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Hawktalon's Clan
The only water in the Strand is the River.
Ancient Lair
of the
The Observatory
Clan Information


"And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am"


"Something somewhere out there keeps calling,
Am I going home?
Will I hear someone singing solace to the silent moon?
Zero gravity, what's it like?"


"My soul comes from better worlds and I have an uncurable homesickness for the stars."

"I laid out the stars to lead you across the endless night."

Hawktalon's clan of Ralakay Glen
of the Starwood Strand
loyal to the Arcanist and the Timeholder


22 ~ She/Her ~ Asexual/Biromantic ~ FR +3

If a dragon doesn't have a familiar, it is for sale and will be exalted upon reaching adulthood. PM if you're interested in buying one!


After several hours of hacking one's way through layers of dense undergrowth and slapping at harmless albeit irritating (and slightly glowing) insects, one might stumble across a large clearing deep in the heart of the Starwood Strand. Lairs and workshops exist elsewhere in the Strand, often near the Glen but not always. Ralakay Glen is not a clan so much as a society -- a coalition of many independent dragons who have come together to share in their struggles and triumphs. "Clanmates" becomes a vague word in Ralakay. Members are not responsible for one another, and several are left to their own devices. Not all treat it this way, however; there are those who see fellow members as family.

Bordering the Glen is a narrow river, the trickling remains of the Stellar Cascade, the Strand's major water source. The water has a distinct aqua glow that locals swear is perfectly harmless; indeed dragons and hatchlings alike can be seen frolicking at the river's shore. A din rises from the glen that gives their clan its name as dragons bask in the sun and gossip about their day.

In the clearing's center sits a squat stone tower where Ralakay's Founder and Matriarch live. Off separate paths, secluded from the common area are stone buildings envoking the feel of a Medieval fortress, only much more inviting. The glen may be the social center of Ralakay, but these buildings are the hub of clan life. Everything from the library and astronomy lab to private dens and the nursery can be found tucked back in the trees. These buildings are few, albeit frequently visited, as many members have separate lives outside the Glen. As such its society is as loosely structured as its camp.

(Some members do have set jobs and positions within the clan, but they are taken up by choice and maintained purely out of need.)

Dragons come to Ralakay for a variety of reasons and from a variety of backgrounds, but often they are bound together by one similarity: they are outcasts. Those who call Ralakay their home may enjoy their privacy, but they welcome any and all who seek a new way of life, as this was the original goal of the Founder. Her name is Hawktalon. A young, feisty centaur who was exiled for her continued, blatant sympathy towards dragon clans that were enroaching on their territory, she, along with the Matriarch Feyah and her mate the Arcanist have found a new home in the Glen.

Like the Strand itself, life doesn't truly begin until the moon rises. During the night Ralakay Glen is transformed. The quiet, relaxed setting takes on a new, urgent undertone as the object of their study temporarily reveals itself. Like all Arcane clans, Ralakay is enamored with the raw, limitless beauty of the cosmos. But unlike most Arcane clans, Ralakay is not just content to study the patterns of comets and search for undiscovered planets.

Ralakay Glen owes loyalty to both the Arcanist and the Goddess of the lesser-known Time Flight, the Timeholder. A constant such as Time might seem more in line with the logical experimentations of Lightning than haphazard magical theories, but Ralakay is determined to find the balance between both Flights. Time may be constant, and it may link all of Sornieth, but if one controls Time, one can control everything. Few members of Ralakay are actually plotting world domination, but this remains the reasoning behind all studies. Time is the key, and Arcane magic is the means.

Pandorica serves as Ralakay's direct connection with their second deity. Born under the influence of the Arcanist, she has become more in tune with Time in her studies of temporal anomalies. Or so she says…

If one can manage to escape the many perils the Starwood Strand harbors, they might come to appreciate Ralakay Glen for what it is: a beautiful, peacefull society, weak in numbers but strong in faith, intelligence, and cooperation.

Hello! I'm Hawk. I'm a 22-year old geeky dragon freak, cat person, and purple lover. If you like Doctor Who, BBC's Merlin, Fox/Netflix's Lucifer, Supernatural, Marvel (especially Loki), Wolf's Rain, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, She-Ra and the Princess of Power, The Dragon Prince, or Skyrim we'll probably get along famously. I am very outgoing and chatty, so if you want to talk, just send a PM!

