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Acencia's Clan
Be excellent to each other.
Ancient Lair
of the
The Observatory
Clan Information
Hiatus Announcement

I am taking a break from the game. You can reach me on Reddit under /u/pinky_swear.

Constantly buying and and selling. Open to private breeding requests. All auction house dragons will be at the back of the lair.

Assimilated Lisa Frank dragons thread:

I get a lot of pings. If you want to get my attention, please message me directly.

I give gifts to new players. Please message me to get your presents.

If I have requested to borrow your dragon for a breeding project, you will receive it back immediately after the hatching along with compensation for their time. Some borrowed dragons go to friend/affiliate lairs for eye color purposes BUT I will always ask your permission first.

Waiting on skins from:


Current breeding project:

Expanding my custom Fancy Fae collection with a wicked Shadow witch. Currently seeking obs/plum/strawberry (or close) dragons of any breed with Metallic or Iri as primary.

Recently completed breeding project:

A special thank you to all those who have trusted me with their dragons for my projects. I haven't kept track of everyone in the years I've been playing, but I'm starting a list as of 10/22/16:

-Unhatched eggs
-Double or triple G1s (xxx, xxy, xyy, xyx etc.)
-6 digit or below oldies
-tricolor scatter scrolls
-Apparel, skins, and familiars from 2013-2014 festivals. These, above all, I crave.
-Accent: Eyeconic Avatar M
-All silks.
-Any gem gene scrolls except cry/face
Gene scrolls I need right now: Peacock, lots of them. Glimmer.
-Eliminate Battle Stones
-Raven Sylvan apparel
-Illuminated armband
-Sunchaser Jewelry
-CBS All Access Subscription (share with me please I need Star Trek Discovery in my life).
-Art for my gen1s and oldies
-Vial of Glowing Sight
-Vial of Scattersight

Lair Layout:
Rainbows and assimilated Lisa Frank dragons
Fae Favorites (long term custom breeding projects)
Breeding pairs
Level 25's
Gen 1s (bred and unbred)
Skin and Apparel models
Breeding project dragons
For Sale


FR Secret Santa is the best event in the game, run by a player named Minty (legend). Here's a link to 2018's sign up thread.
Check out the "thank you's" from participants; many Santa's are crazy generous.

Since it's player run, you won't see it advertised on the site (normally). Around mid-end October start searching the forums for it, or ask me and I'll link you to it.

About me:

I love all things Star Trek except ST:Discovery, I can't bring myself to subscribe to CBS All Access just to watch 1 show, even if it is Trek. There are many dragons with Trek names in my lair. Can you find them all?

I live on a farm and have lots of farm animals. I love fantasy/sci fi books, with a special obsession for Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archives. I don't watch cable TV.I have not watched Game of Thrones, I read the books, and they're just *okay*.

Since you're still reading my boring profile, you must like to read. As such, here are some book recommendations. If you read any of them, report back. I love talking about books with people.

-We Are Legion; We Are Bob by Dennis E. Taylor . Near future sci fi that celebrates all our favorite tropes and a lot of Star Trek/Star Wars references. A sci fi nerd wakes up in the future as an AI. He's loaded into a rocket and shot into space. Earth blows itself to hell and he has to try and find a way to save the scraps of humanity from itself while having awesome space adventures.

-Stormfront by Jim Butcher. Lot's of books in this series and it's one of those rare gems that get better as it goes. In fact, Stormfront is the weakest of the series in my opinion. It's about Harry Dresden, the only wizard in the phone book in Chicago. He gets his butt kicked a lot, but he returns the favor just as often. Even though the books are funny, you get real attached to the characters real fast. Lot's of character development, magic and humor. Easy reads.

-Furies of Caulderon by Jim Butcher. Not as good as Dresden Files, but it's a finished series at least. Farm boy is a freak with no magic powers. Survives on wit and strength of character when sucked into royal politics.

-The Sword Itself by Joe Abercrombie. Great character development and interesting characters. You follow several men that are varying degrees of wonderfully wretched. A northern barbarian that is sweet as pie when he's not in a berserker killing fugue. A crippled jerk of an inquisitor who was once a bright young star until his fall from grace. A loyal soldier with a nasty temper on a hopeless mission. I love Glokta the inquisitor, and he's such a magnificent, gross little twerp.

-Dragonsdawn by Anne McCaffrey. Oldie but a goodie. If you like both sci fi and telepathic dragons and MAAANY books set in the same world this series is for you. Colonists arrive on Pern and settle, only to discover horrible corrosive organisms rain down from space in erractic intervals. Dragons are bred to fight it.

-Dies the Fire by SM Stirling. Post apocalypse fiction that turns into fantasy as the series progresses. You can put it down after book 1 with no regrets, but book 1 is AMAZING. A strange event causes a change in the laws of physics. No combustion reactions (guns) and no electricity. The world collapses. Magic returns.

-Dragonlance by Margaret Wiess and Tracy Hickman. LotR lite. A group of intrepid companions set out to save the realm from evil Gods. Funny, heartwarming, the very essence of sword and sorcery genre.

-A Soldier's Duty by Jean Johnson. Hardcore military sci fi with super unique premise. You follow a prophet setting up events to bring forth a future hero. To do so she has become a great military leader and set the right people on paths to greatness around her.

-Into the Storm by Taylor Anderson. Military sci fi, WWII. Japanese and American ships get sucked into an alternate dimension with non human sentient life. Get caught up in an interspecies war.

-Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison. Definition of urban fantasy. Funny, and gets better as the series goes on. Bounty hunting witch teams up with a smartass pixie and a living vampire. Fight's bad guys in Cinncinnati.

-Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi. Stand alone remake of a classic sci fi novel. A contractor discovers sentient life and has to protect it from developers.

-Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carrey. Fantasy, little erotic, lot's of character development, great travel epic. Slow burn though, need patience, totally worth it. A youg woman serving a cruel god becomes the tool of powerful people. Lot's of political intrigue.

-Wildside by Steven Gould. Stand alone sci fi. Coming of age for a young man with access to an alternate earth where humans never evolved.

-Through Wolf's Eyes by Jane Lyndskold. A girl who can speak with animals is raised by wolves with human intelligence. When sent to find her own kind (wolf brother at her side), she becomes embroiled in a royal battle for succession to the throne.

-Www.wake by Robert Sawyer - about the spontaneous emergence of an intelligence on the World Wide Web, called Webmind, and its friendship with a blind teenager named Caitlin. Mild sexual content.

-Hominids by Robert J. Sawyer. Hominids examines two unique species of people. We are one of those species; the other is the Neanderthals of a parallel world where they became the dominant intelligence. The Neanderthal civilization has reached heights of culture and science comparable to our own, but with radically different history, society and philosophy.

-The Magic and the Healing by Nick Nick O'Donohoe. About to give up veterinary school because of a family crisis, BJ Vaughan is chosen to join a special group of healers who venture into the mystical world of Crossroads, where unicorns, centaurs, and other magical creatures live.

-Homeland by RA Salvatore follows the life of a moral being born into a world of evil.

-Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky. It's a stand alone novel about a generational arcship carrying the last of humanity fleeing a destroyed earth. They're heading for a terraformed planet guarded by an insane AI/human scientist. The planet also has it's own unique inhabitants.

-Grimspace by Anne Aguirre. As the carrier of a rare gene, Sirantha Jax has the ability to jump ships through grimspace-a talent which makes her a highly prized navigator for the Corp. Then a crash landing kills everyone on board, leaving Jax in a jail cell with no memory of the crash. But her fun's not over. A group of rogue fighters frees her...for a price: her help in overthrowing the established order.

-Robin Hobb's works are hard to describe. Dark, twisty fantasy novels where magic takes a back seat to the characters and their development. Challenging reads full of royal politics, skullduggery, hardship and truimph:
Farseer Trilogy
Tawny Man Trilogy
Fitz and the Fool Trilogy
The Liveship Traders
The Rain Wild Chronicles

-The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel. A child of the "Others" is found and raised by Neanderthals. This series is prehistoric fiction, a classic.

-Everything ever written by Anne McCafferey. All of it. Here's a link: https://www.bookseriesinorder.com/anne-mccaffrey/
Especially these:
Dragonriders of Pern
Crystal Singer
Powers That Be
Brain and Brawn Ship

-Vampire Winter by Lois tilton. Vampire Winter is a book about a vamp that wakes up after the bombs are dropped. He's like, sweet, nuclear winter, no sun. Then he realizes he can't drink blood tainted with radiation contamination. He has to find a way to preserve the few untainted humans from all manner of dangers including other humans while not killing them himself.

-Grunts! by Mary Gentle. A group of Orcs raid a dragon's lair full of military grade weaponry. The Orcs slowly turn into the equivalent of US Marines in a fantasy world setting. Raunchy, unique, violent, hilarious.

You're still reading? Well bless your heart. That's all I got.

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02/18 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Pearlcatcher Male
02/18 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Pearlcatcher Male, 1 Pearlcatcher Female
02/11 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Spiral Female
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Recent Comments
1 2
Yvainestar5 wrote:
hi, how are you?
Oct 16, 2018, 10:35:06
RadientAngel wrote:
Sure! Just tell me what dergs you want lore for!
Sep 28, 2018, 18:14:57
MatthewJM wrote:
Okay, I can wait! Thank you.
Sep 26, 2018, 13:53:44
MatthewJM wrote:
Hello, I just wanted to know, is Amara still available for sale? If so, can I have her?
Sep 26, 2018, 13:36:52
Deladria wrote:
Hello! Asahi was the random dragon just now - he's gorgeous! Also, you seem in tune with the StarTrek universe a la DS9 - cool! (With such pretty Fae!)
Aug 29, 2018, 09:33:43
monster12 wrote:
Asahi was on the front page!! And am I right or...was he named after...Azumane Asahi? :3
Aug 29, 2018, 09:28:44
Yvainestar5 wrote:
Essana looks so pretty are you planning on breeding her? The hatchling would be gorgeous! I would love to buy one.
Aug 28, 2018, 14:57:35
Yvainestar5 wrote:
Lestrange is pretty thanks so much!
Aug 26, 2018, 17:11:12
Yvainestar5 wrote:
Could you place Lestrange on hold and can you trade dragons?
Aug 26, 2018, 16:04:37
Yvainestar5 wrote:
I hope you like the dragon!
Aug 26, 2018, 16:00:21
MaraStarSeer wrote:
Congrats on the two little coaties, they're beautiful!
Jun 01, 2018, 18:36:28
WurldPeaz wrote:
thanks! I couldn't help myself, resistance was futile
May 12, 2018, 22:46:28
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