you see, has a focus of botany, and the result of this is the Garden; the capital G required. The Garden is a vast, multi-tiered space where thrive hundreds upon hundreds of different plant species from all over Sornieth, watered by the lake that sits atop it and tended to by a dedicated staff of Gardeners.

8LT8Pqe.png The education wing is comprised of the Library and its archives, the education centre, and the doctor’s office and surgery. The Library is, primarily, one of research and non-fiction - its shelves are full of theses and papers, old and new, many of whose authors have long since moved on. There’s no great lack of fictional narratives, however - they just have to be fairly well-researched to garner a place here.
The living wing is, as the name suggests, where the residents of Adastra live, and it includes their sleeping chambers, the nursery, the kitchens, guest quarters, and various communal areas.

The surface is primarily the headquarters for the Guards and the Gathering Crew, but also encompasses the Merchants’ secondary storage building, the Post Office, and the Observatory, located right up on the tallest part of the Rim.

BykQJU6.png The depths are the very deepest part of the lair, where even Earth dragons may start to get uncomfortably claustrophobic. This is the location of the Vault, where all the clan’s most valuable assets are stored. It’s an innocuous building that sits on thick wooden stilts out in the centre of the vast half-submerged cavern that lies beneath the lair, accessible only by the elevator shaft drilled down from the surface. A network of submarine caves connects this place to the Sea of a Thousand Currents, but only the very smallest of dragon breeds could ever hope to reach it.
There are additional dissuasions to swimming in the depths, however: Scylla and Charybdis, the unfortunate remains of a desperate attempt to unfuse an Emperor. Charybdis, once a teacher and the elder sister, is as placid as the water she dwells in, but absent of any real emotion or thought. Scylla, the artist and younger sister, seems to have absorbed them: her mood changes rapidly and violently, to the point where she once gravely injured the dragon attempting to help her. Since then, terrified of what she could do to her clanmates, she has sequestered herself down in the depths with her sister, where they can guard the Vault from potential intruders.
The symbols used in a dragon's bio denote which group they're a part of, or the more important one if they hold more than one position.
Garden Staff ; these dragons work almost exclusively in the Garden, some tending to the plants, others cultivating pollinators, more monitoring soil and air quality.
Guards & Gatherers ; these dragons keep the clan (and, more importantly perhaps, its research) safe from Wasteland bandits and marauders, and keep its food stores well-stocked.
Merchants ; these dragons are the ones in charge of hawking the clan's wares - usually research papers and other scientific or textual arts, but Adastra is also home to plenty of other product-makers. Some of these merchants are in-lair and sell to locals; others pack up a small fortune and travel to larger marketplaces.
Administration & Education ; these dragons are the ones who keep the clan running smoothly - the financiers, the recordkeepers, the event planners, the diplomats, the couriers, the hatchling caretakers...
Scientific Research ; an umbrella term for dragons executing projects concerning biology, chemistry, physics, or mathematics - generally not ones that involve the Garden, or they'd be considered Garden Staff.
Mechanics & Engineering ; these dragons designed and built a lot of the clan's systems themselves, some of the most impressive being the thousand-foot elevator and the Garden's irrigation system. The current focus is AIs and prosthetic limbs.
Medical ; every clan needs healers, especially when it's this big and contains this many disasters waiting to happen. Thankfully, the doctors are rarely needed for anything too serious, and most have secondary roles.
Artisans ; the craftsdragons of the clan, producing anything and everything, from jewellery and music to maps and textiles.
Supernatural ; a more unofficial group than most - Adastra may be a place of science and logic, but it seems to attract more than its fair share of inexplicable phenomena. (Newcomers are easily identified by their discomfort with the resident ghost. Or whatever that thing is.)
Miscellaneous ; there are some roles that just don't fit under any other bracket, and they get relegated here.
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