Note: I have generalized anxiety disorder and an executive dysfunction processing disorder. I DO like talking to people but sometimes my brain gets in the way. If I seem to disappear, that's why.

Wishlist/Personal Checklist

Renaming Scrolls:
- Quartz
- Leslie
- Narcissus
- EarthlyGaze
- Corey

- Jack Harkness (Doctor Who)
- The Master (Simm's, The End of Time-style) (Doctor Who)
- Missy (Doctor Who)
- The Master (Spymaster/Dawain's) (Doctor Who)
- Ruth/The Nth Doctor (Doctor Who)
- The Twelfth Doctor (Doctor Who)
- Black Widow (MCU)
- Merlin (BBC's Merlin)
- Lucifer Morningstar (Fox's Lucifer)
- Regina Mills/The Evil Queen (Once Upon a Time)
- Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin (Once Upon a Time)
- Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond (Steven Universe)
- Catra (Netflix's She-ra)

- Dyvad (Metallic, Bee)
- Fayne (Iridescent)
- Iraviel (Iridescent)
- Fabrial (Peacock)
- Cobalt XXY Spiral (Paint)
- G1 Bogsneak (Metallic, Skydancer)
- G1 Nocturne (Jaguar, Alloy, Filigree)
- Arcane primal Guardian (Starmap, Bee, Skydancer)
- Lightning primal Fae (Lionfish, Noxtide, Veined)
- Ice primal Mirror (Fade, Constellation, Stained, Pearlcatcher)
- Shadow primal Banescale (Python, Slime)
- Ice primal Fae (Bee, Peacock, Spiral)
- Arcane primal Spiral (Crystal)
- Earth primal Nocturne (Speckle, Hex, Gembond, Snapper)
- Arcane primal Fae (Crystal)
- Light primal Tundra (Swirl, Skink, Veined, Ridgeback)

Pretty Primals:
- Wind -- Finished (Kimuri)
- Water -- Finished (Mairwen)
- Earth (Acquired -- Needs Starmap, Opal)
- Nature -- Finished (Elfryn)
- Arcane -- Finished (Zamarca)
- Fire -- Finished (Isirian)
- Lightning -- Finished (Voltor)
- Shadow -- Finished (Ophelia)
- Ice -- Finished (Lavrixar)
- Light -- Finished (Evenus)
- Plague -- Finished (Hexa)

Outfit Plans:
- Emlyn
- Verethi
- Emerus
- Sherena
- Victalyassa
- Celestella
- Shamika
- Zira
- Luthien
- Delmasa
- Revalin (Skin gallery)
- Moros (Skin gallery)
- Thyra (Skin gallery)

Items (Long term):
- Skin: Erosion for Guardian F
-Accent: Bright Feathers for Tundra M
- Accent: Surgelight for Coatl M
- Accent: Electric Ruler for Fae M
- Accent: Cinderheart for Coatl F
- Sunchaser Jewelry
- Light Armband


Ralkn hates it when his library gets unorganized. He keeps a careful list of bookmarks for future reference.

Recent Clan Activity [View All]
05/31 Birthed new hatchlings!
05/30 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Fae Male, 1 Guardian Male, 1 Guardian Female
05/29 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Ridgeback Male, 1 Ridgeback Female
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Hexpresso wrote:
Hexa is really pretty! Love her plague witch vibes
Apr 26, 2020, 13:51:53
Crimsonpizza wrote:
Your lair is so pretty!
Apr 25, 2020, 12:37:59
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I love Larazan!!
Mar 25, 2020, 22:40:00
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Larazan is a beauty! -- All of your dragons are :)
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Thank you! I actually plan on making a Wilfre fandragon eventually, but I’m holding off on doing that for now because I have so many other gene projects, haha.
Mar 12, 2020, 07:13:09
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Zamarca is drop-dead gorgeous. What a beautiful array of celestial colors she's got. Always loved how skydancers hold the companion comet, and the nebula silks interwoven with gossamer wing ribbons over peach trail is lovely. Amazing primal lady!
Jan 16, 2020, 18:26:52
PossumLady wrote:
I love your lair! The dragon colors are so pretty ♥
Jan 16, 2020, 11:38:05
Ranohara wrote:
I almost did a double take when I saw your progen on the dragon showcase thread: she could be my progen, Terpsichore's sister! c:
Jan 13, 2020, 20:09:09
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Verethi was the random dragon! what a beautiful spacey fella <3
Jan 12, 2020, 10:27:40
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